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218 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States, 19003

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NProperty manages just under 100 apartments my organization owns in Philadelphia. Without reservation, I would recommend their services. While I would not disparage our previous manager, within six months of transferring to NProperty, we were finally at full occupancy with higher rental rates across the line. Leasing staff has been exceptional. Maintenance is not inexpensive clearly the investment has paid off. Most of our buildings are now listed for sale, but I intend to encourage new owners to stay with them.

If you rent with N property (and I recommend that you don't), document EVERYTHING the second you move in. Otherwise, they will charge you for already existing damage in the unit, or damage that was caused by their own negligence in responding to maintenance requests. I moved in to a unit with a damaged and filthy carpet and a leaky refrigerator, but was charged for "damage" to both the carpet and the hardwood. AVOID RENTING WITH THIS COMPANY. You are not a tenant to them, merely a monthly check with the unfortunate quality of occupying one of their units.

N Property Group out of Philadelphia PA has not serviced our requests for the entire time we have been here (6 weeks). First there was glass in the garbage disposal that they didn’t get out for us until week 4. We had to ask 3 times and twice they marked the job “complete” in our online portal when it wasn’t.

We have been living in our apartment staring at white walls for 6 weeks. No one will help us register our unit with ***. Apparently this is the first time they have rented this unit but refuse to help us get cable or internet. This is unbelievable. *** says they need information from the property group and they can’t register us. We have spent hours on the phone with *** but they need our property groups information. We have begun logging each call we make for history purposes. We have dealt with 3 different property group managers, the first 2 would push us off for days and answer us every so often. The third one got an attitude and kept saying she would have someone call us back. We have been visiting her in the office daily and she either blows us off or rolls her eyes. We keep getting “someone will call you.” For 6 weeks we have been fighting this battle. No one will help us. Our lease will be up before we can have cable or internet.

This scenario also goes for the electric company. *** says they can’t find us on record either, I spend multiple phone calls with them trying to get different people to help. We will need their assistance to help transfer our electric over but they will not help with that either.

New Property Group Response • Oct 23, 2018

The tenant sent me an email on 9/10, I emailed him back 9/11

I called him yesterday and today and left a voicemail to have more details about his requests.

The work order has been completed, and the cable and electricity issued are being handled but I would like more info from him.

Thanks for contacting us regarding that matter


I was recently under contract to purchase an investment property in Philadelphia. This was our first property and the owner spent a surprising amount of time with us. He was so informative, so helpful and I will be forever grateful. Following our conversation, we decided not to pursue the investment in that property as the seller refused to make any of the concessions. The owner knew considerably more than our broker, our lender and was more interested in making sure we did the right thing rather than just trying to convince us to buy. The other companies I spoke to either didn't return my call or didn't help that much. I filled up about three pages with detailed information on our first call! I would highly recommend them to any and all that are looking to invest.

New Property Group Response • Jun 07, 2018

Hi Theresa, We were more than happy to help!

Only one minute from train station and very kind and professional people managing the property. The hallways and gardening is well kept and the workers always give notice. Had a payment go missing and they waived my late fee which I appreciated. I would recommend the apartments 100%. Very Helpful!!

New Property Group Response • Jun 07, 2018

Cassie, I'm pleased that you're enjoying your place. Don't hesitate to reach out to *** if you ever have any issues.

My complaint is about the return of my security deposit. According to N property group my apartment was beyong normal wear and tear. Before I moved out I tried to reach out to N property group via phone and email for 2 weeks straight. I was finally able to get ahold of them 3 days after I moved out and that is when they gave me advice on what to do for my move out cleaning. I had also spoke with an agent in person when they were showing my apartment and asked her if I had to personally replace the blinds and she told me no that the blinds would be replaced my N property group at no charge because those blinds were on the windows when I moved in and looked the exact same way. I was also charged with cleaning behind and under the refrigerator, I tried to move it before I left to clean behind it but it was very hard for me to do. As I tried to do it I became nervous that it couldn't possibly tip over so for fear of my own safety I did the best I could and I don't feel as if that is a far charge. The wall damage that I was charged with was done by a maintenance worker named Ben who came to take care of a light bulb that went out and I pointed out that the wall paint looked weird so he started to fix it but never returned I later found out that he left the company.

New Property Group Response • Apr 03, 2018


Please be advised that the above captioned complaint, ID, was resolved directly with *** near the date that the complaint was filed with the in early November 2017. Let us know if you could re-open the case and update your records.

Best Regards,

DOUGLAS MManaging PartnerN Property Group

We had been renting an apartment in Philadelphia, PA from *** until property management responsibility was transferred to N Property Group midway through our lease, which terminated on 5/31/17.

During the last month of our lease, a rent payment of $900 was processed because the auto-pay feature in their tenant management system wrongfully deducted the funds from our account. Upon signing the lease, we provided first and last month's rent, plus one-month of rent as a security deposit. When notified of this issue, N Property Group stated the $900 would be returned when they issue the refund for our security deposit.

N Property stated the security deposit would be issued approximately 30 days after move out (May 31st), meaning we would not be refunded until late June at the earliest. Mind you, this overpayment was brought to N Property's attention in early May.

