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Nanny's Preschool & Child Dev. Center

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I am rejecting this response because: I have two witnesses to witness the damage to the roof One of the witnesses is a neighbor who saw the contractor on the roof when he damaged it and is completing an affidavit to that effect The second witness is a contractor who saw the roof before the repairman got on the roof and afterwards, who will complete an affidavit and provide eye witness report as well.Secondly, the roofing tech disclosed to me that he had fell on the roof upon my arrival The area in which he said he fell, was exactly where the damages occurred The roofing company said the area was square feet originally, and now in this dispute, they are stating it was a much smaller area.This company is completely liable for the damages this technician caused to my roof and I expect them to take care of it, or I will proceed with whatever necessary to have them take care of the damages their technician caused Regards, [redacted] ***

There are of course always two sides to every storyAble Roofing has been in business since with well over 50,satisfied customersOur estimators are customer centric - we do not approve or condone high pressure – if we did there would certainly be other complaints posted, and there simply are none! This particular instance was surely miscommunication between homeowner and estimator, as the homeowner signed not one, but actually two documents clearly indicating their intent to move forward with the project with a deposit forthcomingWe have acknowledged that the customer wishes to cancel the signed contract – and are happy to do so

The following response and information is being provided for your consideration of the above reference complaintI [redacted] ***, the home owner, contend that the Invoice submitted by Mr Roof in response to my complaint is fabricated, manipulative and without meritMrRoof has been paid in full I further contend that MRRoof was paid in full as contracted, see the attached documents: IApril 3,- Initial Agreement "As per Adjusters Report" Pre-Start Check list 5/9/- Insurance Estimate May 30, -Transmission Report Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional informationI believe that a preponderance of the information presented will show that MrRoof has been paid in full as initially agreed I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: The response given by Baschnagel lacked the fact that when they were initially called, it was for a leaky roof. They inspected the roof and gave me an estimate of $1800 to fix it. I was not made aware of the quote for the damage of the flat roof which they now found was the cause of the leak until after the job for the slates have been completed. Baschnagel never gave me an estimate for the flat roof and therefore I did not have a choice as they are making it seem. To me, they were neglegent in their inspection of the roof. The new quote that was given with regards to the flat roof of $3800/3900was after contacting them when my roof began to leak again after they supposedly "fixed" it. It took several months to get someone to come and take a look at the roof just to give me a new quote that was not given initially. Their roofing service as well as their customer service was poor. [redacted] (inspector) was rude and downright offensive and abrassive in the way he spoke with me and in handling the matter. In order for the BBB to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above. Sincerely, [redacted]

The General Manager of the Grand Rapids office spoke to this customer this past weekend and they informed our GM that all concerns have been met to their satisfaction

We met with the customer, together inspected the work, and pointed out to her in our professional opinion how the job was done correctly and how it is not related in any way to the new gutters we installedWe did agree to send a service tech out on last time to try and caulk her old awning, on a dry day with no precipitation, so the caulk can sand cure properly, to stop the leaking from the old awning onto her porch

Our vice president reached out to the customer through email and offered up a couple of solutions regarding the crack in the patioThe customer accepted a settlement of $ The customer was satisfied with the new roof he purchased from us, but to go above and beyond the agreed settlement for the crack in the patio, on behalf of MrRoof, we have purchased an umbrella guarantee for the customer which will cover all labor, material, and accessories on the lifetime shingle for a period of yearsWe stand behind our products and services; happy customers are our top priority

I have attached some photos of the roof area the customer alleges our estimator damaged when he fell on a snow covered roof. The damage area is about 2 ftx4ft and there are two layers of shingle roofing on the home. The shingles have been removed down to the felt paper with tools of either hammers or flat bar. Someone has purposefully damaged this roof edge after we measured the roof to provide a proposal for replacement. The customer is stating his neighbor saw our estimator Larry fall while on the roof. We don’t know if this is true, but had the neighbor or any other person seen someone using tools to tear off the roof, I am sure that would have been disclosed and the police would have been called.

We request the remove this complaint from our files as this person is not our customer and has not signed any contract with us

We are not sure where the confusion may be with the customer, but we have tried to explain this several times to himWe believe he either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to pay his deductible which is why there is an open balance on his account When we invoiced the customer on 10-31-12, we had to remove a charge of $which was coded as Yard Sign Credit and should have been coded as waiting on insurance supplement.The customer accepted that a supplement of $would be paid to MrRoof if accepted but at that time the insurance company had not decided whether they were paying for a damaged awning or not and since that work hadn’t been done we credited that amount.The insurance company then approved the supplement and the awning was replaced which was then invoiced separately for $1388.52.The customer got their last payment from the insurance company and sent us a check for $on 12-13-That check paid off $on invoice [redacted] and paid $of the balance on invoice [redacted] (the supplement) leaving a balance of $ We have re- checked the insurance claim and the $balance was the deductible and the customer’s insurance company noted they paid the claim less that amount

Letter of Information - the consumer is not requesting any help from the just wants the public to know of our"bullying" tacticsThe customer states that they do not want anything form Able Roofing There is nothing for us or them to do at this point

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