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The response provided by RAB was not accurate Bill had been in contact with RAB and their attorneys trying to negotiate in good faith to resolve the issue We have a complete transcript of the conversations going back to Nov We do NOT believe that RAB is acting in good faith We had made an offer to the attorneys in Omaha that was more-or-less “ignored” Bill has been open to negotiating a fair settlement, but RAB continues to stand behind their attorneys who are effectively stone-walling and are unwilling to take his offer to RAB We are unclear who has the authority to actually settle the issue Once again, all Bill is wanting is to engage in productive conversation with the one who has the authority to settle the issue It seems simple, and it is We do not consider the case / complaint closed at all What can be done from here? Please advise Here is a transcript from the interactions with RAB and their attorneys:11/ 1:PM Called RAB at [redacted] left voice message with account number and name with request to make an offer.11/ 8:AM Received voice mail message from [redacted] Johnson (sp) with request to discuss the settlement offer [redacted] is not a lawyer, but works for [redacted] in Omaha for collections 11/ 9:AM Returned call to [redacted] *** regarding payoff He claimed they payoff amount was $15,which included the original Lien of $13,+ court cost + it was accruing interest at $/ day I claimed that it may not be lawful to accruing interest He said it was “court appointed” In later review of the case document, I believe it read something differently The call was recorded [redacted] made an offer to settle at $on the dollar or $10, As an agent for RAB, he did not have authority to negotiate below that amount I claimed that RAB bought the debt at $on the dollar and that the offer to settle was too much I counter offered at $ [redacted] stated that an offer of $4,had already been made / rejected on 5/10/and that he would not take a lower than $4,offer to RAB I pressed him, that as an agent, who had no ability to negotiate, that he needs to take the offer to RAB as it has been 5+ years After some back and forth, [redacted] agreed to present the good faith offer of $to RAB and that he would call me back for the result I told him that I could wait forever and it doesn’t really matter to me.12/ 5:PM Called ***, left voice mail regarding the $offer and inquiring about it’s status Would be expecting a call back on 12/ Did not get a call back.12/ 9:AM Called ***, left voice mail regarding the $offer and inquiring about it’s status Would be expecting a call back on 12/ Did not get a call back12/ 10:am Called ***, discussed the case, he verified information They represent RAB as the client He did NOT make the presentation of the $good faith offer to RAB as we had discussed after I claimed that he was “unwilling” in the first call, it appears that he was “unwilling” on 11/ He claimed, that he was once again only authorized to settle at 70% of the value and that he was not going to take a $offer to RAB when a $4,had already been submitted and was less The rationale is that it is years later I advised that I was going to escalate this to the Secretary of State in New Jersey and Consumer Finance Protection Bureau He said, “good luck” and hung up.1/16/ Sent this same letter with bavia USPS Certified Mail toRAB at the [redacted] ** AddressThe letter was returned to Sender on Feb 5, as no forwarding address at been provided by RAB.2/6/ Re-sending this letter / packet to RAB at the Oradell, NJ Address via FedEx Tracking was utilized2/8/ 2:pm Tracking complete The package / letter was signed for by [redacted] at 2:pm on February 8, 3/12/ No reply had been received Decided to file complaints1- complaint [redacted] filed2- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaint [redacted] filedThanks!

The product was ready for the installer to pick up as of 1/He got sickHe got the product yesterday

worst customer service, a ripoff on returns, when we bought at this store they did not advise us of a 25% return fee applied on the merchandiseIt's says on the receipt but yet they don't say anything about it, who is really gonna look at the receipt at the moment of the purchasingThey are stilling people money based on what the receipt saysNever came across something like that25% !!!!!!!!

A complaint was filed by [redacted] on 2/5/(ID [redacted] ) concerning a credit we provided at NAPA Auto Parts in Alpine, TX [redacted] was originally billed for a part she ordered without tax included, so that transaction was canceled and credited to her charge cardThis is the essence of the complaint or, in other words, she has objected that her bank takes too long at processing and issuing creditMy staff explained that banks usually take seven to fourteen days when giving credit and that we have no control of this processWE ISSUED THE CREDIT IMMEDIATLEY AND KAWAN'S BANK DELAYED THE PROCESS AS MOST BANKS DO! While we regret the mistake, we cannot control bank policyIf there is anything further that we may do, please do not hesitate to contact usHowever, I am confident [redacted] 's credit has been issued at this junctureI appreciate your time and consideration, Sincerely, [redacted] ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it If you and the business have reached an agreement and compliance is set for a future date, we trust the business will comply Please contact us after that time if the matter is not resolved as agreed and we will review the complaint and proceed accordingly.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

