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National Presto Industries

3925 N. Hastings Way, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States, 54703

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I received a presto deep fryer as a Christmas gift. On 03/05/2020 the deep fryer caught firer while sitting on the stove. We contacted corporation and spoke with Ann their Consumer Advocate. She asked us to mail the product to her for review. They claimed dissected it after receiving pics, security video and the product itself they said it was not their fault. They said they felt it started from the bottom and was external. However there is no burns on the bottom and the pictures and video show that this fire start within the product heating element.

I purchased a Presto PopLite popcorn maker just over a year ago. After using it only a few times, it would not work. I tried plugging it into several outlets, but it wouldn't go on. I contacted Presto about this, but they refused to take any action because I did not save the receipt. Some months later, I tried the popper again, and it worked -but it seemed to get too hot and as I popped a bowl of popcorn, the plastic chute and butter melting cup melted some. Each subsequent time I used the machine, they melted more and more. I never, ever preheated the popper, nor did I ever leave it running too long. At this point, the plastic chute & cup have melted very substantially. I feel, as I always did, that this product is defective, and so, I again tried to pursue it with Presto. I have not asked for a new popper -merely a new chute & cup. Presto flat out refuses to replace them, claiming I have misused the product. I reiterate that I never misused the product, and believe it to be defective.

National Presto Industries Response • Feb 13, 2019

I spoke with the consumer, Frank Saia, to gather information and have reached a satisfactory resolution. Based on the available information, we were able to determine that his popper was manufactured in 2015. There are no known manufacturing defects with the popper, nor is there any indication of a manufacturing defect with his particular popper. We have placed an order for one-time courtesy replacement chute and butter melter for his unit. Please let me know if you require additional information. Kind Regards

Customer Response • Feb 13, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I purchased a Presto electric Hot Air PopLite popcorn popper. It is the most dangerous appliance I have ever purchased and it should be taken off the market. There is no on/off switch so you must plug it in to start it and manually unplug it when the machine is hot to stop it. The hot unpopped popcorn kernels are discharged like bullets out of the shute. They spray all over and not necessarily in the bowl that is put underneath the shute. You run the risk of being burned with the hot unpopped kernels being pelleted out of the shute, and if you try to pick them up, you run the risk of being burned on your fingers. Again, very dangerous and a flaw in the engineering. The butter dish on top has a tendency to be pushed off and then you are really in trouble with hot unpopped kernels and popped kernels flying all over. The discharge cover gets extremely hot and easily misshaped because of the intense heat and one could get burned to try and move or touch it while the machine is running. The appliance also sometimes burns the last kernels. This being said, I contacted the Presto Company and they said they would let their engineer know, but they were not willing to take the machine back for a refund. They said I needed to go through Amazon where I purchased it. When I went to XXXXX, they told me to contact the company, which I had already done. Therefore, I believe that since this is Presto's product, they are the ones that should resolve this complaint issue. I paid $22.25 for this product. Model #XXXXXX. I also feel very strongly that this product should be recalled because it is very unsafe.

National Presto Industries Response • Jan 02, 2019

I just spoke to the customer, Marie Reichelt to gather information and reach a resolution. Based on the available information, there is no indication of a manufacturing defect. Ms. XXXXX also indicated she did not believe there was a manufacturing defect with the popper. She was concerned about the design of the popper. This hot air popper is certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and meets all required safety standards. We will send her a pre-paid shipping label to return the popper to our corporate office in Wisconsin and will refund her for the popper. Please let me know if you require additional information. Kind Regards

I had received a presto kitchen kettle multi-cooker/steamer as a gift for my apt for where I do now reside at. when I had opened the box I had taken everything out that was there an had put it away. thinking everything was there an I had gotten rid of the box. well I wanna say a few wks ago I went to take it out to deep fry. and when I took it out I noticed a few parts missing. I emailed the company and I pretty much got the run around. I gave the model number an everything. and they go oh it a couple yrs ago. I go how can it be if I was given it brand new as a gift an I was told by the person they had just gotten it from a walmart. so how it could be old is beyond me. they couldnt find the receipt. so I figured ok I would contact the company and as stated the only thing they really said was of the one thing saying was the product was a couple yrs old an it wasnt. the only number I have off the product is the stock number which is #

National Presto Industries Response • Dec 04, 2018

Good afternoon, I am writing to let you know of the resolution of this complaint, ID, dated 11/28/18, from ***. His cooker was out of warranty, and he did not have a receipt for purchase. We don’t have any way of determining why he doesn’t have all of the parts for the unit at this time. We do know that there are times when retailers sell items “as is” which usually indicates missing parts, which may have been the case here. We did, however, make an exception for him and agree to place a complimentary order today for the parts he indicated he is missing—email communication string with Mr. included below. Please let me know if you require more information to close this claim. Kind Regards, ***Consumer AdvocateNational Presto Industries, Inc.

Customer Response • Dec 05, 2018
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Hi this is ***. It shows that you needed more info but it wouldnt let me respond. umm as I stated in the complaint that when I had contacted them the first time with this and I gave them the number off the unit that they tried to say it was over 2 yr old an I know it wasnt since it was given to me brand new and I know because the day I got it I saw it with the person that was gonna buy it. an then a couple days later they came an gave it to me. so they had went back to get it. and also that someone from presto got ahold of me and they said they were gonna be sending me a whole new one. and im just waiting on the tracking from ups from them now. so I just wanted to make you aware of this. so if you can email me back that would be much appreciated. thanks.

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Address: 3925 N. Hastings Way, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States, 54703


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