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Nicklin Property Management & Investments

375 N Stephanie St STE 911A, Henderson, Nevada, United States, 89014-8700

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My experience has been great for the past 13 yrs! Honest, professional & always get the job done in a timely manner!

Was told by Maria *** herself I will recieve a refund & should'nt have had to fill out a rental app & never had to pay the fee in the 1st place
Contact company 06/26/20 was told by unknown staff member I needed to fill out rental app & pay app fee in order for my friend to have her rental app be accepted by the company. Even though I'd only be living w/ her for 3-4 months. I immediately send my app via email to *** on 06/26/20 because I didnt have a computer & their website will only allow you to fill out rental app & pay fee if it's on a PC. I wasn't able to pay app fee at this time because they do not take payment via phone. I resent rental app through 06/29/20 & left 5 VM w/ no response. Finally I was told per phone by Corey @ Nicklin p.m. that same day in order to pay for app fee you must fill out app & pay fee online. Being that I didnt have a computer I knew how important it was to my friend to rent this apartment. So I rushed that same day to FedEx office paid to use their computer. So I filled out rental app online & paid $63.00 application fee. As did my friend & her father inorder for her to rent this property they were told her father also needed to be on the lease. So an additional $63 Ã? 2. Plus my fee that's $189.00 off of 1 rental property Nicklin recieved. Later after 9 phones calls & 6 VM over the next 4 days Maria *** finally contacted me. I mentioned to her that I'd only be living w/ my friend for 3-4 months & she said. "Oh than theres no reason for you to be on the lease therefore you didnt need to fill out the rental application & didnt need to pay the fee, I'll be sure to issue your refund". That was on 07/02/20. My friend was also told her & her father would be recieving their refund per phone by Maria *** on 07/15/20. They too have not recieved their refund, ***. I personally contacted Maria via email sent 08/05/20 on regards to my refund, only with no response. I then have called left VMs with no response, also left verbal messages 2 xs w/ Corey the receptionist that said "I will personally deliver this message to her & have her get back to you." That was 08/13/20. Only to never hear back from Maria or anyone from this office. If I were to go back on my phone I've called this company over 30 xs & 3 sent emails, only to get 1 phone call back. I know how fast you have to get these rental apps in before the property is leased to someone else,
its urgent that you act accordingly, but this company just wants the money & doesn't even have the common courtesy to tell you that the property has other applicants before you pr it's been rented, so it can save you all this time & energy, all waisted. I have dealt w/ many property management companies in my life being that my mother is very well known realtor for over 30 years & my father a developer for 40 years, but this is by far the worst experience I've ever had. I got nothing but the run around, blatantly lied to, as my friend & her father. Was told afterwards by 4 different realtor agents that that Nicklin property management is known in the community for just taking your rental application fees & never getting back to you. Well I can say that is exactly what I experienced working with this awful, dishonest & unethical company. I will be sure to never recomend this company and any realtor or home owner looking to rent their property, I will tell them about my experience.

Desired Outcome

A full refund for myself, *** of $63.00 A full refund for my friend as promised by Maria. *** $126.00. For ***. Property

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Aug 25, 2020

Hello ***, we have reviewed your file. We apologize for this delay and this has been brought to our manager's attention. We have expedited your request and a refund of $189 for all three applicants has been processed and is on its way to each credit/debit card that was used. It can take 48-72 hours for the credit to be released to your bank/card issuer. After which, it will be up to them to apply it as a credit.

Thank you for reaching out to us about this matter.

NRS118A.242 tenant may dispout any charges against them within 30 days to avoid collections and poor credit. I was wrongfuly sent to collections.
Because of many wrongful charges and accusations by Ms. Valentina ***, Nicklin Property Management of Henderson went forward with contacting me at new residence regarding lack of payment. Upon receiving the letter I immediately contacted Nicklin regarding charges in detail to comply with the law and their letter to avoid collections. Nicklin refused to contact me stating they were be out of the office for 4 weeks and would get back to me. After multiple visits, calls and emails from me I did not received any communication from them to ressolve such carges, I assumed they had been dropped. Three months later I received a noticed I was sent to collections where my credit was significantly harmed. According to NRS118A.242 the Property Management company can not send you to credit collections if the tenant responded within 30 days, I had contacted them within an hour of receiving the letter.

Desired Outcome

Because my credit is harmed by this unlawful mark, I am seeking a correction to credit report at ***.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Aug 11, 2020

Dear ***,

We are very sorry to hear about your situation. Please know, we take complaints such as these very seriously. As a result, we have researched your account in order to provide an accurate answer to you.

