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I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I cannot make this any more clear: Neville C Johnson accepted money from me while my room was being illegally subletI provided him with the name, phone number, and email address of the illegal tenant, as well as a copy of my correspondence with her in which she clearly and unabashedly admits to living in the residenceNeville C Johnson has made no attempt to collect from her, which is characteristic of his tendency to do the bare minimumIt is easier for him to unlawfully hold on to $dollars from me so that he doesn’t have to extend himself to collect funds from whom the money is actually owedNeville C Johnson’s response when I informed him of the illegal tenant was an unmitigated failureHe did not show up promptly to inspect the residence as he stated, instead he showed up weeks later to investigateIt does not matter that *** *** claimed that a friend had left some furniture there because *** *** undisputedly admitted to living in the residence and Neville Johnson knows thatI provided him with a photo of the check that *** *** wrote to *** *** for rent and utilities in MayI provided him with photos of the room and bathroom in use, with both a full closet and a large pile of laundryBottom line: *** *** illegally sublet the room, Neville C Johnson undeniably knew about it, he did nothing to reconcile the situation, and he has never made any efforts to seek the proper restitution from either *** *** or *** ***I will be providing extensive documentation directly to the including all photos and email correspondence including that shared between he and my motherThis is inexcusable behavior from an adult, let alone an established businessWhen can I expect a refund for the month of May?
*** is the screen shot of my email from *** *** in which she admits to living in the residence
Regards,*** ***

Good Afternoon, This is a response to the complaint by *** *** regarding the property at *** *** *** *** *** *** and her husband have resided at the property since 5/25/with two additional people and their two Pit bull dogsWe have always responded to their
maintenance requests in a timely manner and as access was permittedWe have worked diligently with them under the direction of the owner regarding repairs and as well as rental paymentsThey have been consistently behind on their rent and feel that this complaint comes from our actions to collect rentWe have even accepted predated checks and deposited at her direct authorization in an effort to work with the tenantAs of this date they are in arrears in rent and a preliminary court date has been set. *** ***

Dear Sir or Madam I am responding to the above referencedcomplaint from *** ***, *** *** sublet an apartment through our firmfrom the original roommate in a lease of a two bedroom apartment with oneroommate remainingShe took occupancy of the unit
11/and resided in theapartment with the remaining roommate until a dispute between the roommatesarose and she elected to move out of the apartment around the end of AprilShe understood her responsibilities as to the terms of her sublease whichended 7/31/and stated that she would obtain a new subtenant for the unitfor the remaining term of the lease*** *** provided applicants to hercurrent roommate, as to the number and circumstances I am not awareTheremaining tenant stated that none of the individuals which she communicatedwith were either unacceptable as roommates or did not follow through with theapartment in May the end of the semesterOur office did receive oneapplication for possession June 1,which was unacceptable due to theremaining tenant feeling uncomfortable with a larger dog and her little dog.The owner also found the applicant unacceptable due to the size of the dog, 70IbsMy office received no other applicationsAs for the condition of the unit, she foundit acceptable and resided in the apartment from 11/1/to 4/until adispute arose between the roommates regarding a dog destroying a rug and unpaidutility billsThe electricity was cut off by the remaining roommate at thebreaker panel, which I went down and turned back on for *** *** and wasfirst told of her issues with her roommateThe water situation occurred when awater bill was not received by our office and the water was cut offWhen itwas reported by the tenants the invoice was paid and the water was restored asquickly as the city would accommodate*** *** reported to our office thatwhen she revisited the apartment in May she found furniture in her oldbedroom and felt that the roommate had rented the apartment without ourknowledgeI went to the apartment and inspected the unit and found somefurniture in the bedroom but no clothing in the closetWhen I contacted theremaining tenant she stated that a friend had temporally left some furniturethere for a short period of time while she moved from one apartment to anotherand was not residing there and that she had loaned her money to help pay herbillsI informed *** *** as to what the remaining tenant stated and shesaid she was not telling the truth and placed a stop payment on her June 2014rent check which was returned to our office marked unpaid and did not pay theJuly rent*** *** retained possession of her keys to the apartmentuntil they were received by our office by mail July 3D, Atthe end of the lease no charges were deducted from the lease for neitherreturned check charges nor late fees to the accountThe original deposit wascredited to the outstanding rent for June & July and our officereturned $to *** *** for her portion of the deposit, due to thesituation with the roommate and to assist her with her medical situationWewill not return any May rent to her as that the rent was due and sheretaining possession of the property, no sub tenant was found and no keys werereceived by our office from her until 7/30/giving her continuous access tothe apartmentI am sorry that she had a problem with her roommate and she feltshe needed to leave the apartment, due to the dispute with her roommateBut wefeel no obligation to return any May rent

followed up for a lot of number of times the security deposit that was not returned/refunded for the lease completed last June 13, 2013 by my daughter and her roommate but still the answer we received from the secretary was "I don't know" and " I'll forward the concern To [redacted] or "we'll check on it". This company should be responsible enough to return the security deposit in a timely manner.

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