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I quoted a job for the customer as security cameras and 8-CH NVR. The cameras that I selected were audio enabled, meaning they had a microphone as I had mentioned to the customer when preparing to quote, that audio could be handy in determining whether what customer was viewing was a
person or an animal. Here is pretty much what happened:Spoke to customer and recommended security cameras with audioI ordered cameras but inadvertently ordered without the buimicrophone so I let customer know that we would be delayed a week due to wrong camera.I placed order for correct cameras and made arrangements to install on a Sunday August 30, at hoursCustomer agreed it was not a problem.When I looked at camera, the instructions referred to an audio connection, so I ordered microphones thinking that the microphones had to be ordered separately and that the cameras were only audio-enabled. (I found out on Tuesday (two days later) that I was wrong, the cameras had a buimicrophone.)Sunday during the install, the microphones that I purchased separately did not work. My electrician and I decided that perhaps we needed to power the mic's instead of using the power over Ethernet (POE). We installed the cameras and made arrangements to return in two weeks due to the upcoming labor day holiday and at which time, customer requested that we install a 5th camera. I told customer that I would be out of the state on Thursday and returning on Monday (08/07/2015). Customer did not have an issue with us returning, seemed satisfied and paid me in full minus the monitor that I had purchased for customer separately (customer needed monitor and speakers so I bought monitor with speakers for customer as a courtesy).I tried to set up customer's MAC laptop for viewing remotely however I am not familiar with MAC and let customer know that the laptop was missing a "web plugin". I stated that I would need to ask my peers and find out a way to resolve the issue. Customer did not have a problem with this. Also, I did not have cell phone service and was not near a phone although customer has a phone, customer told me that the nearest phone to use was a Pay phone located a couple of miles away. I interpreted that as I was not allowed to use customers phone.Upon leaving the residence, I let customer know that I would need to "tweak" the settings by viewing playback of customers recording and that was typically something I do in order to optimize the recording/viewing experience for customer. Customer did not have a problem with this. However, upon arriving into town from JEMEZ Springs, I received an email about the cameras going to "link" followed immediately with another email stating that cameras just came back on. Customer sent another email regarding the image from the cameras as being "grainy until something comes into vision". As I explained to the customer, the IR that the camera puts out is like a flashlight, wherever you point the beam of the light will be illuminated. It does not work like an overhead light that spills light everywhere. The cameras see as we do in the dark unless there is lighting. Customer states that the existing motion lights are very poor and work intermittently. I responded with an email stating that I would go out in the afternoon either Monday or Tuesday and adjust the WDR settings. In an email sent to me by the customer, the customer accused me of keeping the original cameras without the microphones and lying to customer about it. I had to take pictures of the cameras waiting to be sent back and ask customer to compare the two model numbers where one ended with an - I and the ones installed ended with an -is. (customer kept the boxes so model number was available)On Tuesday afternoon I went out to see customer and during my visit made recommendations to customer to install LED motion lights and customer in turn, inquired about my business installing the lights upon our next visit to install the 5th camera. Then on Tuesday, while reviewing playback from the two days prior (Sunday and Monday) we discovered that the cameras indeed had audio, something the customer also stated in an email that she thought she heard the banging of her shutting the access door under her floor. What we heard were the dogs barking and then, she and I having a conversation in the house just on the other side of the porch camera.We set up the remaining two cameras with video/audio setting and as it was getting to be after 5pm, I stated that we would fine tune the cameras upon my return. I knew that customer parent was on their way and I felt that the customer wanted me to be gone.When I left, I felt that the issue had been resolved about the audio and also stated to customer that the image that customer had at night time was actually very good. Customer appeared to be satisfied as customer did not complain or mention anything else.When I returned to ABQ, I had already received an email stating that we had not resolved the password issue and although I stated previously that I would contact the company from where I purchased the NVR as to the password. Customer seemed satisfied with answer.Apparently on Wednesday evening customer sent an email about 6:stating that customer wanted a refund because the NVR was not a "***" NVR and that is why the live audio did not work. Customer states they called *** USA to inquire about the audio and was then told the NVR customer had was not a *** unit. As I worked late on Wednesday