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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/03/17) */ Since it has been months since MrGoshorn purchased his used Ravthe details to his transaction are somewhat sketchyWhen MrGoshorn's battery went bad several months after his purchase we did offer to pay half the cost of a new battery The battery was checked out before being sold and checked out fine at that timeWhen MrGoshorn called inquiring about his tool kit he was asked if he checked all the compartments and he said noHe was to do so and call back which apparently never happenedWe sent a kit to him this morning and he has been notified via phoneAll new cars are delivered with a new ful tank of fuel and all used cars with gallons of gasIf MrGoshorn wants I would be happy to fill his tank with the other half in an effort to satisfy him Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/03/19) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) The response from Reliable [redacted] was indeed somewhat sketchyThe salesman called the day after we brought the RavhomeHe asked if everything was well and I told him I couldn't find the tool kitMy wife drove the Ravto work and I told him I would search the vehicle when she got home and call him backI didn't find the kit and called the salesman the next dayMy call went to voicemailI said I couldn't find the tool kit and asked him to call backI never got a callThe response I received from Reliable is meaningless since my complaint filed with Reliable and [redacted] was long after this initial contactI also had the battery checkedIt was checked at [redacted] when I purchased a new batteryIt failed their requirement for a good batteryThey require a reading of cranking amps and the Ravbattery wasn't even closeNow for the offer to pay half the cost for a new [redacted] batteryI was told that I had to pay Reliable [redacted] $ [redacted] to settle the claimIf I didn't agree to this half the cost offer I would not receive anythingTo prove this look at what has happened since the claimDespite several months and another call to [redacted] Customer Relations, I haven't received anything until this complaint to the***Not even a phone callIf it is Reliable [redacted] 's policy to only provide half a tank of gas with used cars, why did we have a hang tag stating the Ravshould have a full tank? How would I even know this since I was never there before? Dealerships make an effort to spruce up the vehicles they want to sell as CertifiedThe Ravhad new tires even though it only had 32,--- milesTires go 40,or more unless they are damagedNew tires add value in the customer's mind so new tires are put onThe engine compartment is steam cleaned to look new even though in our case, the battery was Original Equipment, years old and worn outMy wife said the engine was cranking slow for some time before we had to replace the batteryThe fact that the battery was OE was never disputed by the DealershipThey said it was checkedI don't know how they checked the battery; maybe by starting the vehicle when the temperature was in August? If these responses are being monitored by the***, I am making a request that they be publicly posted on the [redacted] website so that people can see that they should choose their car dealers carefully and that a Certified Used Vehicle isn't always what one might expectAlso, one shouldn't expect [redacted] to intervene in a dispute with the dealershipAs I was told by Reliable [redacted] 's Customer Relation's Manager; [redacted] can't wake us do anything! Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/03/20) */ A tool kit was sent out to MrGoshorn days agoThe battery is not a covered warranty item even under [redacted] certificationAs a matter of goodwill we offered to cover half the costI am sorry that MrGoshorn did not feel that was adequatePrior to this complaint I was unaware of MrGoshorn's dissatisfaction

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/10/21) */ My service manager [redacted] tried to reach out to Ms [redacted] but the contact numbers we had all said the phone was disconnected or not in working order [redacted] was able to contact Ms [redacted] via email and they are working on getting her in at a convenient time for her to get her recalls completedShe has open recalls, one to add smart stop technology at no charge, the other for a part on her rear lower suspension and the last for a cable that was on backorder until recentlyMs***'s concern should be addressed in short order once she makes it in for us to perform the repairsWe aplogize for any miscommunication or if we failed to contact her

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/03/24) */ Mr & Mrs Horvatis was quoted a $ [redacted] discount on an ordered BMWTheir trade in was appraised for $ [redacted] and the discount quoted was added to the wholesale trade value showing a trade allowance of $ [redacted] MrHorvatis apparently assumed that he should get $ [redacted] plus another $ [redacted] discountTHe BMW Manager explained to Mr& Mrs Horvatis that the discount and trade value were combined to show the MSRP less the trade allowance for a total trade differenceThey agreed to disagree and they did not order the vehicleThe wholesale value of their trade in seems to be the dispute since we did offer the $ [redacted] disoount as we agreed to [redacted]

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