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We talk to [redacted] today 5/22/about here ***She had her car looked at and they said the water pump is leakingSo we are getting the [redacted] in and if the water pump is leaking we will replace it at no charge to herThank you

To get what I was promised, "at delivery", I had to make dozens of calls, spend 5+ hours of personal time and lose hours payThe salesman flat out lied to me, repeatedly; their own service manager confirmed that factI don't care what they are selling or at what price, they will never see my money again

My friend and I drove up from NEW YORK to go see a *** Classic car as we walked into Napoli Auto Mall today to go look at *** classic carThe sales person unhooks the rope at the entrance of the classic car section so we can walk in to view the carOnly One minute passes as we're looking at the car and he tells us that we have to come via an appointment with the owner onlyI asked them why did he let us through in the first place? I've come here in the past with no appointmentDid this new rule just take effect as of a minute ago?! Obviously the dealership stereotyped us without knowing anything about us, how much money I make, what I do for a living, credit worthiness, or how serious I was in buying a classic car (I already owned a classic car already and was looking to trade it in for another one)So he kicked us out which I've never encountered before it was very rude uncivil and very unprofessionalI will never step foot into any Napoli dealership again and I advise you to never deal with these unprofessional people ever again! Deal with people that appreciate your patronage and hard-earned money and that won't judge you as soon as you walk inBuyer beware!!!!!

As far as the outside work that was done to the car we cant cover that, if they had the car towed to us we would had help out with the cost of the repair. The quote to replace the struts and sway bars of $878.09 we would like to look at the car and if that work needs to be done Napoli will do...

the work in our shop and cover all the cost.

We talk to [redacted] today 5/22/14 about here [redacted]. She had her car looked at  and they said the water pump is leaking. So we are getting the [redacted] in and if the water pump is leaking we will replace it at no charge to her. Thank you.

To get what I was promised, "at delivery", I had to make dozens of calls, spend 5+ hours of personal time and lose 3 hours pay. The salesman flat out lied to me, repeatedly; their own service manager confirmed that fact.
I don't care what they are selling or at what price, they will never see my money again.

