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Noonan Energy Corporation

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The office personnel handling our orders were very rude and this has been an ongoing issue. My wife and I have had several bad experiences with Noonan Energy as far as customer service. Several times over the past 3 years we have been spoken to unrespectfully and they seem to be out to squeeze every last dollar out of you. This is evidenced by the following. My first year with Noonan was fine. On my initial call I told them that I had a pellet stove and we would be using the oil for supplemental heating. They did not seem to have an issue with that. The next year when I called to order oil they told me their records show that Ionly ordered 100 gallons the year prior so I was no longer a customer. I then continued in argument with the guy explaining how I have a pellet stove and needed the oil as supliment and emergency purposes. He then began questioning me how I could get through winter with only 100 gallons of oil as if I was lying to him. By the end of the conversation he made it seem as if he was doing me some great service by allowin his company to continue with delivering oil to me. At that point I told my wife I would no longer be calling these people before I say something to them I don't want to. Later that year my wife got into another argument with a lady who answered the phone there. This was regarding a repair on our oil tank. The light was on the tank in the middle of winter and my wife called to request service. We had * small children in the house with no heat. We requested that they come out and fix it because it was freezing out. In the past when we have had our furnace fixed they gave us 30 days to pay with no issue and we never misssed a payment to them. This lady told my wife that we had to pay that day of service. My wife explained to her that we did not have the money that day but would pay within 30 days just like the last time we had it service. My wife explained to her we had * small kids and this was an emergency. It was freezing in our house. This lady continued to argue with my wife over payment for that day. My wife asked to speak with the [redacted] and the lady refused several times to do this. They ended up sending someone out with a hefty extra fee for their services. The conversation was so rude that the lady callled my wife the next day and apologized for the way she talked to my wife. She stated she was thinking about it all night and felt awful the way she talked to my wife. She ended up having no issues with us paying within 30 days. This current year we called to order oil. This is the *rd time this year we have ordered oil from them. Each time they told us we had 10 days to pay the full amount. We had no problemsthe first 2 times.the *rd time we ordered they once again gave us a hard time. We called on a Thursday morning as they told us last time we ordered that was the day they serviced oil in our area. When we called at 8 in the morning they told us that since we called the same day that they would charge us [redacted] extra. We told them that we were never told you had to call the day prior, just that they delivered oil on Thursdays in our area.well the first lady we talked to refused to give up the [redacted] fee. She said if we didn't want to pay the fee we needed to wait until Monday when they would be in our are again. We told her we couldn't wait as we have children and we will be out of oil if we didn't get oil before the weekend. She could have cared less. It got to the point where my wife had to ask to speak with someone else. This new person ended up "waiving" the [redacted] fee as if they were doing us this huge favor again and then once again said we needed to pay that day for the oild despite them giving us 10 days to pay in the past. We then continued to argue about that until she agreed to let us pay in 10 days. All in all we have had awful costumer service experience with them. Its a shame that their employees don't realize that customer service is what brings people back. They apparently don't realize they aren't the only gig in town. We most definately will be looking elsewhere.Desired SettlementI would like a [redacted] to contact me and explain why their employees seem to feel they have the right to talk to people the way they do.Business Response I have spoken with Mr. [redacted] this afternoon regarding the complaint. Long story short I think the majority of the confusion is that when Mr. [redacted]'s account was set-up there was either no credit information given to establish or we were not able to extend credit to him at that time. In the Spring of 2012 Mr. [redacted] had an unexpected service related issue where his oil line needed to be replaced. At that time we extended him the courtesy of paying that bill within a 90 day time frame by breaking it into a few payments. Ever since then there has been some confusion when he calls for oil or service about whether or not they need to pay at the time of the delivery or whether we can extend them credit terms. In a few instances one of our personnel that had some history with them was allowing the deliveries to be paid within 10 days. The other folks that the [redacted]'s spoke to were following our normal procedure. At no time regardless of the circumstances should there have been any reason for the [redacted]'s to have been mistreated. We log a majority of our calls and I was able to speak with 2 or 3 of the folks that I know had spoken to them and they were not aware of any issues and did not feel as though they were confrontational at all. The particularly concerning one was someone on our staff mistreating Mr. [redacted]'s wife regarding the service call and when I addressed this issue with our employee she was a bit taken back. This particular individual has worked for [redacted] Energy for ** years and I can assure you she goes above and beyond on a regular basis. Ironically enough she is also the person that has bent the rules in more recent transactions to allow 10 days for the bill to be paid, which is common for her character. I have offered Mr. [redacted] to complete an updated credit application so that he is able to charge his oil and service in the future, if not I have advised him that we do expect to collect at the time of a delivery and service and we do require a minimum of 24 hours notice for a delivery and we deliver to Feeding Hills on Mondays and Thursdays. He will call me if he has any other issues.Regards,[redacted]NOONAN ENERGY CORP.

