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402 - 67 Mowat Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6K 3E3

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• May 04, 2021

flushed #Netlive
worst horse and pony show in the world..Total scammers and now don't answer phones or message emails etc . they took my money twice refused to refund .First round they sent us a sim card actually two as I was billed twice but only one receipt with digital signature .Then I noticed something odd , when my wife called my non Netlive phone it showed the number ( ours in SW Ontario) to be calling from Quebec ? somehow they set it up two users on one sim ..But apparently my error ? They were to send a replacement sim and forgot ... how convenient Trevor the supposed owner is a useless dick. . Then no service and an nsf charge applied to a charge card I cancelled until they fixed the issue which Trevor knew about .Straighten that out and he ( Trevor) offer free service for a month acknowledging it was their issue . When our free month passed we paid up an additional month and it was okay .Went to pay our April bill and these that NSf charge again , called taken off ,then out of the blue mid late April no phone service .I'm hoping were closed down .

• Feb 04, 2021

I feel this company is a complete scam...
Oh so they are a legit company however they will ding you in the beginning they will hit you with a upfront fee of $150 that includes the first month bill then tack on the $40 activation fee $25 for the sim card that you have to get a new one from them if you don't want a Toronto number that they send out as default as so they told me and if you do take that number change they spend you the chip saying it won't cost you anything but you get this bill saying they charged you $164 to renew your order and they send you every week bills of $25 that they can't even explain.
Thus company has hit me for $700 in 2 months and before it got to that I have been trying to get ahold of them to cancel my service and they actually have blocked me from contacting the company so I'm forced to get a new visa debit because that's how they keep taking money from me. I'm the fool for not doing that earlier but I wouldn't recommend net live to my worst enemy they scam people for all they can.

• Jan 11, 2021

If this is a legitimate company it has to be the worst managed company I've ever dealt with.
First of all I signed up for a phone plan $0 up front. Then I figured I may as well get a phone that said it was $0 up front as well. I went ahead and signed the contract and as soon as I was finished all of a sudden the phone cost was $50 up front.
I didn't pay the $50 right away but then I received an email saying my SIM card was on its way. So I figured I may as well pay the $50 and get the phone too. I paid the $50 then all of a sudden I'm receiving emails saying I owe them $130 more before they will send the phone or SIM card.
That's about the time I realized I was an i[censored] for sending in the $50 in the first place.
Had multiple emails back and forth with them all of them very unprofessional on their end and mine as well but considering the circumstances why would I be polite to them.
Today I received an email from them threatening to charge me for possession of stolen property.
Yet they know they haven't sent me anything.
They're trying to charge me $39 NSF fees for every time they try to take a payment from me which is about 10 times now.
As the emails continue the grammar and English has been getting worse and worse as if either the person writing it is getting pissed off at me or English is not their first language.
I'm going to go with both because as I said I have not been nice.
This company has to be a scam.
No legitimate company talks to their customers like that.
I've reported them to Visa and they're launching an investigation into legitimacy of their company.
I've also attached a picture of the email I received today them threatening to charge me for possession of stolen property that they never even sent me.
Don't hold your breath on getting anything from these clowns.
Put stop payments on them and cut your losses. Report them to your credit card companies.

• Jan 11, 2021

How many people work there?
I am getting a little concerned. Every time I call their number, it goes to voicemail and says to leave your name and number. No one is calling me back. I also left an email that has not been answered. they have already taken out the first month of billing and I need to change my order, seems impossible to get a hold of anyone. Online it is not possible to change your order either. Very frustrating and I hope I didn't just lose over a hundred bucks.

• Jan 11, 2021

Dude. I lost over $100 to these clowns too. And they haven't sent me [censored].
Now they're threatening to call the cops saying I'm on possession of stolen property lol.
If it's a legit company it's the s[censored] company in existence.
I signed up for a contract that said $0 up front. They even sent me an email saying my sim card was sent out.
Now all of a sudden they want $50 before they will send me anything. Then another $130.
I told them to kick rocks and now they're threatening me. Lol.
No legitimate company acts like these clowns do.
They can't even write in proper English.
It's a scam.
Cut your losses.
Report them to your credit card company.

• Jul 29, 2020

$20 for a SIM card and $45 dollar activation fee (that most every company waves if ordered online) no coverage map available anywhere.

They say they use other providers "coverage" but which one? ***? ***? ***? Do you
Have a choice? Does every customer use the same provider?

Too many unanswered questions, they need to know everything about your life when applying including how many squares of toilet paper you use after your done.

Netlive Response time Aug 13, 2020

Thank you for the review, we notice that you are not a current or past customer of NetLIVE, but we would more than welcome you to become one. Net Live is a savings club that guarantees our members the lowest prices on the top telecommunication brands for todays technology needs. Join us today! As identified on their website, they use *** and *** Networks across Canada to facilitate the best coverage possible to 95% of the Canadian population. We are licensed through the CRTC, and as with any other company, a credit check is required to facilitate distribution of their services. I would recommend checking out the great savings that are offered and any questions please contact at 1-833-NETLIVE (***) and they would be happy to answer any questions you have about their products and services. [By the way it is 6 pieces of toilet paper lol]

• Apr 20, 2021

If you happen to actually owe them expect them to charge your payment like 80 times plus 80 emails in one day lol. If you try and mark it as spam that doesn't work neither. Finally had to make an inbound rule in my firewall using an elaborate Powershell cmdlet against its server IP and its entire block of addresses to make it stop. Good riddance.

• Jan 11, 2021

This is what you say to people after they catch on to your scam.
Knowing very well you never sent them s[censored].

I did not feel comfortable with how my order was handled. The guy you talk to sounds like he doesn't really know how anything is done. He messed up my address three times for the delivery address. His demeanor over the phone was not professional at all. I felt like I was talking to some guy in his garage. The CSR "john" referred to other representatives, but its been him I've talked to the last three times I called. I already paid for the phones and the Monthly plan a week ago. I didn't hear nothing for a week, but that whole week before I made a payment reminders were sent to me every one of those days. That's what I went through. Now my girlfriend decided to order a phone for our daughter. Everything went through, and than all of a sudden the phone that she asked for shot up to 1038.00 in pricing from a two hundred something pricing that was sent earlier. She sent the money for the first amount they had set for her. She didn't pay it , and now Jan 24/2020 it said her order was good and no further payment was needed. So I'm hoping its just the company is early in its development and need to work out the kinks , but I'm really worried me and my girlfriend made a big mistake. The CSR "john" actually called me back to confirm the address again after I told him how many times. Right after I had called and talked to him and repeated my address how many times already.

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Address: 402 - 67 Mowat Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6K 3E3


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