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We have researched the consumer’s request and will
remove the two credit accounts from the consumer’s credit files.Sincerely,Karen F[redacted]VP of OperationsNASA FCU

Dear,We have concluded our review of Complaint ID #[redacted] and confirmed that [redacted]. sold our member a GAP Insurance policy, provided by [redacted] Insurance Services, inc., on January 26, 2016.Our member will need to contact [redacted] Insurance Services, Inc. at [redacted]...

([redacted]) to request a refund. A copy of the GAP Waiver has been attached to provide additional contact information.The Credit Union has documentation to answer additional questions our member would like to pose over the phone or via mail/email. I can be reached at [redacted] or toll free 1-888-NASA FCU (627-2328), ext. [redacted] or via email to [redacted],Tamar S[redacted]  Loan Servicing ManagerNASA Federal Credit Union

We have followed up with the member to review the issue but he has been out of town. He left a message last evening that he will be back and available on Thursday 6/23/2016.  We have a call scheduled to discuss with him at that time.  We will update response after that call.  Karen...

F[redacted]VP of OperationsNASA FCU###-###-#### Ext [redacted]

NASA FCU worked directly with [redacted] to resolve the issue.  The resolution included explanation of both the Courtesy Pay and Account Guardian programs with [redacted] choosing to decline Account Guardian but retaining Courtesy Pay. She now understands when the service will be...

used and the fees for use.   In reviewing her account I found that $192.00 in fees had already been refunded by other staff members.  The remaining $128.00 was refunded on 12/24/14.  I  provided my contact information to her in the event any additional questions arise.  [redacted] stated that she was satisfied with the resolution.  Karen F[redacted], VP of Operations, NASA FCU

Review: I refinanced my auto loan through this company after hearing a radio advertisement that stated that, if approved, your first payment would not be due for 90 days. I applied online for the refinance loan as there are no local locations of this institution near me. After being approved for the loan, the loan documents were sent over to me electronically to sign on 3/28/2014. I called today (4/7/2014) just to verify that the 90 day advertisement would be honored just because I wanted confirmation from the source and because I have not received any notices or emails from this company other then a thank you note since being approved for the loan. When I called I spoke with 2 different people, both of whom stated that I needed to state on my application that I wanted the 90 day payment advertisement honored in order to receive it and since I did not, the loan was set for payment in 30 days. It was not notated anywhere on the application or the advertisement on their website that that was the terms of the 90 day promotion. I do not understand why this information cannot be adjusted to honor the advertisement especially, since I signed the documents on 3/28/2014 and today is 4/17/2014.



This inquiry was reviewed by [redacted], VP of Retail Services and he provided the following update on his findings:This was resolved on 4/7; the same

day the letter was provided to the The 90 day no payments is required at

application. The member signed the note with the 4/20 due date. If she wanted a

6/18 due date,she should have not signed the docs and requested the change before dispursment of the loan. We do

make exceptions after the loan is consummated through the use of a subsequent

action form. The member did sign a subsequent action form on 4/7 which moved

the due date from 4/20 to 6/18. The loan payment was also re-cast. I left a message

for the member to follow up. Perhaps she wrote the prior to signing the

Subsequent action request. Good to close as the member has the 90 day due date

Review: In October in 2012 I approached NASA FCU for a mortgage as a first-time home buyer. Without any previous experience, I felt that everything was proceeding normally. After providing NASA FCU with the contract for the house written in the amount of $250k (with contingencies), I was required to obtain an appraisal for the house as is normal. The appraisal came back slightly lower (approximately $246k), to which the seller agreed to adjust the contract. Everything seemed to be proceeding normally until one or two days before the closing date when I was suddenly notified that NASA FCU could not service the mortgage. The reason given was that the underwriter had stopped it due to a rule deeming this as a flip.

My complaint is that NASA FCU should not have requested that I provide an appraisal because they should have known they could not service this mortgage. It seems unreasonable to expect a new mortgage purchaser to know in advance that proceeding with a particular mortgage will necessarily end with lost costs and fees. Furthermore, I was told that an entire new contract had to be written and that the appraisal would not apply to the next mortgage. I was hopeful at the time that NASA FCU might actually pay for the second appraisal since it was obviously their mistake (admitted to over the phone, but I have no proof). However the seller was unwilling to go through their shenanigans again.

