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[redacted], [redacted] is not involved in any fraudulent or unethical business practices and never has been. We reviewed your ledger and you were required to pay $1324.00 upon move in on June 24, 2016. This amount included your prorated amount of $412.00 for the remainder of June and your first month’s rent...

for July of $912.00. For your prorated amount, you paid $210.00 for the prorated rent, a $200.00 pet fee and $2.00 pet rent. Because your apartment was not ready, [redacted] only required you to pay your prorated amount of $412.00 for June to move in. She allowed you to pay your July rent online on July 1, instead of the day you moved in. It is standard practice to pay your first month’s rent and the prorated amount for the remaining days in a month when moving into an apartment. This is not fraudulent or unethical. [redacted] has proven time and time again that she is dedicated to providing our residents with the best possible living experience. She upholds our company policies, even if you do not personally agree with them. We hold our employees to a high standard and she has never been involved in fraudulent or unethical business practices, so we do not appreciate those allegations. We apologize that your apartment was not ready when you arrived to move in, however, your unit was ready at 4 p.m. the same day. The flooring company showed up late, which pushed back the cleaners by two hours. The flooring company was in the process of installing your carpet when you first saw the unit. That is why you didn’t have carpet at the time and why your appliances had not been reinstalled. We schedule all of our move ins after 4 p.m. on the move in date. You arrived at 12 p.m. on your lunch break to pick up the keys because you would not be able to make it back before the front office closed, but your unit was completed at the scheduled time. When you pick up your keys, you are required to pay the amounts owed whether it’s 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. We looked into your maintenance requests and these are the ones we have on file. On June 27, 2016 you put in a request to install a drip pan. This was completed the same day. The second work order was filed on August 1, 2016 for a leaking A/C unit. This was completed the same day. You filed a work order on August 2, 2016 for the A/C unit and we completed this in the same day as well. On August 3, 2016 we received a work order for a tub handle that was not working. This was completed in 24 hours, but we could not complete the necessary repairs in your unit the same day because the deadbolt was engaged during the day and there was no answer at the door. We had to explain that the work order would be canceled if we could not enter, so it took us longer to complete the repairs. The original complaint for the tub handle was listed on the move in inventory, but an employee who is no longer employed by [redacted] did not enter it in our system. We are not ignoring or violating any health code laws. In regards to the water line, we had a fire water line that was leaking underground. We had to shut off water in Building 8 so this problem could be resolved. We apologize if this caused overflow problems in your bathrooms, but unfortunately this was out of our control. We sent out notices to all residents that our water had to be turned off. We had a carpet company come to extract the water that overflowed and they reported that the water wasn’t contaminated and was clean. We completely understand your frustration, but this was not a health code violation. We have been in contact with you and your partner about the bed bug situation. We cancelled your maintenance requests through the Resident Portal because our onsite maintenance does not conduct pest control related inspections. We sent you a letter on October 11, 2016 explaining this because you asked to have all communication in writing. This letter also provided you with the inspection date, October 13, 2016, when [redacted] Control would be inspecting your unit. The inspection was completed and we also had [redacted] inspect the units surrounding your own. Your unit was the only one where bed bugs were found. We sent you the bed bug addendum that you signed on June 23, 2016 before the inspection which outlines our policy in regards to treating bed bugs. This addendum states, “You may be required to pay all reasonable costs of cleaning and pest-control treatments incurred by us to treat your dwelling unit for bed bugs.” After [redacted] discovered bed bugs in your apartment, we sent you a letter on October 13, 2016 to inform you of the preparation instructions to have your unit treated. This letter stated the treatment agreement needed to be sent to us by 4 p.m. on August 14, 2016 so we could schedule your treatment immediately. The total for the service is $300.00, which we required to be paid in full once treatment begins. Your payment responsibilities are stated in paragraph 13.4 of your lease agreement. We do not believe the situations you have described in your complaint warrant us refunding you $1004.87 for October’s rent or $300 for the pest treatment.

As we stated in our first response, it is standard practice to pay your first month’s rent and the prorated amount for the remaining days in the month when moving into an apartment. [redacted] only required you to pay the prorated amount of $412.00 to move in on June 24, 2016. She did this because your apartment was not ready when you first arrived on property. Typically, you would have owed $1324.00 upon move in, but she allowed you to pay your July rent online on July 1 instead. We did not ask you to pay the $1324.00 up front, so yes you did pay the amount that we required to move in. [redacted] was not rude or harassing you. She was simply doing her job. Our parking permits require residents to place the sticker inside your vehicle above the inspection/registration sticker, located on the left-hand side of the windshield. This is stated in the Parking Permit Addendum that you and [redacted] signed on June 23. [redacted] was walking the property when she noticed that your parking permit was located on the back windshield. She stopped to let you know where it should be displayed per the addendum you had previously signed. Your boyfriend began yelling at her because the sticker had been there for five months. [redacted] retreated to the office because he continued to yell at her and he followed her there minutes later. He began yelling at [redacted] in the office and threatening to get her fired. This happened while another person was in the office witnessing his behavior, so [redacted] explained she would have to call SAPD if he continued yelling in the office. This behavior was in violation of your lease, so [redacted] sent [redacted] a lease violation on October 8, 2016. This incident was also recorded on the security cameras in our front office. Please see attached item. We did receive the complaint for the broken tub handle on your move in inventory. Unfortunately, an employee who is no longer employed by [redacted] did not enter it into our system. Because of this, maintenance did not know that it needed to be fixed. Our maintenance team responds to requests put into the Resident Portal and because our former employee did not enter that request into the system, maintenance was unaware of the problem. We apologize for this inconvenience. Maintenance came to fix your tub handle, but the deadbolt was engaged and no one would answer the door to let him in. Because of this, he could not complete the repair in the same day. This happened on August 3, 2016, more than a month after your move in date. When [redacted] inspected your unit for bed bugs, they inspected all surrounding units and found no trace of bed bugs. We are not trying to blame you for any problems, but it is our policy that residents are responsible for the cost of treating bed bugs. This is stated in the bed bug addendum that we previously attached and you signed on June 23, 2016.

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