It appears that you vacated the home on September 5, 2019, prior to the lease expiration date of November 30, 2019. As a result, per the lease agreement, rent would be owed until the end of the lease or until a new tenant was secured, whichever comes first. Fortunately, we were able to secure a tenant prior to the end of the lease, saving you money. However, this still resulted in outstanding rent, outstanding utility bills, maintenance, cleaning, yard service and contractual obligations for ending the lease early that needed to be settled per the lease agreement.

A final security deposit statement was mailed to you outlining these charges and the need to settle them. However, according to our records, we did not receive correspondence back. Our office was open for business - we were not closed for 4 weeks. We have no record of a payment arrangement made or attempt to settle the outstanding balance. As a result, the account was placed in collections by the homeowner.

The best way to settle this at this time is to contact *** at (***) *** and resolve the matter in order to have the collection account settled.

Thank you.

Customer Response • Aug 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The complaint was not over the security deposit, as you kept that as well as fraudulent charges against me. I had asked for a detailed explanation to the charges, (carpet which was destroyed prior to my move in with photos, hole in the wall again there before for cable cords etc) without responding you submitted by case to *** after 5 years of good rental history. Above all my calls were ignored without any response from the home Owner or Nicklin. I will send this to small claims court if need be. As per NRS 118A.242
5.â??If a tenant disputes an item contained in an itemized written accounting received from a landlord pursuant to subsection 4, the tenant may send a response disputing the item to the surety. If the tenant sends the response within 30 days after receiving the itemized written accounting, the surety shall not report the claim of the landlord to a credit reporting agency unless the surety obtains a judgment against the tenant.

I had sent a VERY detailed dispute to the charges and you failed to respond but did however send it to collections. THAT IS AGAINST NEVADA LAW. I would like to take a look at my response which I sent TWICE and-ill my account from *** immediately.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Aug 24, 2020

Dear ***,

We we're able to locate your email response to the security deposit statement. It was dated December 6, 2019. A response was emailed back on December 9, 2019 addressing your questions. No other correspondence was received in response.

However, we are willing to discuss this situation further, send you the paperwork to go along with it and hopefully settle this issue. We will have one of our agents reach out to you in a separate email.

Thank you.

I have nothing but high praises for this company, Nickling Property Management. All the staff that I have dealt with, especially Mary H have been very helpful, professional and attentive.
I will not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.

I want a refund
Where to start... I've had multiple issues with this company not taking care of their renters and being over charged. The only charge that's getting to me at the moment is the fact that they billed me for a new "set" of mirrors. These were old mirrors Originally in the unit and one side had cracked so we were to replace it. Okay fine whatever... after looking at my bill I realized I paid for a SET for $410. I call Steven who tries to explain that was the cheaper option blah blah blah. I tell him I want the second mirror to sell and recoup the cost or half of that money back as I only needed to replace ONE mirror. He said okay let me look into it and I will get back to you. This was in January.... I've left numerous voicemails and he's just avoiding me at this point. The rental photos show both mirrors in the unit and at this point I want a refund or will file a suit for EVERYTHING they've screwed us over on. I've had an attorney look over our lease when they made us pay for the air conditioning issues and the loss of all out refrigerator/freezer contents and had a case just based on that. So you choose $205 or $600+ I'm done with this company and their shady practices.

Desired Outcome


Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jun 22, 2020

To whom it may concern:

We have researched the issue of the cracked mirror closet door as stated by Elizabeth Alexander. Unfortunately, the mirror was cracked during the lease term of the tenant, making them responsible for the repair. Mirror doors, as in this case, are sold as a set. Otherwise, per the repair company hired to complete the repair, a custom order must be made which would add significant cost to the repair. Our field agent discussed this matter with the tenant. As a result, a refund is not possible.

All tenants have an opportunity to complete repairs they are responsible for them self prior to moving out from a property. Repairs that need to be completed after the move out are referred to licensed vendors. In this case, tenants were responsible for the cracked mirror closet door and all costs assessed by a licensed vendor.

Thank you.

Customer Response • Jun 23, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I was never advised I would be charged for a "set" nor was I informed a set was purchased. I only saw the receipt and called the company that they got the set from which is who advised me they purchased a set. Only 1 mirror was cracked so from that set that was purchased the 2nd mirror would belong to me since only one needed to be replaced. I gave them that option however, the mirrors are both being used in to unit now from the rental listing photos. So glad I've saved all documentation, photos and communication from this company.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jun 24, 2020

To whom it may concern:

We are sorry to hear about the tenants dissatisfaction with the repair of the closet doors.

