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I am rejecting this response because:
The side is not safe it does not go straight from the house and if I walk straight I fall off Also it has a five inch edge as if walking on a cement plank I fell twiceThe first time it was a tendon ligament issue and they still refused to
fix it and then I fell and it's broke I challenge them to have such a sidewalk at there home This is dangerous and it's been proven They have my medical records and have not submitted them They were filled out in Oct I am being refused medical treatment by my physicians office and this is so unnecessary Incompetent and I believe the management company need to move onThey are not serving us This is acceptable in this line of workThey should ashamed of there workI also been called a liter about where I fell and the garbage man saw me as I went tho take the garbage outThis is extremely unprofessional also I pay my dues This is not the treatment I should be paying for I pay there wages

Thank you for the opportunity to reply. Our records indicate Ms*** moved in to her home in November 2011. The Management Company records do not reflect any fees, other than the required monthly Association fees, were posted to her account until the first pet violation on June 21,
This fine ($25) was for not picking up pet droppings as required by the association. This fine was later waived by the Board as well as the corresponding late fees ($25/ea)The Governing Documents of the Association require home owners with pets “to clean up droppings immediately.” The Management Company, on behalf of the Board, inspects the property on behalf of all the association Home Owners. The Property Manager may give verbal communication to a home owner regarding pet feces not cleaned up immediately prior to a violation letter in hope to resolve the issue prior to assessing feesTwo such violations have been assessed to date, one noted above was waived. The most recent dog waste violation letter was sent to the home owner February 16, 2017. A late fee for failure to pay the fine was assessed on April 25, 2017. Photos of the lawn damage and emails to the home owner about this concern from the Management Company are available upon request. The Association installed new siding in In 2013, the Association heard from Ms*** regarding her siding concerns. A licensed contractor was contacted and the repairs were made in a timely mannerThe driveway apron seam (photos available upon request) was addressed and repaired to protect the home owners’ foundation. The Association has since noted there is a crack between the driveway and garage floor, in addition to the apron seam, that is scheduled to be repaired in order to further protect the garage floor and foundation of the homeThe Management Company shows several emails making an attempt to meet personally with Ms*** to address any additional required maintenanceNo such meeting has taken place to dateThe Association Board sends out a Newsletter to every home owner prior to any Board meeting in which all meeting times and places are provided. All home owners are welcome to attend any Board meeting. The next Association Board meeting is May 30, at 7:pm at the Management Company officeThe Board is happy to hear from Ms*** and providing a Request for Hearing giving her the opportunity to be heard at this meetingAfter such meeting the Board will provide a written decision, regarding the waiving of the $violation and $late fee, within days of the date of the meetingThe Board and the supporting Management Company always make every effort to make repairs in a timely manner in order to mitigate any further concerns to home owners

Dear Mr*** Re: *** *** - ID: ***Thank you for the opportunity to reply regarding our service to Mr***The Association and the Management Company can sympathize with the frustration of having mice in or near one’s home. In June of 2017, the property manager
responded to Mr***’s request to have his garage door inspected as he was concerned that mice were getting into his garageThe manager went to the home and inspected the garage finding the left side of the garage door stop needed to be replacedA work order was submitted that same dayIn addition, the Association replaced an outside vent and an opening on the AC hose going to the house as well. Inspections of this unit continued through September of Mr*** called an exterminator last spring and was provided a professional opinion and servicesIt was shared with the Association and Management Company that the exterminator could not guarantee that after their service was administered mice would never come backWith the exterminator’s professional inspection of the unit and the property managers’ additional inspection, the association is unaware of any additional holes or spaces to addressThe management company also provides an annual exterior inspection of each unit in the association as part of their ongoing maintenance planThe property manager suggested that Mr*** ask his neighbors if they are having a concern about miceThe property management company has not heard from any other neighbors about a concern with miceThe association manager contacted the closest neighbors with a shared wall and they were not aware of any mice in their homeThe Management Company, on behalf of the Association will continue to monitor and inspect the exterior of each unit in the Association in order to maintain the property to the best of their ability and as directed by the Association’s governing documentsRespectfully submitted, Network Management Co

I am rejecting this response because: This is very frustrating and extremely maddening. Whether or not anyone else in the four home complex has experienced mice problems or not is immaterial. I have already, as noted, called and hired an exterminator. Their conclusions are that the mice are ---not--- getting in through the garage period. They are, however, getting into the home via the common wall between and 15039. I have put up with this problem for two plus years and I'm fed up. I find it very difficult to believe that, since the association is responsible for the exterior maintenance of the building that this type of situation is not covered by their by-laws period. What makes this even more frustrating is that in the event that I put this miserable place up for sale, everything wrong with it must be disclosed, and who in the world is going to purchase a home that has mice? I cannot express my total frustration with the management company and it's lack taking steps to solve this problem. There have been other incidents with mice getting into other properties. I have that on good authority from a person who use to be a member of the board for Network Management. I am very very angry and extremely disappointed