In addition, N Property seized a portion of our security deposit (approximately $185) due to their claim that there was an outstanding balance with the third-party vendor that managed building utilities (gas and water). However, the outstanding balance, which was paid off before we moved out, was a result of N Property's negligence when they assumed property management responsibilities. (N Property did not activate an account with the third-party vendor, ***, which resulted in no tenants being billed for utility services for over 3 months.) N Property stated they would not release the funds until they confirmed with *** there was no outstanding balance.

We requested updates on the status of this amount from N Property for about 6-8 weeks and kept being told they haven't heard from *** regarding our account. We finally contacted *** directly to discuss our account and confirm there was a $0 balance. *** confirmed there was no outstanding balance and further stated they had already sent our $185 back to N Property. Had we not taken the matter into our own hands, I highly doubt N Property would have ever confirmed they received the money from ***.

As of this writing, we are still awaiting the final portion of our refund check, which totals more than $240. It has been nearly three months since we've been completely moved out of our apartment.

In addition to filing this complaint with the, I will be filing complaints with relevant local and state housing authorities and real estate commissions in hopes of preventing this madness from happening to other people.

I was a tenant of N Property Group for two years. During that time, I experienced many issues with the company, but I put those issues aside as I recount my current complaint with the business that occurred upon move out.
Upon vacating the apartment, I was not contacted in advance for instructions as to where to leave my keys. When I reached out on the last day of my lease, I was told to take the key to an address that was not on my lease or the business's website. I had never heard of the address and upon “***” it, discovered that it is a residential property. When I asked if I may return the key to the address I was familiar with, located in Ardmore, PA and featured on all of their documents, webpage, and even PA corporate database – I was informed that N Property Group no longer has an office in Ardmore, PA. You’ll see that even here, the lists the Ardmore, PA address for this business.
I left the keys in a sealed envelope within the locked apartment (standard protocol) as I refused to take the keys to an unfamiliar and unregistered location. When I left, the apartment was entirely emptied and cleaned; I took thorough photos to document the apartments’ status.
A month later I received less than half of my security deposit due to subtractions of $200 in painting and wall repair and $150 in full apartment cleaning. When I reached out to dispute the with-holdings I was sent pictures of minor scuffs on the walls (barely perceivable by photo and repairable by a thin layer of paint) and dust underneath the stove along with photos of the stove itself as reason for the cleaning fee. I argued that neither sets of photographs properly justify with-holdings as they are within the normal wear-and-tear of 2-year residence but was told that the property group disagrees and cannot offer any remedy as they do not have (perhaps, lost) a copy of the initial walk-through.

I will most likely have to proceed with filing in small claims court but would much rather settle out of court. The justification for the with-holdings is inappropriate and insulting. I have the privilege of pursuing legal reconciliation but I am aware of similar action taken by N Property Group and it seems like a tactical approach to with-hold an amount that they feel their tenants won’t argue against.

New Property Group Response

Re: Customer Complaint

To whom it may concern,

We received a complaint about a security deposit return. The tenant claims that they were wrongfully charged and that a wrong address for key drop off was given.The address provided to the tenant at *** Ave handles all tenant-relations and stores the keys. A tenant is not required to return their keys to that location and, at their discretion, may leave them in the apartment or mail it to our main address, which remains *** Avenue, Ardmore, PA. We are in receipt of keys and the tenant was never charged for lost keys, so we're uncertain as to nature of this issue.

With respect to the withholdings below, although tenant alleges they took pictures, none were provided.

1. Painting ($200) 2. Full Apartment Clean ($150)

Upon receipt of the dispute, we conducted our research and found our pictures taken at the time of the move-out walkthrough (attached). The pictures show dirty appliances, painting issues are usually hard to see in pictures to the untrained eye, but are definitely there in the attached pictures. The tenant claims the damage on the walls is "(...) repairable by a thin layer of paint(...)", even with a thin layer of paint being the only thing needed, it still incurs the cost of a professional painter painting an entire wall. The charge Stands, especially since the complainant agrees with the need of a thin layer of paint. Since we have pictures of the condition of the appliances at the time of move out and the complainant didn't provide any, the charges stand as well. We show a dirty oven, as well as a dirty fridge (outside and underneath).

The tenant withholdings are a mere fraction of the actual costs to properly turnover an apartment unit. The average Cost to prepare a unit of this size for a new tenant ranges between $2,000 and $3,000.

IMG 1036, IMG_1035, IMG 1040, IMG 0601, IMG 0603

Every attempt is made to minimize Costs to prior tenants and exclude normal Wear and tear items. We generally engage third party, fully licensed and insured contractors to complete those turnovers, so the Costs are not inexpensive. Had it indeed only been a quick sweep and clean as well as a few touch-up paint needs, the charges would've been significantly lower or zero.

Considering that no pictures were brought forward by the tenant proving the unit was indeed spotless, we rightfully relied on our pictures clearly showing the actual condition of the unit. The burden to proof otherwise was on the complainant, who failed to do so by not providing any pictures, videos or other documentation. The charges as mentioned in the claimant's security deposit return letter stand.


Elizabeth B


N Property Group, Inc

Customer Response

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I have received the check reimbursing the $200 for wall damages but I have not been reimbursed for the $150 in cleaning charges. I am waiting for return correspondence from Douglas M.


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Address: 218 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States, 19003


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