evening and had packing to do for my trip, I did not notice that I had an email from customer until I saw the email from stating that a complaint had been filed.I called the customer on Friday to resolve the password issue and customer stated they did not want to work with me, that customer no longer trusted me due to the NVR not being branded with *** brand. I told customer that customer saved roughly $in not having the brand name on the NVR but that it was indeed a *** unit and that I had a letter proving it was. Customer was adamant that I remove equipment. I told customer that I would be willing to provide proof that NVR was *** and explain the distribution of products for companies like mine to purchase and rebrand. I also stated that I would purchase a *** branded NVR to replace the one customer had but customer refused. This was done via cell phone as I was in South Carolina for the holiday.On Saturday I sent an email stating that I would provide a full refund if customer retracted negative reviews and signed a release of liability. I also stated that I would not be able to remove the equipment until Monday Septas I had prior commitments. I did not hear back from customer until Tuesday Septat which time customer stated they would not sign anything and that the house would be available to remove the cameras/NVR on a Friday or a Saturday.Nothing more has been said or done at this time. I have attached relevant documents stating /showing my intention to try and satisfy customer. Customer is unyielding and refuses to try and resolve issue. The fact of the matter is that the unit records audio, and probably live audio but because customer is only using a monitor with buispeakers cannot hear the live audio. Furthermore, customer has not allowed me to resolve the cameras via the web (which is where you "activate" and further "tweak" the cameras so there is nothing that I can do at this point as I do not have access to make any corrections. I also feel that customer has not allowed me time to respond to customers concerns in a timely manner. The expectation that I can return an email or phone call immediately after customer has sent email /made call is unrealistic in particular because customer knew I was going out of town.I no longer feel comfortable in being on customer's property without a release of liability. I have offered a date to remove equipment, I have offered a full refund although my contract clearly states that no refund unless there is a poor install, which in this case, customer was willing to have us perform more work for customer, I have offered to replace NVR and yet, customer remains unyielding. I cannot afford to take a loss like this as none of the equipment was priced higher than purchased, and I did not charge for travel time to and from residence as a courtesy to customer. If customer was unhappy with install, customer should have stated that on Sunday instead of requesting that we install a 5th camera in two weeks. The request for a full refund is unreasonable but I have attempted to appease the customer with no success

Complaint: ***
I am partially rejecting this response and I need clarification from the business because:First of all, the job is incomplete and the business refuses
to address the technical and installation issues. It seems that the business is the only one who thinks things
are “working fine”. Upon
requesting and accepting full payment on installation day, I feel the business
should have made a greater effort in understanding how to resolve the
unfinished tasks rather than saying “we’ll be back in weeks”, and then days
later calling me to say she didn’t feel the need to do the interim home visit
to address the things that don’t require her helpers. By this 2nd visit she should have at least had a
plan to get the web access working to help remotely. From the beginning I operated in good faith and “budged”
plenty, beginning with the two delays on the installation day. I started off being very “yielding”
with the delays and excuses from NMSW, always adjusting to fit her schedule and
thinking it would get better. When
it didn’t get better, and it became clear that I would have to rely on NMSW for
support, I did run out of patience.
I became unwilling to continue to be asked to be accommodating, hear any
more excuses, or endure any more delays from NMSW
I have made arrangements to have new, more suitable cameras
installed. I have to completely
start over. The cameras that NMSW
chose, even though they have outdoor ratings, seem more suitable for indoor
use, perhaps this is why they are listed as “indoor” cameras on ***’s
website. Even the locations of
NMSW’s cameras cannot be used; they were poorly situated as well, not optimizing
the views; perhaps this was also due to NMSW’s lack of knowledge of the product
The business owner seems more concerned with herself, her
time, her schedule, her money, her risks, etc.
She does not seem to consider the risks and hardships this is placing on
The business originally placed requirements on the refund,
of which are impossible I did
not get a reply to the email I sent her explaining this. Am I to assume that the liability
waiver is now the only requirement?
Based on today’s response through the I am assuming that this is now
true The document attached is
described as an example. Could the
business provide the actual document she would expect me to sign, and would she
be willing to sign the same document herself, or add in a reversed clause, also
in good faith?
