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Mullens Brothers Inc. of N. Adams

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Company overcharged my credit card for additional hours and an additional man, none of which I agreed to pay. Promise to correct charges was a lie.The men sent for my move were physically unable to remove some furniture, so they sent a third man (big and strong, finally)to do the job. They promised this would result in no additional cost, but they lied about that and charged my credit card $488 more than they were entitled to. Now my credit card company is insisting on payment.Desired SettlementSend me a check or credit my charge card.Business Response Re:[redacted]-case#XXXXXX:To Whom It May Concern:Upon arriving at the [redacted] residence it was determined by our crew, and Mr.[redacted], that additional manpower would be required to move an oversized armoire in a safe manner from his 3rd floor residence.Mr.[redacted] was advised of the additional cost prior to my sending an additional man to residence.He agreed to and authorized me to send the manpower and signed an additional credit card charge slip for this service.Mr. [redacted] was only charged for the services he authorized, and which were provided to him, from which he benefited.In addition, Mr.[redacted] had signed a Non Binding Estimated Cost of Services prior to the move.Should you have any further questions,please contact me. Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter.Sincerely,[redacted]Director of OperationsMullen Bros.Inc.XXX-XXX-XXXXConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Mr. [redacted] is again being wholly untruthful. I ABSOLUTELY NEVER approved an additional cost for the man they sent who was finally able to remove the furniture. Contrary to that, their driver, [redacted], assured me there wouldn't be any additional cost. Mr. [redacted] likes to rest his case on signed documents. If he can produce anything indicating I approved that additional cost specifically for the third man I will drop the entire matter and even issue a profound apology on their website and on the website. But I assure you that will never happen, because I NEVER APPROVED ANYTHING OF THE KIND. This miserable company should just reimburse me the $488.61 and admit it overcharged me after lying to me on the phone just to get their men back home. Removing my complaint from the site will indeed do an injustice to any potential users of their services.

A maximum estimate was charged to my credit card prior to a move. After the move (and since then), no settlement of final charges has occurred.The estimate was for 8 hours' work for 2 men at $155/hour and came to $1240. The move took place on July 22, 2013 from Pittsfield, MA to Brattleboro VT (a distance of between 70 and 73 miles) and took at most 4 and one-half hours round trip. Only a few items of apartment furniture were involved. The [redacted] moving contract states "Final charges based on actual hours and actual services performed." [redacted] did not provide me, and continues not to provide me, with information on final charges and hours involved. I know from information I received on the day of the move that the entire process took no more than 4 and one-half hours. [redacted] chooses to let the original estimate stand, in violation of its own contract. As such, [redacted] is effectively overcharging me $542.50 by letting the original $1240 remain on my credit card. I would advise anyone to be especially wary in dealing with this company and to seek another moving organization instead.Desired SettlementI want the company to effect a credit to my credit card account reflecting the actual charges incurred. As explained above, I believe the actual charge should be at most $697.50 (four and one-half hours @ $155/hr.) and therefore a credit to my credit card account of $542.50 ($1240 - $542.50 = $697.50) is needed. Business Response Received e-mail from business;[redacted]Please find attached the adjusted invoice and credit issued to Mr. [redacted]'s credit card. After a careful review of his account, [redacted] Brothers, Inc. has issued a credit in good faith. We appreciate the business Mr. [redacted] has given us and hope this helps with any inconvenience he has gone through.Thank you,[redacted] Brothers, Inc.

