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I have nothing but the best to say about Nature Stone. The people that I dealt with where the most honest kind people.I have to comend the 2 guys that laid the stone around my pool. Isaías and Derrick.Such great workmenship. They could not please you enough. Great guys. If you would ask me how was it with Nature Stone well I only have one word and that is GREAT.I would recommend them 1000times Al and Alice Caruso

Tired of waiting for some one to come call set up appointment, to finish my job.
On October 23 of 2019 men came out did my job, it rained on Saturday when the worker came out to take the wood away he could not do anything, but have not seen or heard from anyone because of the rain said he would put the topcoat on. Wanted the 2 sides of the porch finished and one of the steps need to be fixed. Thank u. Waiting to hear from someone. Barbara Slaterback [email protected] 12 882 3754

Very unhappy customer
My husband and I recently purchased our nature stone garage floor. We were told it would take two days. One day to do the installation and second day to do the top coat. They did the installation on March 30th 2020. When they were done for the day, they wanted to collect a check for the reduced remaining balance. We specifically asked, has it been sealed, because we were told this is was a two day process. Our installer said yes everything is done. Wait for this number of time to put back your smaller items and then a week to put in your cars. Which we waited longer for both. We have a lot of shelving, refrigerator and a whole back wall of tool chest with electric tools on them. Obviously LOTS of stuff to move. A month later we got a call that said they are coming over tomorrow at 1:30 to do our top coat. We called first thing in the morning and my husband talked to someone and no one returned the call. Then I called an asked for a manager. I told him my story and he said he would check into it and call me back. He never did. In the meantime, the person showed up to put the top coat on. Obviously we did not let him. He said, I can just blow it out and do the center if you want and then return some other time and do the edges. REALLY! You pay the price for this kind of a product and you want a half as job! First of all if the job was not done they should not have taken our money. Secondly they downright lied! I don’t like that in a company! I will tell everyone I know. I am sure that should cost them some business. Now my husband and I have to remove everything again from our garage to have this done and we are not happy! We are not that young. It’s not easy. We will never recommend this company to anyone!

I am a returning customer from last year, got my garage, front porch & front sidewalk completed. No issues, very happy with Chris's work. Contracted them in April 2019 to get our other garage done plus our back sidewalk. On April 28th, scheduled to come between 9 & 10 o'clock. I called to see if they were coming, was told that they were running late from the day before. The 3 guys came at 10:30 & were inexperienced & it took them 7 1/2 hrs. to do just the garage. Beth Anros showed up in the afternoon to check on the guys. Her husband & she ended up doing the forms for the sidewalk. She said if the guys had time they would come back the next day to finish the sidewalk, otherwise they would do it on Sunday if we were at home. There went our plans. She called the next morning to say the guys wouldn't make it because they WERE running late AGAIN. Well, the floor looked okay, Brian came the very next day to top coat it. It was two days later that we were able to check out the new floor. These bands of light color were running across the one section into the next & it swirled down. The dark color was tacky, but the light colors were bone dry. So when Tony called later a couple of days later, my husband told him about the floor & he said he would have Brian go over it again when he did the sidewalk. On Sunday, no phone calls, I didn't know if it would be a no show or what. At 12:30, Beth showed up & said the guys would be there in about 45 minutes. In the meanwhile, my husband showed her the garage & she just said that it sometimes happen. That's bs, because a contractor friend told me that it sounded like these guys didn't get proper mixture on that batch. They were trying to hurry & they didn't like the idea of working on Sunday, so I believe they messed up & Nature Stone is hiding behind the clause that they aren't responsible for discoloration in the stones. I can't prove that their guys are at fault, but Nature Stone can't prove that they weren't. Beth, her husband & a guy named Jermaine did the sidewalk & we're completely happy with that. But when Brian came back to top the sidewalk, he, also, had to sand the light color bands in the garage. It didn't make a difference in the looks, so I waited until the May 14th & I called Sonny Masetta since he was our salesman & I told him that we weren't happy with the garage & didn't know who else to call. He was very sweet & told me to call Josh Richardson at the 800 number & explain to him about the problem we're having & to tell him that Sonny told me to call. He said that Josh would send somebody out to look at the garage. So I called him immediately & spoke to Joann who said that Josh was in a meeting & she took all of my personal information down, including the part about Sonny telling me to call him. Well there was no call back. So I called the next morning & this time I got his voice mail, again I gave him all of the same info as I gave to Joann. Today it's been a week, no phone calls. It's like I don't matter, we got your money, so we're done with you. Yeah, you got my money, over all we spent over $21,000.00 with Nature Stone & you think that I will be treated like nothing. If I don't get some kind of satisfying answers soon, I will go to the next level.