Mirror doors are sold as sets, per the vendor, when purchasing them from a home improvement store. Tenants have the opportunity to complete their own repairs prior to moving out of a property in order save money - for example, purchasing / ordering mirror doors.

When repairs are made after a tenant moves out and the tenancy ends, vendors are hired to complete the repairs and costs are assessed. The most cost effective means of completing a repair are always looked at first. In this case, finding and purchasing a set was less expensive than ordering one matching mirror door. Thus, we were looking at a way to save the tenant money and refund as much of the security deposit as we could.

As a result, we are unable to process a refund related to the mirror doors.
Thank you.

Leased a home through Nicklin for 4 years. This company fabricated issues with the home after I vacated the property to keep $ 290 of my deposit.
Nicklin used phantom issues on rental property I vacated. Shrubs that were dead when I moved in, charged me $175.00.
Unclogged kitchen air gap $45.00 this is totally fabricated.
Removed cinder block $45.00. Seriously.
Reintalled smoke alarm $10.00. Was working when I moved out.

Desired Outcome

Return of my deposit

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jun 18, 2020

We have reviewed the issue and researched each item separately to determine a proper resolution. A detailed move in report with pictures was completed at the beginning of tenants lease and one performed after tenant vacated. Based on a comparison of both, we have determined the following:

1. The move in report showed 3 plants just outside of the patio. These plants were missing entirely upon the tenants moving out, which led to the tenant being charged $175 to replace (cost of materials + labor). These plants were alive in prior photos of the home. The move in photos were taken in March 2016 and the plants appeared to be dormant during that time, a common occurrence. However, in a good faith effort, we will reimburse the tenant $175 to settle this matter.

2. The dishwasher was tested during the move out walk through and was draining through the air gap, indicating a clogged line from debris/food particles. A dishwasher should drain through the main plumbing. A licensed vendor was hired to remedy the issue, which they did. This was documented on the move out report and photo taken. No refund can be offered as the dishwasher did not drain through the air gap upon move in.

3. Cinder blocks were left at the property in the backyard, which were not present upon move in. These needed to be discarded. A licensed vendor was hired to do this. No refund can be offered as a result.

4. The move out report shows one smoke detector hanging off that needed to be re-installed on the ceiling. A licensed vendor was hired to accomplish this. No refund can be offered as a result.

In order to remedy any issues at a property, both small and big, licensed vendors are hired to accomplish this. A tenant has the opportunity, prior to vacating, to repair / remedy any issues or items that would be there responsibility.

Thank you.

Customer Response • Jun 21, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This company has lied about everything. What can you say about a business fabricating issues to steal your deposit money. Sad really.

Renters beware. We rented a home for 18 months. Left the home much much better than when we received it , Stole 50% of our security deposit, They are Predators. Do not use their recommended KeyStone Carpet Cleaning Company.

Please note that mostly all 5 STAR REVIEWS are from property owners.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • May 15, 2020

After reviewing the file, it should be noted that there was extensive pet damage inside the home to the carpets. While a general carpet cleaning was performed, this did not remedy the pet damage which had to be addressed and remediated. Unfortunately, pet damage to flooring can be costly, depending on the extent and remediation required.

Nicklin PM returned my security deposit late and deducted $512 for trash services, which is well outside of the agreed upon contract.
The contract that I signed stated that the Nicklin would pay for the trash services and bill me monthly/quarterly, however I was never billed. When I moved out I was told I was not default on any payments and that I would recived my full deposit so long as they did not locate any damage to the residence.

My deposit arrived outside of the 30 days allowed by Nevada law, with $512.34 taken out for "trash services." I was unable to reach Maria (my agent at Nicklin" for several days after she repeatedly texted telling me she would callback.

The contract was not followed and they admitted that the bills were never sent from them to me as agreed upon and now have taken the entire sum of trash fees out of my deposit which includes late fees. There ability to communicate is awful and they are attempting to dishonestly charge me with late fees that stem from their inability to properly document, pay, and bill, simple trash fees.

I have had consistent and continual difficulties communicating with them and have sent written disputes which were not returned in any sort of timely manner.
The contract that they wrote was not followed by them.

I never paid rent late and always held up my finical obligations to them, yet they have not followed their own contract or state law during this phase of our business.

Desired Outcome

I wish to have the remaining amount of my deposit returned as they are taking deductions from my deposit in ways not allowed in NRS 118A.242. They did not follow their own contract and have deducted from my deposit which are not legal.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Apr 01, 2020

To whom it may concern: We have reviewed our prior customers complaint and presented it to our broker for review. After all consideration, it has been decided to refund the tenants trash bill. It was confirmed, though, that the trash bill was sent directly to the property by the trash service company on a quarterly basis. However, in making our decision, we reviewed the entire circumstance and determined this was the appropriate course to take. Our prior customer will be contacted directly to make arrangements for receipt of the remaining security deposit. Thank you.