Review: Ok, where do I start! First, I go in door to see the cars, I saw the Suzuki xland said this was it! Purchased it on 3/with XXXXX milesI understood it has 100,miles waranteeSudenly, on April 17th on my way to Massachusetts from CT, it over heats in Middeltown exit off 91, it gets towed back to the dealership and to "compensate" from a setter I get a Nissan sitter as a rental that even thought I didn't have to pay it was inconvenient of how small it was, I get it back on the 20th bring it home go get gas and it over heats again and the gages are acting crazy, take it back on Monday the 22nd after they "fix it" I get a call to pick it up I go on the 27th, and not only is dented but scrached from front to back, I am all ready dissapointed at this pointI call the finance company n they say as a customer if I am not safisfied to get a another car n transfer everything,this is where it gets better,the Manager MrGonzalez to keep me "happy" tells me to choose a new car, n I ask for a good deal, he says to me "I give u a deal n I cap a "feel" what is this??the finance company said transfer n thats when I read the "fine print" trai was going to be in the hole another 11k n loose the 5,5k I gave down payment over all I was going to pay 21k, n then insults me by saying that he is taking my word for it that it was dented n scratced they dont know if it was me, EXCUSE ME!!I have pics for when I got it all "proud" he said we'll make the first payment for u to keep u "happy" n buff the car n fix the dent, today May 3rd, go pick up the car n the scratch from front to back is still there n I ask what happened he said it was the best they can do, I told him nothing was done, I dont wanna hear it, n left, when I took it I left it with 1/tank, when I turn it on is empty n it has 88,miles, I only drove it from the 29th of March to April 20, n days after, where did the used this truck that is in the whole for more than miles? N a $gas coupon is NOT GOING TO CUT IT!
Product_Or_Service: Suzuki
Account_Number: XXXXX
Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)
Anything more than just one payment of loan, and a $boucher of gas, after all I had to go through with employees that tell me that they get paid whether they sell or not, or I can give a [redacted] about this company all I do is oder parts, or I give u a deal if I cap a feelAfter over miles had been put on the car when it only had XXXXX, n I pick it up with XXXXX, when I only had it on possetion for weeks after purchase n it has been in n our the dealership since April 18th until 5/
Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/05/06) */
Napoli Indoor did and does unserstand all of Ms[redacted] concernsWe, as a dealership, tried to accomadate her with as little inconvience as possibleNapoli gave her transportation, at no charge, the entire time her car was in serviceWe absorbed the cost of all mechanical work and tow, passing no cost on to the customerNapoli paid her first payment, fixed a dent and buffed out scratches on her vehicleAgain, at no chargeWe also filled up her tank when she picked up her carAny time there is a problem with a vehicle it is never a good situationNapoli is very understanding to each and every customerThus, the reason we helped her out with a vehicle for transportation and made her first payment
Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/05/07) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)
WOW!! I don't know if they are insulting my intelligence or think I am a stupid consumer
1st, of course I didn't pay for any mechanical work because it is under warranty, from the company for days (as mentioned by salesman) and I have 20k miles left under car warranty, on top of that I bought a $1,extended warranty and everything happened in weeks after purchasedRight now once again if something mechanical was to happen it is still under warranty that I PAID FOR!
2nd about the car rental, I am supposed to be provided for such without having to pay, why??? ITS UNDER WARRANTY, on top of that the rental was for passengers the truck is 7, if I wanted a small car from the beginning, don't you think I would have purchased it, do see the inconvenience?
3rd the dent and scratches, it happened while all the problems on the truck were getting fixed and I have the list of all thoseI have evidence of pictures of the car right after I bought it and got home with it, took pictures of and even posted on FB the truck had no dents or scratches, yes, they "fixed" the dent, but the scratches still remainedI went to tell Mr[redacted] and he said it was all that could be done, NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS DONE!! He didn't even bother checking the truck or I bet didn't even bother going to go back to the parts area to ensure that something was done, you know why I know, cause he didn't even know where the scratches were until I pointed it out!
4th the car was in the dealership after purchase for almost a month of course they have to make the first payment it is their fault why it was there to begin withThey needed to make sure that after the 1st time I went I didn't have to go back for THE SAME PROBLEM, THE SECOND TIME, ISN'T THEIR WORK GUARANTEED?
5th about the $miserable dollars they gave me for gas with memo stating: "upset customer" why am I upset? when the car was towed before that I put gas on the car cause we were going far being a Wednesday, the same week I picked it up Saturday it had no gas! The day after Sunday night I put gas in it, took the truck back to the dealership on MondayGood thing it was paid with a credit card which is documented (time and date) ON TOP OF THAT WHEN THE CAR WAS TOWED THE MILES WHERE WRITTEN DOWN, PICK UP THE CAR 150+ MILES AFTER AND ON TOP OF THAT EMPTY!!! YOU TELL ME WHAT THEY DID FOR ME? IF THEY WERE AWARE OF THE SITUATION THE RESOLUTION WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT, SO DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE UNDER ESTIMATE OR INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE, records of phone calls, time the car spent there, rental cars, paper work of worked done to the car, prove of gas, miles put on the car, if you put all that together one follows the other, paper trail is always good to have for this same reason!
STILL THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY $N A PAYMENT OF APPROXIMATELY $IS ENOUGH...PLEASE, right now if something wrong was to happen under warranty again UNDER WARRANTY...I still don't have to pay, it's the inconvenience and how rude the manager is (for the exception of the sales guy [redacted]) I DIDN'T EVEN GET A CALL TO APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT HAPPENED, AND SO MUCH FOR THE "COMMUNICATION" ON THAT PLACE, THAT ONE MANAGER FROM ONE END HAD NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SAME BUILDING!
Don't tell me they expect me to pay for the first payment after the car being there for so long! Out their mind!! Besides, I made a $5,5k down payment, what does that tells you!
The problem wasn't the problem with the vehicle,if it would of happened just once,and fixed right from the beginning, but when the car was taken there less than hours for the same problem, like if nothing was done, it gets dented, scratched, my intelligence gets insulted, the inconvenience and the lack of professionalism, when the managers tells me, "I give you a deal if I cap a feel" it becomes a problem
Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/05/08) */
Napoli Motors has done everything to make a tough situation as smooth as possible
Not all of the expense of fixing, detailing, and towing the customers car has been covered by any watanteeNapoli motors picked up all that wasn't taken care ofAs well as making a payment that we made fot the customer due to loss of use