We had the Nature Stone floor put in our basement on 8/16/2018 and the finish coat done on 8/17. We saw a very noticeable flaw in the floor on 8/19 and called Nature Stone on 8/20. Nature Stone did not return the call, so we called again on 8/21 and were told that the repair would be scheduled. We didn't hear from them during the week and called again on 8/24. We were told that the repair would be done and I requested a confirmation call by the end of the day. That did not occur, so I called again on 8/27. I was told that the repair was going to be done out of the Cleveland office due to the backlog in Pittsburgh. I again asked for a confirmation call with a schedule date by the end of the day. It is now the end of the day on 8/28 and I still have not heard from them to schedule the repair. Maybe this posting will get a response? Don Osterwise

We had nature stone installed on our porch and walk several years ago. We were told by the salesman that the flooring would require resealing every couple of years. We have had to reseal the surface every year. One year after installation we called to complain about the appearance of the stone and a technician came out inspected the surface and said it only needed resealing, which service technicians performed. The following year the stone turned white and we again called and where instructed that this is a normal occurrence and the stone only needed to be resealed. Every year the white discoloration comes back and looks awful. Two years ago after multiple phone calls another service representative came out to look at the floor and nature stone technician s pressure washed the surface with heat and resealed. The following year again the stone turned white and we gave up calling and complaining because no one returned our calls. This year I called again because the stone is white and they sent out another service technician. His solution was to apply acetone to the stone and reseal it. We were told at this point that this is what happens to the stone when it is exposed to the sun. He stated some stone is worse than others. This was never told to us when we purchased the product or we would have chosen a different type of stone. I plan on posting a large sign in my yard warning people against using this product outside. I have basically purchased a yearly headache that looks horrible.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.First, as far as the customer's claims regarding the job we performed for the customer in 2005, I cannot speak to any of it.  The job took place over 11 years ago and none of the customer's claims are documented or have any...

merit.  I can only go by our records, which do not support any of the customer's claims pertaining to the job we performed for the customer in 2005.After reviewing the rest of the complaint, I have determined that our sales manager made an oversight that I wish to apologize to the customer for.  Unfortunately, when the customer visited us recently, our service manager was unavailable and the customer instead spoke to our sales manager.  Since our sales manager is not familiar with our service contracts, he pulled the customer's file and found that his original warranty had expired.  The only other contracts in the customer's file were service agreements that carry no warranty, extended or otherwise.  Our sales manager attempted to explain this to the customer to the best of his ability and also offered to have our service manager contact the customer when he returned to assist the customer further.  Since our service manager is out-of-town until next week, our sales manager told the customer to expect to hear from our service manager on Monday.  For reasons unknown, the customer became irate and began threatening legal action against us.  He then left the premises.Since the job was reinstalled at the customer's expense in 2013, the customer should have received a warranty at that time.  Our sales manager made an oversight in his review of the customer's file, which is why he preferred to have the customer speak to our service manager upon his return.  Obviously, the customer was unwilling to wait until Monday.The warranty for all outdoor jobs in 2013, was 1-year labor and 10-years material.  This is also the same warranty that we provide today for all outdoor jobs.  As such, the customer's labor warranty has expired, but his material warranty is in effect until July 13, 2020.  The warranty does not include the cost of shipping.Since the customer and the job are literally 5 minutes from our office, the customer is more than welcome to stop by at his convenience to pick up the material.Again, I apologize for the oversight made by our sales manager.