From the beginning NMSW has decided the working days As part of her refund requirement, she
stated a no-earlier-than availability date. Now I am asking that she do the removal on a Friday or Saturday so that someone else can be at the house with me
To the business: Please clarify that your only remaining requirement for
refund is the liability waiver.
Attach the actual document you expect me to sign, not an example. Sign the same document yourself, or add
a clause with a similar intent to make a mutually agreeable form Select a few available Fridays or Saturdays. Thank you
*** ***

The customer has clearly refused my offer as indicated in customers rebuttal. There is nothing more I can say or do at this point except make a final statement. Our installation was well done. (There was fine-tuning that needed to take place which was explained and understood during the install.) I was not given the opportunity to complete the "fine-tuning" as was discussed on both days that I was with customer. Customer filed with on Thursday Sept2nd, at approximately 2pm prior to giving me sufficient time to respond to customers text message which was sent on Wednesday Sept.1, at approximately 6:42pm therefore:Indicating to me that customer was not open to any discussion in resolving customers perceived issue.Further supported by customer's limiting the day(s) in which the items can be removed (states that items can be removed on a Friday or Saturday only)Refusing to sign a release of liability of claims (please see attached as an example) that would eliminate any risks to my business due to the removal of the stated items, use of customers laptop during the install and second visit and during the visit to remove said items. Agreeing to sign the release would have been a show of good intent by the customer but again, that has been refused by the customer. As a result of reviewing the past actions taken by customer, it appears that customer had already decided that customer wanted a refund regardless of the unrecoverable and huge loss to me in terms of labor costs, time (travel time of 1/hours to customers home x days) and equipment that must now be considered used and unusableAlthough I have tried to make arrangements to refund the money and retrieve items that by all definitions except the customers, work fine and have legally fulfilled my obligation to customer based on the quote given, the customer has repeatedly refused to budge by demanding I remove cameras on specific days and refusing to sign the release of liability.I believe my intent has been gracious and above reasonable, however the customer has not made any effort towards resolving this matter

Complaint: [redacted]
I accept the business' proof that the NVR is a [redacted] product from China, though that does not resolve [redacted] USA's response to me, based on serial number, that the unit is not a [redacted] USA product, and that they referred me back to NMSW for support.  Part of NMSW's sales pitch was that getting [redacted] products through her and her dealer was that they would be supported and warrantied by [redacted].
I am rejecting this response because:Regarding the audio issues:  I felt like the audio/microphone installation should have been understood before they travelled here, to avoid them spending a lot of time on installation day trying to figure it out.  There is (not very loud) audio on playback, but still no live audio.  NMSW wasn't able to resolve the live audio issue by the 2nd visit, and [redacted]'s advice for settings did not work either.  If she feels it is the monitor's fault, it was the monitor she selected to use with this equipment.  I expressed to her that I did not have a spare monitor or speakers or other components, I was counting on her to supply a complete system.Regarding the night vision issues:  The image is not very good at night in the dark.  It improves when a nearby motion light comes on.  (I have many motion lights around.  NMSW was trying to sell me on getting more, saying that more light will improve the cameras, and that I need to rely on motion lights coming on for the cameras to work properly.  The motion lights I have are mostly new or recently installed, they work, some are more sensitive than others.)  I recently visited a showroom and had demonstrated that there are cameras available that provide a clear image in pitch dark, without the need for additional lighting.  All the demo cameras I saw showed very little noise compared to what I have here.  I continue to question NMSW's choice of cameras since the first night when I realized the night vision was noisy.  NMSW didn't seem to want to address the noise issues beyond giving me settings to adjust, told me to contact [redacted] and/or research CCTV noise (upon leaving my house on her visit last week), like I'm supposed to figure it out myself.  I hired someone so I wouldn't have to think about these things.I have reached out to NMSW and [redacted] USA to help improve the noise with very little success, only one setting change made a slight difference.  Upon leaving on installation day, the cameras had a nice clear daytime video image (and presumed nighttime wouldn't be much different), but there were several unfinished tasks.  (Before she had installed the cameras and was locating installation sites on the walls, she stated they give a wall-to wall wide image.  After install and looking at the images, she stated they didn't give as broad an image as she expected.  I felt the need to add a 5th camera on the front porch because of this, as there are 2 big low windows to cover there.)  