When the customer droped of the vehicle for repairs there was no mention of needing a larger vehicle or the one that Napoli paid for(not any type of watanty) wasn't going to workWe, at the time, could have made other arrangements
The customer told our service department to take care of the vehicle and when it is complete, she would pick it upTo diagnose and fix the problems, we needed to drive the vehicle for several miles
As far as the damage on the vehicle,(we fixed a dent that she pointed out)the only thing that she showed us was a small dentNo scratches! The scratches were pointed out after we cleaned the car with a full detail.(paid for by Napoli) Napoli did not scratch the vehicle
Napoli will continue to help this customerWe have taken all of the problems serious and made it a priority to help her as much as we canWe paid for a rental for over a week($per day) and, as a courtesy, made her first payment
Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2013/05/10) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am going to start by addressing every paragraph that is written
1) If Napoli Motors had done everything to make a "tough" situation as "smooth" as possible, we would not be here right now with the back and forth
2) I guess Napoli Motors forgot to read their own *FINE PRINT* on the "USED VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTY" which states; DAYS 3,MILES WHICH EVER COMES FIRST, THE DEALER WILL PAY 100% LABOR, 100% PARTS, MECHANICAL AND SOUNDI bought a car from YOUR dealership, weeks after it leaves me stranded an hour away from my house, and it was the dealerships responsibility to check the car before it got soldIt was also the dealerships responsibility of the dealership to ensure that the job was done right the first time so I didn't have the same problem again or anything pertaining to the same problemIn order for me not to go less than a week to get it fixed once againYes, I understand that the dealership (once the car gets "fixed") had to drive the car to make sure it was "OK" but not to put over 150+ miles on top of that give it back emptyOf course I was going to be upset, when I bought it in with ¼ to full and it's given back empty and then have the nerve to tell me I was compensated with a $voucher for the troubleFOR GODS SAKES YOU USED UP ALL THE GAS I HAD PUT IN BEFORE I TOOK IT TO YOU GUYS
3) I didn't make an issue out of the large vehicle, because I was already told what car I was going use in the meantime and it was not an issue because the car was there for a couple of daysBut when I came back to get the truck fixed for the same issue, I was told to get a car at EnterpriseWhen I went there the first thing the Customer Service Repasked was what kind of vehicle I had and I told him that I had an SUV passengers, asked for my driver's license and credit card, this is when I told him that [redacted] Motors sent me and they are paying for it, this is when I am told by the Rep., that [redacted] Motors only rents out compact carsThis is when I asked him, can something else be done to compensate the difference? he said yes, that you as in ME had to pay the differenceOF COURSE IS GOING TO BE A NO ANSWER ON THAT!
4) Let me explain something to you, driving the car to ensure that everything is ok, it is not a problem but it does not consist of running errands on it and putting over 150+ miles on the truck and then have the nerve to return it to me EMPTY!
5) The parts manager ([redacted]), the sales person ([redacted]), the cameras recording on your establishment, can show that I pointed out the scratches from front to back([redacted], the sales manager even took a picture on this cell phone with it, when I asked him what happened and he told me he didn't know what happened to the car he was even surprised himself of the dent and scratch) Even on Tuesday, April 30th, when the truck was in the back of the dealership and [redacted] (the sales guy) went with me to look at the truck and the scratches on it, I POINTED IT OUT, HE TOLD ME THAT IT CAN BE BUFFED OUT, WE WENT BACK INSIDE TOLD MRGONZALEZ ABOUT ITAND THE WORDS THAT CAME OUT HIS MOUTH WERE, 'WE'LL TALE CARE OF IT & WHEN WE HAVE IT BUFFED OUT WE'LL CALL YOU TO COME GET IT'I go back on the 3rd because it doesn't take that long to buff a car, the car gets pulled to the front of the building MrGonzalez doesn't even come out for a second when he goes back to the building and send one of his new hires to finish his workI go to the side of the driver where supposedly it was going to be buffed out and it is still the sameI go back in and tell MrGonzalez, what happened and he tells me it was the best they could do, how can it be the best when he didn't even bother to look at it? That's when I told him nothing was done and it was the early for this BS! This is when I become upset and leave out the facilityRealized I didn't have the keys either, opened the front door of the building and ask them for the keys, close the door behind me and walk towards the car and wait inside the car for themThis is when Jim (the sales guy) comes out to bring me the keys and saw the scratches again from front to back, and his words were: "They said it was buffed but it looks the same"....Ummmmm interesting right??
This is when I put the key in the ignition turn on the car and noticed it was empty, my husband on the passenger [redacted] calls out to Jim, because he was on his way back in to the building, and tells him, "why is the truck on E, we put gas my wife brought it here" I had ¾ tanks of gas ....SO, DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU WAS DOING ME A FAVOR OF GIVING ME $VOUCHER OF GAS WHEN IT WAS IN YOUR FACILITY FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND IT WAS ALL USEDYOU GUYS MOST BE OUT OUR MIND!
6) Now I know that your company has cameras everywhere, why don't you pull out the video of the truck while it was there to see WHO is responsible for the dent and scratches? It might not record what we say or it might, but I am sure that it records everything else like MOVEMENTS, ENGAGEMENTS, ACTIVITIES; you can see the reaction of the parts manager, the manager, the sales managerI am sure it is recorded(Unless, you come out telling me right now that your system doesn't work, or it doesn't record, or it magically disappeared) that would be a great convenience on your part
7) Finally, the total cost of the car was $10,890, I made a down payment of $5,500, come to find out without interest I still owe $9,Why? Hum...let me see$499, dealership processing fee, (optional) and that it means optional VIN ETCH $199, right there goes $The registration and tittle (which it has to do with the DM) $855, this is understandable, but wait another DMV fee $170, then the autotech prem $1881, that I am still paying so that doesn't $499+199+170=$just on thatThen the cost of the truck and the amount of the loan (without interest) $1890, this is what your company used as down payment from the money I gave down, but u add that plus $+ totals up $4,639, where is the other $861??? So, what first month payment did you give me? What car rental did you paid for? I still owe the whole car!!
Business Response /* (4000, 13, 2013/05/15) */
As mentioned before, Napoli understands that anytime a customer has a problem with a vehicle, it is never a good situationThis has turned into a "back and forth, he said, she said" argumentWhen a customer isn't happy, the easiest way to help is with a conversationWe are not turning our back on them
I still am not suer what they ar looking forThey are correct, we must fix thier vehicle under the warranteeWe did not have to provide transportation, pay for the tow, or make a paymentI Would like the opportunity to talk with the cuasomer