After a second through review of our records, we can find no labor warranty for this person.  She is requesting the company to fix a crack in her floor under what she claims is a lifetime labor warranty.  However, we have no record of such a labor warranty for this person. If this person...

has any documentation to the contrary, please have her forward the documentation to the company and we will be happy to revisit this matter.  However, at this point we do not believe that this person is a customer of the company with any labor warranty.

At no fault of the company, the customer began experiencing issues with his floor.  The company inspected the floor and informed the customer that the best option available to correct those issues was to replace his floor.  The customer understood the company’s position and agreed to have...

a sales representative provide him with a quote to replace his floor.  Regrettably, at no fault of the customer, the sales department never followed up with the customer. Upon receiving the complaint, the customer was immediately contacted, a sales representative was sent out and the customer purchased a new floor.  It is unacceptable that the sales department did not immediately contact the customer and appropriate action has been taken.  Nonetheless, the customer is happy with his purchase of a new NATURE STONE® floor.

Customer had a NATURE STONE® floor installed.   He called and explained that the stones in his floor were lose and popping up.  Based on the customer’s statements, the customer service representative immediately scheduled to have the customer’s entire floor inspected. Upon...

inspection it was determined that a few “kicker stones” were left on top of the customer’s floor which sometimes occurs during installation.  These stones are not part of the floor, but rather are a byproduct of the installation process such that a few stones may be left on the surface of the floor during the hand troweling process. These stones then become lose as people walk on the floor and “kick” these stones with their feet.  Hence, the term “kicker stones.”  These stones do not affect the integrity of the floor, are not part of the floor and could have very easily been swept away by a broom or vacuum. The service technician inspected the floor on his hands and knees and removed these few pebbles. All of this was explained to the customer by the technician. After talking to the technician it is clear that the customer is not upset with the quality of the floor.  The customer’s sole complaint is that he had to remove all the furniture from the room and replace it back into the room. However, there is no other way an entire floor can be inspected.  The movement of furniture is not covered under the warranty.  We would have been happy to move the furniture for the customer, but he would have been charged for this service at our usual and customary rates.  At this point, there is nothing more we can do for this customer.  If the customer still wishes us to move any furniture, please have the customer call us and we will be happy to provide the customer with a quote.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The company is claiming that I am not being truthful about my complaint.  I believe the company misunderstands the order of events.  I had notified the installers of the problem area before they had installed the product.  As I mentioned, I was told there would be no problem and they proceeded with installation.  After installation, I sent a letter on 11/15/15 regarding the problem area and I received NO RESPONSE from the company then regarding what I could do about the problem and if they would be willing to re-stone the area if I had the plumbing under it was fixed.  In effect, they ignored my plea.  On 6/29/17, I sent another email regarding the matter because I had a plumber come out to assess the issue of a cracked pipe under the floor.   I tried calling BEFORE this email, but was told that I could not speak with a manager to discuss the matter.  Instead, I was given a date and time to look at the problem area.  I got the impression from the person handling the call that the appointment was being made for a new sale.  Nothing was discussed about a warranty during this call.  This prompted me to send the email on 6/29/17.  After I received no response to that email this prompted me to create the complaint.  I believe I am being fair in what I am asking for.  The plumber is cutting a 3X3 hole to fix the pipe.  After this is done, I want Nature Stone to re-stone the 3X3 area and then provide a cleaning where it is stained.  I don't believe this is too much to ask for and I am 100% disappointed in how I am being treated about the matter.    