Liars told us they had no apps on the property after they had already leased it and removed it from the MLS. They made the mistake by telling my realtor over the phone as we put the app in there was no apps on the property!!
Then told my Realtor that the owner decided to go with another Applicant !!
What applicant ? supposedly we were the only app on the property!!
Who takes the property off MLS for 1 application? LIARS!!!! scamming people out of their money is all they are good for !!

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jan 30, 2020

We are very sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction. Please know that we have taken your comments seriously and have looked into your concerns in order to provide a proper answer.

After your application was submitted, our leasing team immediately changed the status of the listing to indicate that. However, the property can still be shown by other Realtors and applications submitted until an application is approved by the homeowner. This is indicated directly on the rental application:

"Per NRS 645.254 we must continue to accept applications until the property owner has approved an Applicant(s) and they have signed the lease and paid the security deposit. All applications will be presented to property owner at the same time and the owner will make the final selection. "

We will provide a more comprehensive response and resolution privately, directly to you. Our goal is to maintain a positive relationship with everyone we do business with.

Customer Response • Jan 31, 2020

Liars!!! You leased that property to a black as I spoke to him at 12 noon he sign the lease he showed up while I was looking at the house 2 his after the fact. My realtor also has proof of misconduct! I hope it is worth getting your name dragged thru dirt. You ran my application after the lease was signed!

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jan 31, 2020

Dear Theresa, we are sorry to see you frustrated. However, we can assure you that no lease was signed on that day nor was a lease in effect. As a matter of fact, the property was listed as available and the listing status changed only after your application was submitted. It appears that there is missing information or perhaps some sort of miscommunication that occurred that we are not aware off. We are not aware of what exactly you may have been told by a third party that is not affiliated with our management company. Please contact our office to discuss further so we can figure out what exactly transpired. At this time, we are also offering to refund your application fee as a good will gesture to ease this frustration.

Customer Response • Jan 31, 2020

That is all I asked for, was a refund Thanks

Nicklin PM has managed my property for 14 years . I found them to always attentive and efficient and constantly updating information. Very happy. John G.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jul 02, 2019

Thank you John for you sincere and kind words. Steve Nicklin and the Teams here at Nicklin work hard to communicate with owners with updates. We would like to thank you for your long time commitment to us and continued business and trust.

S*** Nicklin and his team are the best Property Management Company in the Las Vegas area.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • May 28, 2019

Thank you Rafael for trusting Team Nicklin with your investment properties over the last 6 years. We appreciate your business and continued trust in our service. Thank you for your compliment. It means allot to the team here at Nicklin!!

NICKLIN has taken good care of my property for over 15 years. I have no complaints or worries about my property. Any issues are quickly taken care of concerning the tenants or the property. I highly recommend their service.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • May 22, 2019

Thank you James for your loyalty to Steve and Team Nicklin. We appreciate your long term business and your positive feedback. We are happy to hear you are satisfied with our continued good service after all these years. Thank you again!!

Nicklin Property Management are taking care of my properties in Las Vegas for over 12 years. They have the best staff that treats your property as their own. They are very experienced in handling all property and tenant's problem with ease, speed and satisfaction. The reason they in business for so long , because they do great job.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • May 10, 2019

Thank you Berj for your continued support and trust in our services with your investment properties. It is our pleasure to represent you.

Very professional and friendly staff. Response to concerns and maintenance within 24 hours I received a call or email.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Apr 03, 2019

I would like to say thank you to Paul for his positive review. We appreciate it. Have a great day!

This company tries hard to please their customers. I am a homeower that uses there leasing services in Las Vegas and they are by far the best property management company I had dealings with. I am still currently utilizing their services.

Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jan 20, 2019

Thank you April for your kind review of our company. We do try hard to represent our owners who we work for while being honest and fair to the tenants. Thank your for posting your positive feedback of your experience with Nicklin Property Management! We look forward to continuing a working relationship with you.

Nicklin has been managing 2 of our rentals in Vegas for about 10 years. I can say I am very satisfied with their service and nicklin is much better than a previous company used. I have no regrets.


Nicklin Property Management & Investments Response • Jan 04, 2019

Thank you Albert for your positive feedback of our company. We work hard to represent our homeowner's best interests while still being fair and honest. Thank you again for your support and positive feed back of our company. It means allot to us here at Nicklin Property Management!!!

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