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Nationwide Mortgage

San Francisco, California, United States, 94116-2109

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The current economic climate has made refinancing tougher than ever. Thanks to Troy Johnson and his team we were able to navigate the process to completion with a minimum of headaches. Troy's response time is second to none. His attention to detail and customer service...even better. I recommend Nationwide and Troy to anyone looking for personalized care and a dedication to getting the job done. Thanks Troy for all of your efforts on our family's behalf.

Luba Blushtein-D*** gave us amazing service during our Loan process. She went the extra mile all the way. She even challenged the high escrow fees and got us lower fees, when that is not really her part of it!. She is first class in service all the way. I will ONLY use her in the future.

Eimy and Cristina were awesome to work with. We couldn’t be happier. They got it done for us, when others said no.

Rose P
I recently had the pleasure of working with Paul and Cristina at NA Nationwide Mortgage. The process for a loan was smooth and stress free with great communication and explanations throughout. Highly Recommended!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Noelle W and Christina B at Nationwide! I've had the opportunity to work alongside them both on a residential and commercial sale this year and I can tell you that they are both true professionals in the industry. As someone who has been in the real estate industry for over 22 years, I can say that these two ladies are top notch professionals! They display great communication, positive attitudes & both are highly knowledgeable in real estate and lending. If you are working with this team, you are definitely in good hands for your real estate sale/purchase. I would highly recommend them both and I am sure they will take great care of you!!

Wow, these guys bent over backwards to help us. Everything that you would need from a mortgage company. Great service, great loan, low rate and fees.

Our situation was a little complicated. My husband and I are from out of state and we have income from different sources including from other properties.

Unfortunately his credit wasn't very good due to a previous divorce and I had some medical credit issues as well. We just wanted to buy a new home and get a fresh start. We had been to a number of lenders and nobody would approve our loan. Honestly we had almost given up hope.

From the moment we called these guys we knew we were in good hands. Noelle and Cristina walked us through the process step by step. They were so detail oriented and held our hand through the whole thing.

Nice to work with a female business owner for a change, and her team.

There are a lot of mortgage companies out there. Noelle W and Cristina B were very helpful with my transaction.
From the very begining Noelle took my application on a weekend and worked on it right away. She gave me a written quote that was detailed and fair.
Both ladies were great with communication. They were available to take my calls at any time and replyed to my emails promptly.
If you are looking for a mortgage professionals that knows their stuff then speak to Noelle. She's professional, honest and kind. You are in good hands with Nationwide.

This is my fourth loan with Nationwide Mortgage. I recently purchased a home in May of this year. Paul B was my loan officer and he did an outstanding job. He was very patient with me as I searched for homes and kept asking him about different loan scenarios. When I finally found my home and my offer was accepted Paul got to work right away to ensure my loan was able to close on time and that I got the very best deal on my loan! It was a very smooth process and he was very good at following up with me to see if I had any questions and to make sure all paperwork was being completed in a timely manner. Needless to say, my loan even closed a couple days early. I am now in a great home and have a loan that will work for me for a very long time. It is nice to know though if I ever need to refinance that I can always rely on Paul to take good care of me.

Well, we got turned down by a few companies. Had some challenges with our credit due to health issues. I was looking for a hardmoney lender or anyone that could help us with our purchase.

We were referred to Noel and her team. Honestly, I already had just about given up and was exhausted but they took the time to analyze our situation, seemed to really care and helped us get our loan done! So we didn't get a hard money loan but got something better.

Still unpacking our boxes but glad we were able to get this done in time.

Thank you!!

I've been using Lynn *** of Nationwide for almost 20-years. She's accessible, reliable, and honest. I would recommend Ms. to anyone needing an honest company/broker.

On February 7th I place my trust in the hands of Noelle to obtain a mortgage on a house we were closing on in 90 days. She told me not to worry and she would make sure we had an approval. She left me a voice mail stating we would have the approval in 7-10 days. Once we had the approval it may be conditional, but she has never gotten an approval that didn't work out. It was 60 days after we submitted all our information, after phone calls and email asking for an update, we were given a verbal approval, conditional on the appraisal of the house. Another week went by and no appraisal was scheduled. After more phone calls, we were given another verbal approval conditional on the appraisal. Again, no appraisal was scheduled. Then we were informed by Noelle that her loan officer screwed up and they were scrambling to find us another lender. My husband sent an email asking for an explanation and I received a phone call stating Noelle did not like the threats in his email. He did not make any threats, he simply asked what the next step was. When this was brought to Noelle's attention she backtracked and then stated that it was very stressful for our loan officer to look for a loan. She then said she would email me the next step in the plan to obtain a loan....needless to say, I'm still waiting on that email, more than a week later. With the uncertainty of closing on time on our house, which if we didn't close would render us homeless and Noelle was aware of this, we decided to go with another mortgage broker.
If you are looking for a mortgage broker that is easy to communicate with, that returns phone calls and follows up with you, and does not give you empty promises, then I highly recommend you find another mortgage broker!!!