She asked me to pay in full so she could pay her electrician, [redacted] and his schoolmate.  I trusted that these issues would be resolved later, and they weren't.  I agreed to waiting 2 weeks for the audio to be fixed, and I was not expecting to continue to have these other issues, and I was certainly not expecting to find that first night the quality of the vision to be what it was.Regarding last week's home visit:  She called me that afternoon to tell me there was not a need for her to come out (as she said she would), despite me emailing her daily primarily about the night video.  Things that were still unresolved were:  night clarity, audio, web access, my admin password on the NVR, and password access to the [redacted] login page after the plug-in issue was resolved. ( I had previously found out how to remove the plug-in error on my computer before this conversation, and struggled with the passwords ([redacted], ...).  The camera boxes had no password listed on them.  She said she needed to update firmware, that that may help with video, audio, etc.  She seemed upset that I was upset upon hearing that she wasn't going to do the home visit, and said she considered refunding me in full and pulling her equipment.  I stated I was willing to have her visit, make recommendations, and try one more night with the system.   She ultimately came to my home and: discovered haphazardly that there was faint audio on replay, still no live audio; made several password attempts on the NVR and [redacted] access page, to no avail and she gave up; updated the firmware; gave recommendations for night vision.  As for time for departure, I didn't want her gone, I wanted my stuff fixed.  When she left I tried to be hopeful again, that things would get resolved in the future, then that night had very little success with night vision.  Next day I emailed [redacted] for advice, and when they referred me back to NMSW for support, I lost patience with NMSW and thought her idea of refunding/removal would be the most appropriate.  I expressed to NMSW that she shouldn't take jobs far away from her if it's difficult for her to stand behind her equipment and problem solve long distance.  Regarding the use of my home phone:  Upon giving her DIRECTIONS to get to my house on installation day, I told her if she needed a phone there's no cell service, the closest is at the store 1 mile away.  I always say  this in travelling directions especially to anyone not familiar with the area.  Taking it to mean she can't ask to use my home phone for tech support while she's here working on the system she's installing is absurd.  She used my personal computer during last week's visit to look up new motion lights (to install when I'm ready) and show me other brands of cameras that she liked or specialized in.  On installation day she had a lot of access to my unlocked computer.As you can see, my reasons for wanting a refund go well beyond [redacted] USA telling me that the NVR is not one of their products and referring me back to NMSW for support;  that was the last straw for me.  There are several more things that I could complain about that I have not so far, regarding the unprofessionalism on installation day.  The electrician was very professional and I believe tried hard; it was Margarita's responsibility to have herself and him up to par on what to do with the audio before arrival.  Her other workers, her [redacted] and his schoolmate, were in training according to Margarita.  Sunflower seed shells (from snacks by someone) were left spit on my porch in several locations.  Also there are still loose unbound cables on my wall, another of the tasks unfinished but I trusted would be taken care of later (I was willing to be patient on that, as it's only an eyesore issue.)  Etc.  These issues are not important compared to the technical issues and the business' apparent difficulty in handling them.Regarding last Friday's 2 calls from Margarita:  I felt the best way to resolve this is to remove/refund so I can move ahead.  I don't need any further delays from the company.  (The latest episode here is that last weekend a deputy had to come out to dig up a fake grave built across the street from me, to make sure it was a fake.  I need good cameras at night.  Still.  And I need a capable professional team to do it.)  It seems it's hard for her to work here, so she shouldn't.  The first call she hung up on me.  The second call she offered to replace the NVR with a [redacted] branded one, but made no further agreement to attain live audio and improve night vision.  I declined due to this uncertainty and she ended the call by saying I was being unreasonable, but this time did say "bye".Saturday I received her email stating the conditions on the refund being signing a liability waiver, pulling the complaint and pulling the negative review.  I contacted the agencies on the latter two issues for advice, and I did not hear back from them until the next business day, Tuesday the 8th.  I responded to Margarita's demands  on Tuesday the 8th with what those agencies told me:  that they do not retract published reviews/complaints, but that I can add to them later.  I also told her that I'm unwilling to sign a liability waiver.  I do not feel it should be a condition of a refund, and I do believe this has been not only poor installation, but a poor acceptance of it on the business' part.
[redacted] [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason if he complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

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