I did try to contact NASA FCU a number of times soon after trying to explain why I thought they should be responsible for the cost of the appraisal. It was difficult because frankly I hated to put the representative through going back and forth with handling my issue. (She had been perfectly nice the whole time.) Far from being willing to admit their mistake (a second time), they played a game of gotcha on a technicality: the final verdict was they only knew it was a flip because of the appraisal.

I felt this was unfair, so I opened a case with NCUA. But they seemed only concerned if NASA FCU is violating some regulation, which I'm not claiming that NASA FCU did.Desired Settlement: I would like for NASA FCU to either admit their mistake and pay for the appraisal fee that I incurred, or else provide me with an explanation that answers the all of the following to my satisfaction:

1) Why was I asked to proceed with an appraisal for a house that would have been a flip if the price came anywhere near the contract price (the amount of the loan that was being considered at that time)?

2) Why is it reasonable to expect a first-time home-buyer to know whether or not a particular regulation would prevent the lender from lending and therefore be able to avoid spending needless money on a service that can have no value?

3) What process do you normally expect when a borrower requests a loan for a house that will be considered a flip? Will you have them all get appraisals only to notify them at the very end to start over?



Our Mortgage Department contacted [redacted] to discuss his complaint and was able to reach a resolution with him. [redacted] said he would circle back around to the to close the inquiry.


VP of Operations


500 Prince Georges Blvd

Upper Marlboro Md 20774

###-###-#### Ext [redacted]



--------- Forwarded message ----------

From: [redacted] <[redacted]>

Date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 6:34 PM

Subject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #[redacted].

To: [email protected]

I would like to just close this complaint. I've decided I don't want to go through the stress or the hassle involved in dealing with it anymore.

Is there any way I can just close it?

Review: On 4/15/2014 my bank account balance was +24.50. On 4/16/2014, two charges cleared my account, one for [redacted] in the amount of $18.25 leaving my remaining balance at +6.25. Then one for [redacted], leaving my balance at -$1.51. On 4/16, when just the [redacted] transaction had cleared, with the [redacted]'s still listed as "pending" I was given a $32 overdraft fee. I assumed it was for [redacted]'s and contact customer service to see if it could be waived, since their policy is to waive one overdraft fee a year (and I don't overdraw often.) NASA FCU reversed the fee. However, today, 4/17/2014, I noticed that they put [redacted]'s as having cleared 4/16/2014 and they assessed me yet ANOTHER overdraft fee for $32. When I clicked on the first charge (that was credited back to my account) it said the fee was for the [redacted] charge, however, the [redacted] charge left my account at +6.25 (which, as far as I know, is not considered "overdrawn.") I do not feel that I should have been given two overdraft fees when only ONE of the charges actually overdrew my account. I find this to be a shady business practice that only exists to stick an extra overdraft fee onto its customers.Desired Settlement: I would like the second $32 overdraft fee to be refunded back to my account.



We reserached [redacted]'s account and found that the fees were charged in accordance with our policies and that 2 checks triggered fees (not 2 fees for one check). As a courtesy we did refund the second fee to his account. A staff member has attempted to reach him several times by phone to explain the fee charges to him but have not reached him leaving 2 messages at the home phone asking that he call back to the office. We have not received a response from him. We would like to explain the activity to [redacted] so that he can avoid overdraft fees in the future. Please ask that he contact [redacted] on ###-###-#### Extension [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]VP of OperationsNASA FCU



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Review: I have sent in all required paperwork to get a mortgage quote. They ran a credit check, thus negatively impacting my credit, and have not given me a good faith estimate. I had to call twice and email once to even get the loan officer to respond to me. I also had to send documents twice because they said they did not receive the fax, I have the receipt of arrival. I have called and emailed again to receive my estimate but have had no response. It has been nearly six weeks. Thank you.



[redacted], Vice President - Real Estate Lending Division sent the attached email to [redacted] in response to his inquiry and is following up with the member to move the Loan application along for processing. He appears satisified with the solution offered by our staff. Please let me know if any additional information is needed for follow on this inquiry.


[redacted], VP of Operations

NASA Federal

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