Nationwide Mortgage Response • May 02, 2018

The client is a Realtor® and refers to himself as the Teamleader of *** @ ***. I believe what contributed to this loan getting off on the wrong foot was when he and his wife sold their home before getting a loan approved on their new home. As a Realtor, and Teamleader, I would hope he would not encourage that course of action with his clients.
Regardless, now the pressure was on. At no time did I promise or guarantee that their loan would be approved. In fact, my main issue was that the client kept insisting that I guarantee that his loan WOULD get approved. I have had my company for over 20 years and we have funded over 4 billion in loans, so we know that nothing is guaranteed until it actually funds.
When the client called me he was terribly demanding on the phone. He was insisting that I give him a guarantee, and that I would otherwise be responsible for him being homeless. I kept telling him I couldn’t guarantee anything and that we needed to submit his loan to get an approval. As a Realtor I thought he should know better, or maybe he did. But he kept me on the phone and kept repeating the same points until I had to insist that he let me go. I got off the phone feeling bullied and anxious.
What is so sad is that my staff and I worked so hard to try to help this couple and their family to get in to this home. In general, people need to qualify for a mortgage with income and credit. And we tried to help them in every which way we could. We paid for the credit report, and then paid out of pocket over $200 to do a Rapid Re-score. It did improve their credit and we never asked for them to pay the fee.
The client states in her complaint that there was no proof of her husband's demanding nature but on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 8:12 PM, the client’s husband sent, in an email:
“…Yesterday, I told you I needed a guarantee from your investor that we would be approved if the credit score was above 580. “
So this statement not only is in writing that he was demanding this, it also affirms what he told me on the phone call the day before.
As an employer I feel it’s my duty to protect my staff from disrespectful or abusive clients. So before we were about to submit this loan to a new lender I got on a call with my processor to the client's wife. I tried to convey to her that we would be willing to spend more time to submit her loan but that I would rather the communication be solely between her and my processor rather than having her husband call either of us.
She berated me, and had such a maniacal laughter in response to my concern about her husband that I immediately knew that there was no point. She then started reiterating the same thing about a guarantee and attempted to blame their impending homelessness on us. Honestly, I have never felt so concerned by an immediate change in character, than I did at that moment.
But she was right, I said I would get back to her and I didn’t. At the time I was not sure how to say that I thought her and her husband where bullies and no loan was worth the abuse to my staff and I. For that I apologize.
I am not perfect. We tried so hard and in good faith to get this loan for these clients. After funding 4 Billion in loans it’s not just about the compensation. There are many times we will take on loans that other lenders probably feel are too much trouble or virtually profitless, just to give back.
So after all this, what will I do differently in the future? People have choices in their behavior every day, all day. You can choose to be kind and responsible or you can choose otherwise. I still believe in the goodness of people and will continue to be committed to providing mortgage services with as much honesty and integrity as I can. As a company I believe our whole team has the desire to help all clients with their mortgage needs the best they can, and to help our clients achieve one of the great American Dreams of home ownership.

Outstanding customer service Greg was awesome I was able to secure a great VA Loan. Highly recommended.

I was very impressed with the service that Nationwide Mortgage provided. Manuel *** was very helpful and kept me updated with the latest information as my VA refinance loan was being processed. I look forward to working with Nationwide Mortgage again on the next opportunity to refinance to an even lower rate. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to customer service.

Upon further review and subsequent conversations with NA Nationwide Mortgage, the issues I previously expressed were unavoidable. Nationwide did everything in an extremely professional manner and lead to a seamless re-finance process. Their rates and costs were extremely reasonable and well below competitive lenders. Thank you for your services.

I recently refinanced my VA mortgage and Ryan *** was extremely helpful. I looked at several companies before choosing Nationwide Mortgage. All the other companies had hidden fees and charges that kept popping up. Ryan was up front and honest from the very beginning detailing all the fees that I could expect. I would recommend Ryan to anyone considering a mortgage. He is extremely helpful through the entire process.

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