The moving company brought the wrong size truck and wouldn't move all my belongings unless I paid them another [redacted]I gave the company a list of all the furniture I would be moving over the phone. I asked if they wanted me to type up a list and they said no and just wrote down what I said as I walked around the house. From that they deduced the size of the truck and they were wrong. They couldn't get all my furniture in the truck and they said they would get another truck but they would have to charge me another [redacted] I maintained that it was their fault that they got the size of the truck wrong and while I would pay for any extra time the movers spent packing a second truck, I should not have to pay another [redacted] (as if it were two separate moves) for them to do what was needed to correct their mistake. This was their fault, not mine. I gave them all the information they asked for. I turned down their offer, which meant I would be stuck with having to find and someone else by the next day. So the movers drove off with the truck they had packed to the moving company's premises where it would stay for the night, and the drive to [redacted] would take place the next morning. That's when one of the company's managers showed up at my door (after a significant drive from their offices). He was standing outside my door with a clipboard and something for me to sign. He had come to me with a different contract than the first one I had signed with a new estimate because he said packing the first truck took more time than he had anticipated. I told him that it was unnecessary to sign a new contract because the first contract I signed said I would be obligated to pay whatever the estimate didn't cover. But he kept insisting that I sign a second contract, which would take the place of the first one. I kept pressing him about why I needed to sign another estimate and he finally said, "Because it gives the company better 'standing.'" Which means, of course, in case I sue them. And then he gave me another paper to sign that said I was paying the entire NEW ESTIMATE now. I told him that my contract says (including the new one he was asking me to sign) that I pay half the estimate on signing and the balance of the real cost of the move when the furniture is delivered. He said it was too late; they had already taken the entire sum of the new estimate out of my bank account. (I had used my bankcard to pay the initial 50% of the old estimate.) He said they had taken the entire sum because they were afraid I wasn't going to pay them. So if I criticize your company, I said, for what was clearly your error that means you can breach your own contract. He said I had to sign the new estimate and sign the paper that said I had paid the estimate in full (as if it was mutually agreed). I told him I wasn't going to sign these documents. There was no need for a new contract and I did not give them permission to take money out of my account before the furniture was delivered. AND THEN HE THREATENED ME (and remember this is standing at the front door of my house because I wouldn't let him inside). He said that if I didn't sign the documents, they would take all my furniture off the truck and put it in storage (remember, they had already driven off with 80% of my furniture) and I would have to pay storage fees and then I would have to pay for a whole new estimate to pack the truck again and move the furniture again. I almost called the police. But I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, I only had one more day to get out of the house before the new tenants arrived, and it was Labor Day weekend. And I was still supposed to sign these documents that protected them from breaching their own contract by taking the entire NEW estimate out of my bank account and also sign a new contract to replace the first so there would be no paper trail of their initial estimate error. I was forced to do this because they had my furniture and threatening to keep it. If I had deep pockets and weren't a single woman alone with a dog, I would have fought it. But I couldn't.Desired SettlementI'd like it to be determined if what this company did is legal. You cannot threaten customers after an 8 hour day of moving with losing all their property if they don't sign documents that are shielding the company's mistakes. They cannot take money out of your account when it was not authorized and when it's a breach of their own contract. This was a retaliation against me because I was complaining about the situation they had put me in. I would like a DA to step in and see if there is cause for a suit against them brought by the state. Then I may sue for damages. Obviously, I would like a complete refund of the entire move. This arrogant behavior cannot be tolerated. They think they are above the law. The movers who were working for them (and who were great) intimated to me that they do this kind of thing to people all the time. I have no evidence of this -- but I'm sure they do.Business Response Ms. [redacted] was provided a non-binding estimated cost of services for her move. The move was done on a time and materials basis.The estimate was based on an inventory of items to be moved provided by Ms. [redacted] over the phone. Ms. [redacted] would not permit, nor make her home available for an on-site pre move survey.The total amount to be moved, based on Ms. [redacted]'s representations, was 7,854 pounds. The size truck provided to move this holds 12,000 pounds and is used extensively throughout New York and New England due to its ability to get into tight-access private and public driveways and roads.When the moving personnel arrived at the home and surveyed the move they called the office and advised the operations manager that there was much more than the customer said there was to be moved and that a second vehicle would be required.Mullen estimated this additional cost and provided it to Ms. [redacted]. Ms. [redacted] became belligerent and abusive and told [redacted] she was not interested.Mullen advised Ms. [redacted] that she could certainly make other arrangements to move all of the property, or only the property that would not fit onto [redacted]'s truck. It was Ms. [redacted]'s choice.Mullen also advised Ms. [redacted] that she could rent a truck if she wanted for the overflow and provide Ms. [redacted] with an estimate for a [redacted] Rental truck. Ms. [redacted] hung up on the Mullen representative.Ms. [redacted] then called back and said she could not find a rental truck or another mover that was interested in helping her and she instructed Mullen do perform the additional work.Mullen then sent a representative in person, two hours one way, to Ms. [redacted]'s because Ms. [redacted] had no fax nor computer to receive the paperwork, sign it and send it back, authorizing the additional work.Upon receipt of the signed order for service authorizing the additional truck and work, the additional work was performed in accordance with the order for service.

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Description: Movers, Storage Units - Household & Commercial

Address: 50 Downing Two, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States, 01201-3889


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