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Nanny Poppinz of Northern Virginia

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Review: I have multiple problems with the way Nanny Poppinz has conducted business with me. First, [redacted], the VP of Nanny Poppinz, made an unauthorized charge of $1000 on my credit card on July 8, 2012. Second, [redacted] harassed me into giving her another credit card number to pay another $2640 on my [redacted] (charged on July 9, 2012). This was all for a nanny I hired through Nanny Poppinz who started working for me on July 9, 2012. So, as of the first day of the nanny working for us, [redacted] had squeezed $3640 out of me.

It should be noted here that the $3640 charge calculated in the following manner - nanny salary was $700/week or $36400/year. Nanny Poppinz's fee was 10% of this annual salary - $3640 to provide me nanny services for a period of ONE year beginning July 9, 2012 and thus ending on July 8, 2013.

I had problems with this first nanny (she got her blood on my child which was a huge health concern for me) so I fired this first nanny. Then [redacted] sent another nanny my way who ended up working for me for 2 months. This second nanny alleged to me that [redacted] had found another job for her and if I wished for her to continue to work for me then I owed her a raise. I did not want to be strong armed so I let this second nanny go in the first week of October 2012.

Since October 2012 no one at Nanny Poppinz has done their job to find me a good replacement nanny. In fact, I have had no support or nanny through Nanny Poppinz since October 2012.

For a few weeks in October and November, [redacted] and her partner [redacted] sporadically forwarded information on possible replacement nannies that were highly unqualified for infant care. This information was only forwarded to me when I repeatedly appealed to them for their help. When I asked for a partial (not full) refund of the fees they had already charged me for an entire year's service, I was pushed around and harassed some more. I was flat out told that I was not going to get any money refunded back to me and that the only recourse I had with them was to rely on them to one day find a replacement nanny for me.

The end result is that it is now March 2013 and I have found good nannies on my own - no thanks to Nanny Poppinz while they have taken a huge fee from me that they should not be allowed to keep because they failed to perform their end of the contract.Desired Settlement: I need part of the fee charged by Nanny Poppinz refunded back to my credit card including the $1000 unauthorized charge made by [redacted]. I also strongly believe that Nanny Poppinz's business practices and advertising need to be investigated. If it were up to me, I would shut Nanny Poppinz down immediately for false advertising and committing credit card fraud. I repeat the first $1000 charge on my credit card was NEVER authorized by me. [redacted] had my credit card number on file in order to process my application. That was it. I never get her oral or written authorization to go ahead and charge $1000 to my credit card. A woman who blatantly commits credit card should not be allowed to run a business.

The partial fee that I believe is owed to me is the following:

$2660 - [($3640/52 = $70/week; $70/week*38 weeks (52 weeks - 14 weeks during which we had Nanny #1 and Nanny #2 work as my employees) = $2660)]

Review: I contracted with a company named Nanny Poppinz to provide nanny services at my home for three months. On 3/15/2013 my wife contacted the company and indicated we were not happy with the nanny. My wife explained to the president, [redacted] that the nanny was not truthful about the hours she had previously worked. My wife caught the nanny in a lie in which she overstated the time she worked one day where my wife knew the nanny was not truthful. Because of this we did not feel comfortable with the nanny watching our newborn and wanted a replacement. The company charges us $40/per visit for the nanny services. There are a total of 13 nanny visits remaining on the contract that have not been fulfilled. The total amount is $520.00 I e-mailed the company requesting a refund for the amount or a substitute nanny to fulfill the rest of the contract. At this time I have received no response. In addition, my wife called the president explaining the situation and [redacted] hung up the phone on my wife.Desired Settlement: I would like a $520.00 refund for nanny services not performed.

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Description: Nanny Service

Address: 3213 Duke St #806, Alexandria, Virginia, United States, 22314


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