Review: It has not been 90 days and I have buyers remorse and wish to return the car. What can I do.Desired Settlement: Return vehicle and get out of the contract without my credit being made bad.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


Review: Put a deposit down on a 2005 lexus es 330 on 3/24/13. Looked up [redacted] on line and read some bad reviews and returned on the 3/25/13 to get my deposit back. Was told the complaints were with a finance man who was not longer with them. I was assured by ** the manager that I would be taken good care of. We then agreed on a price and I had hoped to pick the car up the 3/26/13. I was told I needed to take the car then as the auction man was coming and they needed to see have my car for auction. I had very limited time and needless to say it was a rushed sale......the finance fellow did my financing quickly and never mentioned anything about etching .... I reviewed my document a few days later and saw I was charged for $199.00 for window etching. The windows are not etched. I went to [redacted] Motors in person on 4/1/13 and spoke with the salesman[redacted] and verified that the windows are not etched. I then spoke to ** the manager and was told I would be issued a check with in a week. No check came, so I called and spoke to Pedro assistant manager on 4/10/13 (** was off)about the fraudulant charge and was told I would be getting a check. I had the car into [redacted] for a repair 4/11/13, spoke to ** in person that day and was told once again I would be issued a check, and would have it by Monday 4/15/13 or Tuesday 4/16/13. A check did not come by Tuesday 4/16/13, so I called and spoke with the saleman[redacted] on Tuesday 4/16/13 and asked if he would be so kind as to advocate for me, he said he would call me back with in an hour...I did not get a call back from[redacted] or anyone on 4/16/13. The mail has come 4/17/13 and there is no check today either!!!

