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Nationstar Mortgage

800 State Highway 121 Byp, Lewisville, Texas, United States, 75067

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Escrow increased $600 a month no explanation given now paying $9,700 a year in escrow for the expense of home insurance which is $1,900 a year and taxes which are 2250 can not get an explanation from them and then they add a $887 cushion absolute horrible company to deal with could care less what they do they just feel it's legal to take your money with no explanation

If zero stars was an option they would receive it. I have had 8 mortgages and have NEVER had dealings with a worse company. They do business skirting the law. AVOID THIS SERVICER AT ANY COST!!

This company is hortible/criminal. I don't understand how they rate so high with They took over our mortgage, were impossible to work with. They, THEY messed up an auto payment and because it was messed up (they pulled on the wrong day) I was then denied a modification. Then I asked for a repayment plan because they gave me such a run around on the modification paperwork that I then had a past due amount, they said I qualified for a repayment plan but denied me. They kept telling me my only options were short sale or foreclosure. I finally got a realtor, sold my house at a regular sale, and said get lost to seterus. Everytime I would call I'd get done fake named person. I spoke with "James B" and,"John K" to name a couple. If I'd try to get in touch with the same person because they'd be familiar with the address, I would be told, they don't want to talk to you". Very unprofessional and childish.

We have to send our monthly mortgage payment Return Receipt Requested or overnight mail with a required signature. Before we did this, our payment was never received on time [we mail it on the 26-th of each month] supposedly they wouldn't get it in time, so therefore we would have all these fees.
I think the needs to put Seterus out of business...… they are by far the worst servicer for anything. I also think that the bank or other mortgager should be sued by all those people that were sold out without being offered another bank or finance company!!
We work hard for our money and this no good company tries to take away our home and keep us in an uproar.

Liars and thieves, besides being totally incompetent.

Seterus took over my orig mortgage and its been a nightmare ever since. They call all the time, send tons of form letters, and if you call them you can never talk to anyone that can do anything, they just want more money and they have added so many fees they have run my mortgage way up out of reason! I'm so sick of these people i'm either going to sell or just walk out and give them the place and they can stick it where the sun don't shine! I'm just tired of it out of energy and patience with them and their harassment that never stops! They should not be allowed to do business! Don't ever wish them on anyone!

Applied for a modification because of a hardship and after no response for months I contacted them. Was told the modification was under review no decision was made. I called a few weeks later and was told I needed more documentation. The next day someone posted a notice on my door that my property was up for Sheriff sale. I called them and asked how long they knew that and didn't tell me. They said that is not their job. That is why they pay an attorney. The next thing the person tells me is that I will never be approved for a modification. They claimed they sent me letters in the stating that, even though I had been told over the phone that they were reviewing it. This company is horrible and possibly even doing criminal things. When I contacted my normal bank they recommended that I contact a lawyer because of the shady tactics of this company.

How is the world does this "business" have an A+ status with the Not much trust in the knowing that? The doesn't even have their info correct?

We had this servicer for 7 years. In those 7 years, they lost paperwork, payments, escrow, tax info. Their math is constantly off and their estimates for the coming year are never correct. In the last year, I ended up having to quit work, I was on the phone with them so often it ended up being a second job.

When we were originally sold/handed over to them in 2010 and started having major issues with them right away, our attorney's informed us that our original mortgage was part of that major housing bust in 2007/2008. We were told it was insured for the sole purpose of failing - the bank was profiting on our failure. Unfortunately for us, we could afford our mortgage. That's when they send you to Seterus. This company's sole purpose is to cause you to fail at your mortgage. They don't do anything blatantly illegal, they just "lose" things. Or dance around with your paperwork. I didn't believe the attorney's at first, but after 10 years with them, I whole heartedly believe it! We once spent 4 hours on the phone trying to find a lost payment (it was deducted from our acct by them, they lost the documentation for it). At the end of the 4 hours, they said they would send the paperwork showing the problem. A year later, we still didn't have it, but the IRS was needing another piece they had lost, so when I called, I included the missing paperwork in with what the IRS wanted and amazingly, they had it within days. (So note to others having issues - just tell them the IRS needs the doc and you'll get it ASAP!) Every year they would send out 1098 late, by at least a month. They would tell me I could go online to their website to get it, but their website doesn't work.
If you get sold/sent to this company, do everything you can to get out from under them. They *willcause you to fail - that seems to be their sole purpose.
We managed to finally sell the house. We were one of the lucky ones. The last few months the paperwork were so screwed up, I was spending all day on the phone, or doing paperwork trying to figure out what was going on. And we weren't even behind - we were actually paying over the asked amount every month!

Best tips for keeping your records straight:
Record every phone call with them (there are apps for this)
Email them for every phone call you make to go over what you just discussed, they have to snailmail you back a response. (It won't make any sense even then, but you'll have documentation of their terrible record keeping.)
Don't go paperless - their website doesn't work and they *will"lose" your information.
Check every statement. The whole statement. And make sure it adds up every month.
Contact your insurance co and tax bureau to get the estimates before Seterus has time to screw it up.
And, if all else fails, and they've "lost" your paperwork. Tell them the IRS needs it. You'll get it within days.

We've owned 4 homes. This was the only "servicer"/mortgage co we've ever had issues with.

( - they don't just service the NW, "that house" was in NJ. They aren't a mortgage banker, they're a "servicer/debt collector", something they say every time you call. Your own information is wrong.)

They are NOT in the mortgage business at all! They act more like a collections agency. They do not want you to pay your mortgage, they want you to default so that they can get your house. Calling and talking to anyone there for any reason is nothing more then an exercise in futility, they will give you the runaround and make up ludicrous lies and excuses why they can not help you. It feels like the whole system is set up to convince you to give up, and then they offer an "easy" solution to just sign the house over and "this can all be over." NO one has chosen Seterus as their lender, but instead have had their loan sold without so much as an explanation to a company that, they more then likely they have never heard of, or would have chosen for themselves. If you are with Seterus I would suggest that is a good time to get your finances in order and get out as fast as you can, that is what we are going to do.

seterus is paying my taxes late which is costing me more money every year they increase my so Called Modification. They have the worst web site you cant review your payments. You cant do anything but pay them. I am past my fifth year into the modification and there telling me I wont get my bonus till the sixth anniversary??

I had to file a claim with my home owners insurance company for a pipe that burst in my home which caused water damage. My Insurance Company sent the Claims Check payable to me and Seterus which is fine but they had to countersign it. Mind you the check was for less then $5000.00. So I filed a claim with Seterus's Company QBE First that manages the Escrow Payments for the HOI because I had to send them the Claims Check so they could countersign it. They needed the Adjusters Report and the Contractors Estimate of which I sent with the check to them along with a returned stamped envelope. I sent this information to them in the beginning of October and it is now 2 days before Thanksgiving and still no returned check as QBE said this was an easy process. I keep getting the run around from them with no resolution. This is the most disorganized company. So as we eat our Thanksgiving dinner we will be looking up seeing that there is no ceiling giving Thanks that we at lease have our health and praying that Seterus sells our loan to a more reliable servicer.

My account was sold to Seterus and I've been unhappy with them ever since. My monthly payments go up every year due to their escrow misjudgment on the yearly taxes and insurance. I am in a situation where I can't refinance (long story). I hope some time in the near future my account gets sold off again so I can get away from this company. I hate being their customer.

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Address: 800 State Highway 121 Byp, Lewisville, Texas, United States, 75067


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