I did speak to the consumer.  I have a recording of that conversation that I am more than happy to share with the  What the consumer has written to this point is, unfortunately, not accurate.  Our installation manager did call the consumer and scheduled to meet with the consumer tomorrow at 2pm to review the installation.  Again, the installation was done nearly a year ago and this is the first we have heard from the consumer that there was an issue.  Immediately upon hearing there was an issue, we dispatched a service technician and addressed the issue with the consumer.  It was only after the issue was resolved that the consumer decided to contact the because we would not move the consumer's furniture without payment.  Nevertheless, our installation manger will review the consumers installation with the consumer tomorrow and hopefully put an end to this situation.  I also fail to see how this is a matter as there is no dispute and the only settlement desired by the consumer was to remove the loose stones, which we did prior to the consumer's complaint, and to move the consumer's furniture, which we would be glad to do at our usual and customary pricing.Very truly yours,Michael A. M[redacted]Vice President/CEO

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Seems that Nature Stone representatives don't recall details of conversations and consumers must make sure ALL their words appear on a legal document.  Just because they acknowledge you during discussions doesn't mean you are going to get what you asked for.  The tackiness was brought to their attention at the start of job 2 and they agreed it seemed the first part of the job was not dried.  They thought that nearest the walls was still tacky which is exactly where you walk when cars are in the garage.  I had a piece of cardboard that when laid on the floor stuck.  All they said was that nothing in my garage would hurt the floor but at that point I had not been walking on it regularly to realize the sealer would stick to our shoes.  I have time stamped video I'd be happy to post.  The only reason I agreed to let Nature Stone finish my garage floor was that it looked stupid half done and was dangerous because it was no longer level in the center.  They only offered to pull up the part they weren't supposed to cover IF I signed another legal document alleviating them of any responsibility to further damages, which they said their would be.  Sounds like backing a customer into a corner to me.  I still have the original contract written by the sales rep.  It is amazing to me that even after seeing the original he is unwilling to admit that he did not do his due dilligence for his customer.  And telling me the sealer would be able to be walked on after 24 hours sure seems like another misrepresentation by this sales rep can .  I unfortunately am backed into another corner.  I need Nature Stone to tell me why this floor is not dry.  Anyone but the original sales rep can make contact for an inspection.

What the customer refers to as a contract, was a proposal left with the customer on January 19, 2018. This proposal is unsigned and does not control her sale. The sales representative visited with the customer on two occasions, the first occasion was on January 19, 2018 in which the customer did not enter into any contract at that time.  The sales representative then visited with the customer a second time on February 2, 2018. During the second visit, the sales representative wrote a new document, thoroughly went over the document with the customer and the customer signed the document.  The February 2, 2018 document became the customer’s contract.  The February 2, 2018 document controls the sale. The document clearly states: “stay inside of the garage door.” At no time during the second presentation was it ever mentioned to the sales representative that the customer desired something other than what she agreed to and signed.  She admitted this to the sales representative and the production manager at their meeting after the first part of the installation was completed. When the crew leader arrived on the job for the first part of the installation, he attempted to go over the scope of the work with the customer.  He explained to the customer that they were going to install NATURE STONE® to the garage door.  However, the customer seemed disinterested in his explanation and instead walking the garage floor with the crew leader, she stood at the doorway to the garage until the crew leader was finished. Nonetheless, the company was willing, at no cost and expense to the customer, to remove the small area of stone being requested.  However, the company requested the customer to acknowledge that during the removal process, the customer’s concrete may be marked up.  The customer chose not to have the stone removed. She communicated this in an email to her sales representative. As far as tackiness, once again, both the sales representative and production manager did not feel any tackiness.  After that meeting, the customer NEVER contacted the company concerning the tackiness. If she did, we would have responded and resolved the issue. The installation was completed on February 15, 2018.  One would have anticipated that the customer would have contacted the company first to resolve this issue rather than waiting almost over a month and then filing a complaint without ever contacting the company.  Once again, if the floor is tacky, the company will resolve this issue.
Andrew inspected the floor and removed the loose stones and kickers.  I thank Nature Stone for sending him. This is in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

The customer contracted with us on March 26, 2016.  The customer's 3-day rescission period ended at midnight on March 30, 2016.  On May 12, 2016, a full 43 days past the customer's rescission period, the customer called us looking to cancel their contracted and receive a full refund of...