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want the $199.00 plus $12.43 tax back for the window etching I was fraudulantly charged for, and $200.00 for 4 oil changes and tire rotations that came with purchase of the car; that I will not be getting done at [redacted]. Total $411.43.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/19) */

We have no idea why the customer hasn't received the check for $199 ibn the mail. The check was cut and put in the mail. [redacted] is bringing her a re-issued check today. An employee is personally delivering it to her. 4/19

Consumer Response /* (2110, 7, 2013/04/22) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the partial settlement response from the business.)

I did receive the check that was brought to me in person on 4/19/13. I did also get 2 checks in the mail when I retuned from being away for the weekend on 4/21/13; one for the (no)etching, and a second check for DMV overcharges...this fraudlant ordeal was handled very poorly on [redacted]'s part. I orginally brought this deceptive charge to [redacted]'s attention on 4/1/13, it should have been handled then and there, as I was told it would be. I should not have had to chase it down again and again!!! The mailed refund (no)etching check was dated 4/12/13 and the post mark was 4/17/13. I felt this was handled as if it was NO BIG DEAL!!! Unfortunaely it was a very big deal for me!!! It was/is a matter of principle. I do not plan on visiting [redacted] indoor auto again, I will forfeit my oil changes and tire rotations.

Review: I am writing to file a formal complaint against Napoli Indoor Auto Mall, located at [redacted].

On January 19, 2015, the transmission on our existing vehicle gave out. Those cost to replace the transmission would have been close to $5000 and the car just wasn’t worth saving. We knew we would have to replace it, but buying a car is a terrifying experience, especially when you’re searching for a used one and know that there’s a risk of getting ripped off. So even though we were in a tight spot having to replace the vehicle that same day, we did the best we could searching for a good deal.

We came across a car that we liked on [redacted], however, we knew that our financial situation was not spectacular and that our credit history would play a role in what we ended up financing.

When we arrived at [redacted] it was about 4:30pm, we went through the various questions regarding what we were looking for and what we could afford to spend on a monthly payment. Unfortunately, the car we liked was out of our price range, but the sales rep directed us towards a 2006 [redacted] that was in seemingly great shape, with only 65,000 miles on the odometer. While we felt the car was nice, we weren’t overly impressed. We asked several times if there were any other cars that we could look at it, and the sales rep kept directing us back to this particular [redacted].

By 6:00pm, we finally just agreed to purchase the [redacted]. The paperwork that the sales rep provided to us gave a glowing report of the vehicle’s condition, and they even provided information showing what the average sales price for a comparable vehicle would be in our area. Overall, it looked like a fantastic deal, so even though it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, we signed for it. By the time we left the dealership, it was 9:30pm. I would like to note that while we were sitting in the main lobby area waiting to sign our own papers, another woman there was complaining to her own sales that the car she wanted to buy had several mechanical issues that she wanted fixed before she would buy it.