I’m writing as a response to complaint # [redacted] against NAPA Auto Parts in [redacted] , NJ I spoke with Mr [redacted] this morning and explained to him that we do have a policy against returning used electrical parts, but we also have a much more important policy in regards to doing everything in our power to satisfy our customer’s needs every single day Mr [redacted] will be returning the item this upcoming Saturday morning for full credit

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Per https://www[redacted] , I as the consumer do not have to submit a request to the Credit Bureaus for information The company that provided the Credit Bureaus with falsified information has to correct their mistakes directly with the BureausAbove is a portion of the FCRA Laws Regards, [redacted]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and will call the business to figure out why it is reported incorrectly on my credit report if they do not report to the credit bureaus Hopefully, from this, I will get a resolution Regards, [redacted]

The customer brought in a stroker, balanced assembnly, for rechecking of the balanced assemblyThere was a billing to the customer for labor, checking weights and re-spin of crankshaft and customer parts that he providedThere was a billing to the customer to rebalance the second crankshaft customer had suppliedUpon customer's assembly of motor, customer had supplied the wrong connecting rods for the stroke motorTo balance assembly, customers supplier offered new rods and crankCustomer is response for any further labor on rods and respinning of the crankSincerely [redacted] Machine Shop Manager

RAB Perfromance Recoveries LLC has had no communication with Mr [redacted] since this file was referred to our attorney [redacted] ***in July of Who obtained a judgment on or about March 25, RAB Performance Recoveries, LLC has not at anytime disclosed any information to any third partyOn or around October 25, [redacted] ***filed a bank garnishment that was sent to [redacted] in accordance with Minnesota Statutes section subdPer [redacted] ***: a copy of the documents were sent to Mr [redacted] to his last know address within days [redacted] *** also should have mailed him a copy of the documentsThe documents also included an exemption claim form with specific instructions on how Mr*** should file an exemption claim if he believed the funds on hold were exempt from garnishmentThe office of [redacted] can be reached at ###-###-####, they will be happy to help Mr*** with his concerns

[redacted] Please See Attached Documents [redacted] Revdex.comID # [redacted] To whom it may concern,My name is Michael K***I am the manager of Napa Auto Parts of AshlandLet me first saythank you, to the customer, for bringing this incident to my attentionWe are a new store inAshland and the last thing we want to do is upset anyoneI have talked to the employeesinvolved with this transaction and instructed them on how this situation should have beenhandledI have also added to our invoices the restocking fee notice for all tire chain returns.feel that a 15% restocking fee for new tire chain return is a reasonable fee for peace of mindwhile traveling through our mountain passesWhile some tire chains we sell do not requirerubber snubbers or tensioners, we still recommend them to prevent damage to certainvehiclesThe intention is to offer the tensioners as an option and not to force them onto acustomerI am truly sorry for the treatment that this customer received and I hope that we willhave the chance to make this rightI will gladly refund the remainder of the money we owe aswell as offer a set of wiper blades for what ever vehicle they choose.Thank YouMichael K***Napa Auto Parts of Ashland (541)488-

RAB Performance Recoveries LLC has had no communication with [redacted] since this file was referred to our attorney [redacted] *** [redacted] on or about 12/2/On or about 5/10/ [redacted] ** *** obtained a judgment in [redacted] If [redacted] would like to discuss this case or make any settlement arrangements he can contact the attorney’s office at [redacted] All communication is being handled by our attorney’s office, they will be happy to help [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The fact of the matter remains that the vehicle was in my possession for weeks before the fire It is reasonable to expect, warranty or no, that a dealer would perform proper maintenance and inspection of a vehicle they intend to sell in order to prevent this sort of thing from happeningI drive professionally and have incurred significant economic hardship due to this incidentMy savings have been completely drained, and were it not for the largess of my family I would be on the street right now I don't want this car anymore, and strongly suggest you don't try to sell it to anyone else lest you find yourself in this position again If you have any integrity at all, you will make monetary restitution for all money I have wasted on this car, but given the tenor of the conversation I had with the owner on this matter, I suspect this will never happen Regards, [redacted]

*** *** ** *** has been in contact with our attorney *** * *** *** *** and has settled the matterThe law office of *** * *** *** *** has filed a Satisfaction of Judgment

