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Red flags
I was waiting for the right cat. This cattery doesn’t produce many tabbies as I was looking for and the other waitlist I was on had one. I got him. I was still waiting on this waitlist before the owner went to the kitten page to publicly humiliate me and judge me. She didn’t ask me any questions she just booted me from the group after I had been on her wait list doe two years. Other members had been on her waitlist longer and they weren’t booted. Other members weren’t even waiting for a kitten and they weren’t booted. I lost my place in line after waiting 2 years with NO Grace and no warning. Its not against the law to get another animal while you’re waiting for one. The bidding process is insane. You bid by application date and the oldest one gets the kitten. Unless you’re a favorite, then you get first pick of the litter. The latest litter was awarded to the first people who commented. Giving nobody else any time to look and bid if they wanted. The kittens were posted for 6 hours. They are supposed to be posted longer. Not only that these kittens are not supposed to go to their new homes until 12-14 weeks. They are going home earlier than 8 weeks for some of them. This is NOT okay. Somehow I am the problem? No. Thankfully I got booted because this cattery treated me horribly and was a complete bully. I have saved screen shots which I can’t post here. But I was nothing but civil and kind in the group, and the owner lost her mind when I said I got a cat and was still waiting for one of hers. If you want to be shamed, humiliated and treated less than human, then by all means go here.


We understand why this person is upset however, we are not talking about an object to be placed somewhere for safe keepingWe are speaking of a living soul that we assisted to bring into this world and handled every dayThese kittens are born in a controlled environment and are cared for just as a
human babyWe pride ourselves with all the specialized care and visits from the vet in the comfort of our homeEach potential kitten parent are carefully screened as is the home environment because we insist our kittens are welcomed into a household with the intent of them being companionsIn this particular case the last page of the application was not printed so we did not read a whole page that was completed until shortly before the kitten was to be releasedWe found the information very alarming and at your request we can supply a copy of itTwo of the most alarming situations were a part of this household that we do NOT allow for a kitten to be released to1) Any home with an elderly person and 2) No one home to care for the kitten for many hourly repetitiouslyThis household had both elementsThe complainant's y/o father was is a fulltime residentWe view this as a hazard because kittens often run in front of you and this could cause a fall for the elderly person and/or injury to the kittenIt was also brought to our attention the complainant works fulltime so is absent from the home up to hours a day, when asked about this she responded she would lock the kitten in her bedroomIt was also revealed the y/o father has an y/o dog, this dog must be let outside to go to the bathroom and this is a dangerous situation as the kitten would run outside and we doubt a person of that age could catch the kitten an bring it back to safetyWe learned from a past experience about dogs being let out and the person left to supervise was not capable of moving swiftly and the kitten was never found. These kittens are meant to be companions not to be locked awayThese concerns are touched upon on our website as well as "We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we should feel the buyer does not provide a suitable environment"The complainant offered us more money but this is NOT about the money, it's about a suitable homeWe cannot please everyone but try very hard to do soWe are the only voice of protection for the kittens we have and we take it very seriouslyThe complainant received all her money back and we can also provide proof of that as the check of $cleared our bank on 04-08-I offered to provide the complainant with a kitten just for her after she retired and there was adequate supervision in the home. We don't want to disappoint anyone but must be careful who we allow to have a kittenIt's unfortunate that this information was brought to light so far into the sale but we feel strongly that are decision was the right decision"***" went with his sibling at a discounted price of $We also just launched our belief "Two is better than one" because knowing most households require both adults (parents) to work and the kittens have each otherWe absolutely will not sell a kitten that will be locked up for 8-hours a day alone and that would have been the case here as the complainant said thatThe other alarming situation with the complainant is that she had a Maine Cn kitten just months before that died of what we believe to be Feline LeukemiaThis disease could have been transmitted to the dog or could still be present in the homeThere were too many red flags with this homeWe don't feel we did anything wrong and I do feel bad for the complainantI suggested she get a shelter ADULT cat and she also took offense to thatI was not trying to be disrespectful, I was being practical. Please contact me if you would like a copy of our contracts, emails or visit us at *** to understand out commitment to these beautiful cats. Thank-you

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Address: 20710 S Hummingbird Ln., Estacada, Oregon, United States, 97023


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