The 2006 Nissan [redacted] was being offered to us in “as-is” condition, with no warranty. I’ve purchased cars previously under this condition and never had any issues. I think you will agree that most people go to a well-known dealership with the impression that the dealer will do what they can to make sure every car they sell is in safe condition, and that, even without the safety net of a warranty, customers should feel secure that their car will at least go for a few months without needing major repairs. Maybe we were mistaken in having this belief, but I will tell you that we have purchased 3 other vehicles from a different dealership, and that was exactly our experience: Our cars were purchased as-is, no warranty, and we went several years before needing any major mechanical work. My most recent purchase was a 2007 [redacted] (again, purchased from another dealership), and upon inspection, I was told that the brakes, tires, belts, and filters, were all brand new. Meaning that the dealership actually put in the effort to make sure that I was getting a car that was safe and reliable, and would remain in that condition for quite some time.

On February 5, 2015, the 2006 Nissan [redacted] that we purchased from Napoli Indoor Auto Mall on January 19, broke down on [redacted]. I am not sure if you’re familiar with the area, but I can tell you, it’s not a great place to be stranded. In addition to that, we have had several major snowstorms (one a week for the last 3 weeks as of the date of this letter), and quite frankly, there just wasn’t anywhere to put all of the snow. It was completely blocking the far right lanes in both directions, and there were no sidewalks that had been cleared. Therefore, when the car just stopped in a turn-only lane, there was nowhere for my fiancé, who was driving the car to work at the time, to go. He couldn’t get out of the car because there was too much traffic and he risked getting hit by an oncoming motorist, however, at the same time, his car was now blocking traffic.

We called [redacted], and had the car towed to our own mechanic. Upon looking at the vehicle, it was determined that we needed a new battery (the one in the car was dead), a new serpentine belt (which was tearing and without that belt, no power is carried to the alternator), and a new alternator (because the one in the car wasn’t charging the battery). Our mechanic also told us that the struts on the front end need to be replaced. He quoted us $701.61 for the battery, the belt, and the alternator. He gave me a separate quote to replace the struts and sway bars, of $878.09. These four issues together total up to $1579.70.

I called Napoli Indoor Auto Mall, and was transferred twice. The person in service who answered the phone asked me to hold, then apparently tried to transfer me again but disconnected the call. I called back, was transferred twice again. The person in service once again asked me to hold, at which time she managed to successfully transfer me to a man who never introduced himself, but talked over me at least 4 times while I tried to discuss the problem, and actually sounded quite irritated at the fact that I was disrupting whatever else he was doing at the time. After listening to his seemingly rehearsed speech three times, I finally gave up. His final word on the matter was, and this is a direct quote, “when a car is purchased as-is, believe it or not, it truly is AS-IS. However, if you brought it in to us, we might be able to work with you on the cost.” I told him again that the battery and alternator were both dead and the car wouldn’t run. He suggested that I have it towed to their lot, which would cost me, and he did not offer to pay for towing. I told him that we had already had it towed to our own mechanic, at which point, he cut me off again to inform that if we went with another shop, we would “most definitely pay full price.” I asked him to confirm that they would not be willing to reimburse me part of the cost if I had the car repaired at my preferred mechanic’s shop, and he did. Essentially, if I brought it elsewhere, they wouldn’t do a thing to help me out, even though moments before he told me that “they don’t ever want to leave a customer high and dry” (another direct quote).

Based on the obviously poor mechanical prowess of their service personnel, who couldn’t see that the battery in this car was testing low, or that there was a blatant tear in the serpentine belt, or that the alternator was not sufficiently supplying the battery with a charge, I had ZERO interest in paying to tow the car back to their lot, since I was very doubtful that I would get quality work performed, and I had no guarantee that I would get a better price than what my own mechanic had already quoted me. Napoli had offered us a free carwash at the time of purchase, and we don’t even want to bring the car back to them for that. I opted instead to let my regular mechanic replace the battery, alternator, and serpentine belt. We held off on doing the struts, as we just simply couldn’t afford to do $1579.70 worth of work all at one time.