Hi K***In regards to ID ***, Napa Legend Battery Unfortunately this situation should have never occurredWhen the battery was taken to the Shelby location it should have been taken care of thereNapa has a nationwide warranty on their batteries, which means it can be taken to ANY Napa
location and be replaced if defectiveHowever, with warranties there are guidelines that are to be met, to determine if a part is indeed defective(I have attached a copy of our Battery Warranty Policy)Sometimes it requires a battery to be charged and retested to rule out other issues that could cause the battery to fail.Unfortunately, I as the General Manager was not given the opportunity to take care of the situation before it got this far.In order to resolve the issue the customer needs to return the battery to the store for a refund of the purchase price at time of purchase and any core charge that might apply, for a refund of $112.14.-- Thank You, L*** B*** Gaffney Auto PartsW 3rd StGaffney SC 29341 Phone: 864-489-4761Fax: 864-***-***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2017/08/31) */
Office (902)***, Fax (902)***
*** (902)***
August 31,
Case # 3*** - ***
I met with *** to price the work we did at her property at ***, Dartmouth - while on her site, she informed me the sewer came out of the house on the right of the steps (with the steps not having to be removed)I quoted her $ *** plus taxes to replace her sewer from her house to the street line, including clear up with extra topsoil and seed of the disturbed area
When we started digging, we found the sewer came out under the steps, not to the right of the steps, as we had been earlier told by ***(If we had have been told properly where the sewer came out, under the steps, we would have quoted an additional $ *** to $ *** for removing and putting back the steps and replacing the concrete walkway)
We removed the step, replaced the sewer, and put the step back, and poured a new concrete walkway, as well as the topsoil and seeding of more area than we had originally expected to disturb, with the sewer not being in the place noted
These extras were done at my expense - no extra charged to the customer - I backed my original quote
You will note in the pictures included from before and after the job, the step may not be *** exactly as it was, but it is almost impossible to put back *** exactly
The front yard was all big rocks, so some of them of them had to be piled on the driveway, as the lawn was not big enough to hold all of them (being there was more excavated than originally planned)When loading the rocks on the truck, there were some scratches on the drivewayThese scratches, not gougesAs a sign of good faith, we would deduct $ *** off the final invoice for driveway sealer, following full payment of our invoicePlease note this was not a new driveway
The trench cage was left in the yard too long, for which I apologizeIt was not moved at the time because we were waiting to see if *** was going to do the street part of the sewer, and we may have needed to dig more on the private side*** replaced their part of the sewer, and we were able to hook to the pipe without us rediggingWe were very busy by the time ***'s decision was made, and the trench cage remained on the propertyWe were also waiting for *** to do their landscaping before we did ours, as they had dug back to feet on the private side of the property line, and had filled this area with gravelAfter several weeks, when *** had still not done their landscaping, we went back, cut down the gravel, put in topsoil and seed on the property, and removed the trench cage
To date we have not been paid anything for our work done - our original quote of $ *** plus taxes of $ *** totalling $***Our last day on this site worked was August 01st, with the invoice sent on August 04th
September 29th is days - which is the lien windowIf payment is not received by September 22nd, we will be going to the lawyer to start a lien on this property
As in every job we do, we aim to do everything we can to make the customer happy
We have been in business, and done this type of work for years, and have a reputation for standing behind our work
As *** has complained about something or other since our 1st day working on this site - I am convinced that nothing short of a new house would make her happy
Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you
*** *** - President
Attached - photos - before June 20th and after August 30th
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2017/08/31) */
I would like to respond to the letter I have received
I tried many times both through email and calls to discuss this matter with *** Backhoe so that a settlement could be reachedI did not receive any response to either of these, which is why I felt the need to contact the
I was not informed of any extra cost incurred by the company as a result of the sewer locationI was told by the plumber who performed a location of the sewer that it was to the right of the stepsI would have had no idea otherwise where our sewer was locatedI was only relating information I was told by the plumber who performed this sewer location with his scanner
I do understand that our driveway is not new but do feel a tarp of some sort could have been laid so the scratches in the driveway did not occurI obtained a quote of $*** to seal the driveway
The one issue that was not addressed in this letter was the cement on the side of our car when the walkway was replacedI obtained a quote of $*** to remove the cement and fix the paint as a result of this
As a result of these two items, I am willing to submit payment for $***, which allows for the two items aboveThis payment will be made later today

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 6, 2015/05/07) */
I have contacted napa head office, after which the owner and manager have contacted meThey admitted 100% blame and have apologized and compensated me to my complete satisfactionFrom my end I am satisfied and consider it a closed caseI
appreciate the time and efforts in this case