their deposit.  It is company policy that we do not require deposits, so any deposit money provided by the customer was done so at their sole discretion.  Since the customer was a full 43 days past the rescission period, they were advised that we would be happy to consider their cancellation request, but needed to speak with management about refunding their deposit.  Since that time, we have made several attempts to contact this customer to discuss their cancellation request, but the customer has made themselves unavailable.In most cases, we are more than happy to honor a customer's cancellation request beyond the rescission period.  However, we do take measures to ensure that the company is protected should such a request be made.  Typically, we ask the customer to provide some proof of financial hardship, health issue or other legitimate reason for the cancellation and deposit refund.  When such proof has been provided in the past, we have always honored the cancellation request and refunded any deposit monies.  In this case, since the customer has made themselves unavailable to speak to us, we have no way of confirming the legitimacy of the cancellation request and reason for the deposit refund.Please feel free to advise the customer to provide us with something in writing stating the reason for their cancellation request, as well as some proof to support the legitimacy of their request and we will be more than happy to give it every consideration.  Should we determine that their reason to cancel is legitimate, we will cancel their contract and refund their deposit.

Here are the requested documents with text highlighted.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Of course a company will throw what you signed in your face to shut you down, shut you up.  This is a typical tactic they use to cover their as.  Gone are the good old days when the customer was always right and when companies wouldn't dictate to them, throwing their weight around, and pushing the customer into a corner.  I have had their worker over to look at the floor and give me an estimate to fill it.  I have reluctantly accepted the offer to fill it for the $500 cost they quoted me to do it.  I do not though accept the resolution of this case and will not, ever.  I have instead reported them on Yelp, and am telling all my friends to not do business with them.  That will hurt them more than the $500 they could have had as a loss to take care of this.  I am done with Nature Stone, I will never do business with them again.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  I did go and pick up the topcoat. However, the Nature Stone office manager, Cherie, was very cold.  She told me that her "office counsel advised me that this was a one-time only deal".  I explained that my new product has a warrantee until 2020.  It was just put on less than three years ago.  On the back of my product "pick up" receipt, she wrote, "last time", which I questioned.  She said that it was nothing.  I do NOT trust this person.  Also, I want you to know that I did not storm out of the office at all on Thursday, as John R[redacted] stated.  The Nature Stone Sales Manager also never told me that he would refer me to the Service Manager at all.  In fact, I thought I was speaking to the Service Manager because that is who I requested to speak to.  As he spoke to me about contracts and expired contracts, I explained that this was incorrect and that I would hate to have to contact the for help.  He immediately said that he had "counsel" on hand for people like me.  He said that he would have his"counsel" contact me the next day, Friday, June 3rd.  I was never told about Monday that the Service Manager would contact me as stated in the Nature Stone response. In fact, I only knew that John R[redacted]'s was the SALES manager after he went inside to get his business card and passed it to me through the glass hole opening to the entrance hallway.  Then, he immediately walked away leaving me standing there.  Then, I left.  I did not storm out.  I was not impatient to wait till Monday.  I went home and contacted help.
[redacted]. [redacted]

The customer purchased Nature Stone for her porch area in 2009.  The customer then purchased Nature Stone for her patio and stoop areas in 2012.  The customer did NOT purchase Nature Stone in 2016, as the information she provided to the suggests, and we have no...

record of any purchase made by the customer since 2012.  Additionally, service has always been provided to the customer at no charge.The customer applied a DIY topcoat to her areas in 2015.  The patio area experienced an issue.  We have been in constant communication with the customer since then in an effort to resolve the issue.  It has been a trying process because we did not perform the topcoat, there are multiple layers of topcoat that were applied unnecessarily and have to be removed, and the customer is difficult to reach by phone and has no voicemail or answering machine to leave a message on.  Just yesterday, we attempted to call the customer at 10:13am (several hours before receiving this complaint) hoping to reach her on a Sunday, but she did not answer and we could not leave a message.  We then tried to call her again a little later in the day at 6:01pm, but were met with the same result.We take seriously any dissatisfaction that a customer might have with our company or product, even if we did nothing to cause the dissatisfaction.  Our mission is to satisfy each and every one of our more than 50,000 customers and we make a written promise to our customers to go above and beyond to ensure their full satisfaction.  It is our belief that this instance is no different and we will continue to work with this customer to help her fix the issue with her patio area.

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