I feel that Napoli Indoor Auto Mall intentionally sold us a faulty vehicle, knowing that we would not have a warranty, and would have no choice but to bring it back for major mechanical repairs. I’m sure that their hope was that we would bring it back to them so they would get more of our hard earned money, but that part didn’t work out for them. I also feel that their customer service, at a time when people need it most, is the most God-awful excuse for “service” I’ve ever experienced. For a man who was most likely a sales or service manager, to not even introduce himself, and then not even make a sincere attempt to make things right, was just sickening. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of the fact that we signed on the dotted line for a vehicle in “as-is” condition, but I truly believe that the actual condition of said vehicle was not disclosed. Their service personnel either blatantly ignored the problems with the car, have no idea what to look for when performing an inspection (of course, this is assuming that they actually did more than vacuum it out as part of said inspection), or the sales people lied to us by saying the car was in nearly perfect condition knowing that it wasn’t. Furthermore, I feel that Napoli did absolutely nothing to try and make the situation right, nothing to try and make me feel that they are truly a trustworthy business, and nothing to even try and make me feel better. The product they sold to us needed almost $1600 worth of repairs before we made the first loan payment on it; before we even made the first insurance payment for it! To me, this is just absolutely disgusting and despicable business practice, to say nothing of their customer service practices.

I have enclosed copies of the paperwork that we were given at the time of sale, highlighting the supposedly amazing deal that we were getting, and I’ve also enclosed a copy of my receipt for the repairs we have already performed, and an estimate for the struts that have yet to be replaced.

In a perfect world, Napoli would refund me the $701 I’ve already paid for repairs, and offer to pay for the replacement of the struts, regardless of which shop performs the service but I don’t believe that that will happen. I don’t intend to fight a pointless battle with them over this issue but I felt that this was something you should know about. After talking to three different people about this situation, they all told me that we shouldn’t have gone to Napoli in the first place because so many people have had bad experiences there. Of course, this was information I wish I’d had on January 19th, but what can you do? If nothing else, I’m hoping that they are investigated and that their shady business practices are exposed to the public, maybe saving someone else the trouble and money. They should be ashamed of themselves for the conditions under which they let people drive off of their lot, and for the nonchalant way that I (and probably countless others) was treated in the aftermath.Desired Settlement: In a perfect world, they would refund me the $701 that I've already paid for repairs, plus pay for the $800 repair job that still needs to be done. Do I think this will actually happen? No.



As far as the outside work that was done to the car we cant cover that, if they had the car towed to us we would had help out with the cost of the repair. The quote to replace the struts and sway bars of $878.09 we would like to look at the car and if that work needs to be done Napoli will do the work in our shop and cover all the cost.

Review: I purchase a vehicle in Feb. 28,2014, but car was not release to me until March. Aboutbtwo weeks after having it;it started giving problems, Heat wasn't working and the check engine light was on.So I brought my car to [redacted] so they can hook the machine to my car to see why the engine light was on and they stated that the car has multiple miss fire and possible need a tune up. So I brought my car back to Napoli so they can fix the problem 3 times for the same problem and the problem is still not fix and they got paid thru my warranty company and my car still have the same problem. So after all that now my car is running out and theyvtold me it's nothing they can do. My car was brought to two different [redacted] dealer and they have declined working on my Vehicle and that's something Napoli has to deal with. Now I don't know what to do. This car issue has made me lose hours at work and cause me to lose money as well. I'm paying car insurance which cost $324 a month and a car note that cost me $497 a month. I need my car fix from a [redacted] dealer cause they seem like the only dealer that can fix the issue on this car. I gave Napoli several chances to fix the car and everytime I picked my car back up it was new problem going wrong with the car. I had to take out a 16,000 thousand dollar loan and haven't enjoyed my car since I've had itDesired Settlement: Enought to get all the work my car would need done. So between 5,000 til 6,000



We talk to [redacted] today 5/22/14 about here [redacted]. She had her car looked at and they said the water pump is leaking. So we are getting the [redacted] in and if the water pump is leaking we will replace it at no charge to her. Thank you.

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