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2016/01/18) */
High Desert Auto Supply, Inc
Apple Valley - Victorville - Hesperia - Phelan
January 12,
Mr*** ***
Mr***, or a family member purchased a Belt Tensioner (NBH XXXXX)
for a Scion TC on 12/28/from our Hesperia locationA family member did attempt to return the item for full credit to our Victorville locationWhile inspecting the Belt Tensioner it was apparent the item had been installed and usedAt that time we were told that the Belt Tensioner did not solve the problem
As per policy and posted notice, we do not accept used items for new returnIt is an industry and ethical standard that we do not resell used parts, or suppliesIt is the responsibility of the installer/technician to insure the proper diagnosis for the repairIt is understood in our industry that it is not acceptable to experiment with parts to determine the proper diagnosis for a vehicle
After the issue was explained to the customer, an attempt was made to return the Belt Tensioner with the explanation that the part did not fit, or was defectiveIt was explained by our sales staff that if the item is defective or incorrect we would be happy to exchange the item for new, or correct partHowever it was clear by inspection the part was installed and fit the application and the customer did not want a replacement partAt that time the customer was referred to Victorville Store Manager *** *** on Monday January 4th
Mr*** also inspected the item and determined through the inspection and conversation with the customer that Belt Tensioner is the correct item and worked properly, however the customer just wanted to return the item for a full refund because it did not solve their problem with the vehicleAfter further explanation of why it is problematic to return used parts for a new return, Mr*** offered a store credit as a "Customer Satisfaction" resolution to the problemThis was accepted and the customer was given a full credit to any of our stores to for purchase of parts, or supplies for their vehicle, or any other vehicle they might need to repair
Shortly following Mr*** called Mr*** and said this was unacceptable and demanded a full refund, not a store creditThis request was turned downWe do our best to accommodate all customer request, however it is understood by all in our industry that if there were no controls on returning used parts, our inventory's would be stocked with used parts we can not sell and our cost would greatly increaseAs you might guess these problems will extent to our company when we attempt to return the used Belt Tensioner to the Manufacture
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 10, 2016/01/21) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The business states that the part was installed and used, but this is untrueI attempted to install the part but was unable to do so as it did not fit on the vehicleI asked my daughter to return it to the Victorville store since it was on her way homeShe was not involved in doing the repairs and would not have been able to answer any questions about the installation since She was not thereThe store manager insisted that the part was installed and used which is not trueHe said he gave her a store credit in the form of a gift card instead of crediting back my VISA cardI am the one who purchased the item and I did not agree to accept a store credit instead of a refundI am seeking a resolution of a full refund back to my VISA accountI have attempted to contact the store owner, but he has not responded back to meI have been a customer of this business for many yearsIn this case the part being returned was not used, however, even though the business insists that they do not give refunds for used parts, I have a receipt for another part that I returned for a full refund which had been installed and used about a year agoThat was not the first time that this was doneThere should never have been a problem with returning this part

R O Towing Auto Repair has helped me get my cars, on numerous occasions, back on the road really quickly, which helped me be on time to work! They have fixed an alternator on a Saturn and a Dodge Caliber I had, a radiator on a PT Cruiser, and done on all my vehicles for years You need three trusted people in this life: a preacher, an accountant and a mechanic I have my trusted mechanic! Fair prices, fast fixes, RO is quality!

I recently bought a very nice, low mileage used SUV from MrOliva and his partner MrR*** under the name of* Because the vehicle had a "branded title" (i.eit had been involved in a collision & declared a total loss by insurance co), I was very anxious about purchasing a lemon masquerading as a nice car, and did a LOT of research to learn all I could about the circumstances of the collision, and about the reputation of the men I was dealing with
I was able to obtain a detailed car history that contained the police accident case number The police report detailed the collision, and indicated that low speeds were involved To me, that meant that no major frame misalignment had occurred, confirming what MrOliva had told me about the extent of his repairs I also found acceptable business reports through and that indicated both men were able to successfully negotiate disagreements (if any) with customers (if they filed reports)
More importantly, MrOliva was easy to reach via cellphone, and quickly established the rapport necessary for each of us to trust a stranger Fast communications were key when I needed to rearrange my financing at the last minute to keep the sale on schedule All went smoothly and we concluded the sale very satisfactorily Based on the "before" photos of the vehicle, I found MrOliva's work to be of the highest quality, and would recommend him without reservation

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