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/03/11) */
See attachment for response to the claim
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2016/03/15) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Said responses were NOT sent out to us and not received for
statement of accounts 1-1-to 12-31-and the February 18th letter, they are lying in our mindsOther wise we would have respondedthese people are clearly taking advantage of a situation because they have power to do so right or wrong
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2016/03/22) */
All requested information has been provided that details the chargesThe resident has already acknowledged the legal chargesThe annual insurance premium is equally paid by all members of Timbershore Home Owners' Association per their governing documentsDocumentation to legitimize each component has been provided and no costs will be waivedPlease request specifically, in writing, what is being sought after to satisfy the complaint

Dear Mr. [redacted] The association has contacted a professional exterminator to get further information about their service and how they might help Mr. [redacted] to mitigate any mice intrusion. Here is what we were told:  The opening and closing of garage doors, or if a door is left open, even for a few minutes, can allow a mouse or other critters to enter; and they couldn’t guarantee one home owner in an attached unit complex association unless the whole building was regularly serviced.  This service is not part of a covered association expense per their association’s governing documents. The Association and exterminator suggested the Home Owner have the property re-examined and advise of any further means to alleviate rodent intrusions in addition to what’s already been suggested and repaired, like keeping garage doors close and sealing any interior openings as well. We are sorry, the association’s hands are tied.  To date, no other home owner in that four unit building has contacted us regarding mice issues, but it is a good idea to keep in contact with your neighbors and work together if necessary. Respectfully,   Network Management Co c/o Glendale Village Association

Regatta Villagehomes is an Association in Apple Valley of 216 units, built in 2000.  Since that time Network Management has been asked and contracted to manage Regatta Villagehomes since 2013 with a focus to support, guide and assist the Board of Directors on behalf of the entire membership. ...

The property Manager, Pam [redacted], has made every attempt to communicate and make right the concerns of Mr. [redacted], each of the times listed in 2013, 2015 and 2017, via phone and email.  The By-Laws of Regatta Villagehomes lists Associations Responsibilities as follows:  “The Association will have the responsibility of administering the CIC in accordance with the ACT and the Declaration, including approving the annual budget, establishing and collecting monthly assessments and arranging for the management of the CIC. Except as otherwise provided, decisions and resolutions of the Association shall require approval of a quorum of Owners.” With respect to the association By-Laws, the management company cannot make decisions on behalf of the Board or membership without prior consent from that Board of Directors. Network Management Company, Pam [redacted], along with the Board of Directors will continue to address any concerns from Mr. [redacted] or any other home owner by communicating directly with the Board until a resolution is found.  Each of the three dates Mr. [redacted] has contacted the management company over the last 3 years, he was contacted to resolve his concerns. The associations is unaware of any unfinished work orders at this time. Please let us know of any additional questions or concerns we can address along with the Associations Board of Directors.

I am rejecting this response because:
 Thank You :[redacted] & the,for your assistance & guidance in this matter,,Network Management has set aside Feb 16th to allow this/these issues   To hopefully be resolved..So at this time I'm on hold as to my next action..                                                         Thank You Again  [redacted]

To who it may concernNetwork Management has nothing to do with LaSalle management, Garrett Squares past Management Company. April 8, 2014 this all started because [redacted] backed into her garage door. The Garrett Square association board asked her to have the damaged door replaced or the...

association would have the door replaced and bill it to her account, this went on for some time before the board turn it over to legal on November 5, 2015. She then ignored all request to give us access to have the garage door replaced. This came from the association attorney. The unpaid legal fees is what started legal proceedings. The association attorney and Network Management sent [redacted] a letter/email explaining that if she wanted to review the association files she would need to make an appointment with the management company and that she would be responsible for copying cost. Statements have been sent every month to [redacted] address by USPS. This is standard operation procedure if there is an outstanding balance on the account.  As you can see the association gave the owner more than enough time to correct the situation before any legal started. Thank you

Re: Complaint # [redacted] Mr. [redacted], Attached please find 17 pages that I have compiled in response to the claim by [redacted] of [redacted] in [redacted]. 1)            Resubmission of the initial letter dated 4/28/16, which is still our stand. 2)            4 photos taken by me on 5/4/16 at 1:34 pm which clearly shows that Ms. [redacted] has been "landscaping" the area outside her unit. The common area (grass and rock) does not belong to the homeowner. In three of the four photos a shovel leaning against the siding is clearly seen. 3)            An email from [redacted] of Advanced Waterproofing. This company is a third party contractor who has never done work at Morning View 2nd, asked by me, of Network Management, to go to [redacted] ST W to take photos and report on findings of the condition of the sidewalk. No mention of why this was being requested, only that we wanted to be sure that there was no trip hazard. As you can see from his report "I don't think the current slope is a problem." The photos show the entire walk way. It does appear at this time that someone had begun to remove sod from the area. This was not the Lawn Company nor Network Management. 4)            I have included communication between the Farm Bureau agent and the Farm Bureau adjuster indicating updates on Ms. [redacted]'s claim. This speaks for itself. 5)            The last page was a work order created and sent to the Lawn Company to make any landscaping repairs necessary to perhaps level the ground if that were the issue. When Fenne's Outdoor arrived, Ms. [redacted] refused to allow the crew to do any work, so she was asked to sign and date the work order.

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