Overcharged/ improper use of credit card processing.Noonan Energy Corp.86 Robbins Rd.Springfield, Ma.(XXX) XXX-XXXX[redacted]Dear Noonan Energy Corporation,On [redacted] 2014 I received a return call from a Plumber representing Noonan Energy Corp. /Plumbing division. He identified himself as ([redacted]). I explained to this individual that I amseeking a general inspection of the gas pressure lines for a single residential property.At that point, he quoted a figure of [redacted] dollars for the inspection and testing of the gassystem and an additional [redacted] for the permit from the town of [redacted]totaling this service at [redacted] An appointment was schedule for [redacted] 9:00 am, Mondaymorning ([redacted] holiday).Once the work was completed by this individual, I received a Work Order Invoice No. [redacted]which indicated a "delivery fee" of [redacted] and a total cost of [redacted] dollars. I asked: " Whyis there a charge of [redacted] ?" He stated: "For the delivery fee of the city permit fromthe town of [redacted]I am stating for the record that during our conversation and prior to any scheduling of gasinspection lines he did not mention a delivery fee for a city permit or any other documents,and he was not transparent with this additional cost. If this fee was mentioned or indicated byany representative of Noonan Energy, I would have made prior arrangements to pick up the permitduring my own time. I live a short distance from the Town Hall of [redacted] (approximately3 miles), and I would have traveled to pick up such document on my own time to avoid such a fee forthis service. I also indicated to the plumber ([redacted]) that I could not sign any authorization for chargeson the credit card due it not belonging to me. And I asked him to wait for the signature once my spousereviews the invoice and charges for the completed services. He informed me that he was not willing towait for signature from the owner, and walked to his utility truck and vacated the premises. Thefollowing day the charges to my spouse's credit card were processed without the signing of the owner.This will indicate the deceit by this individual on his second attempt to overcharge the customer.I hope that this is an isolated incident by a rogue employee, and that Noonan Energy Corp. does notoperate in this manner. At your earliest convenience could your organization credit the ownerof the credit card [redacted] plus a credit for [redacted] (the overcharged amount thatwas billed for the above permit, wrongfully totaling the gas permit charge to $50, as indicated on theinvoice #0096)? Otherwise, without a credit to the above mentioned credit card account, we [redacted] beforced to seek fairness with the state and local agencies to remedy this matter in the court of law.Desired SettlementUnspecifiedBusiness Response To Whom It May Concern,This letter is in response to a complaint filed by Mr. [redacted] of [redacted] XXXXX. To say our plumber [redacted] was dismayed by this complaint would be an understatement. In [redacted]'s employ with Noonan Energy we have never had a customer question his integrity or his character, he holds himself to the highest standards. First of all, we never quote a job such as this as there is a lot of unknowns prior to viewing it. [redacted] informed the customer that our hourly rate was [redacted] per hour and that the Town of [redacted] permit fee is [redacted] It was clearly a misunderstanding on the part of Mr. [redacted] regarding the permit fee because there are no permits in [redacted] to my knowledge that are not round figures usually in [redacted] and [redacted] increments. As far as the permit is concerned it is incumbent upon us as the licensed contractor to be sure the permit is delivered to the Town office building and an inspection scheduled in a timely manner so that we are able to retrieve our testing equipment from the property as soon as possible. This is standard procedure throughout the entire industry. In this situation in my opinion we went above and beyond the call of duty for Mr. [redacted]. Given that the original day was the [redacted] Holiday we made a special return trip first thing Tuesday morning to expedite the inspection process with the Town of [redacted] and were able to schedule said inspection for the following day between[redacted] a.m. Generally our minimum charge is 1 hour for any service related call to a residence to account for a portion of the travel time (this is also standard throughout the industry). Given that we only charged an additional 1/2 hour to the customer for dropping the permit off I again believe we went the extra mile and were extremely fair with this customer. Had we had the opportunity to drop the permit off on Monday there still would have been an additional 1/2 hour charge for taking care of the permit. In other words, there was no additional charge for the second trip to the [redacted] Town Hall in this situation. I find it strange that five months after the initial visit the customer is now disputing the validity of the charge and according to our records has never contacted us for a resolution to this matter. Should the customer decide to pursue other remedies to this situation we look forward to defending our position. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions or concerns.Regards,[redacted]


Overcharged oil price.I have fuel assistance and called this morning to have oil delivered to my house. The man I spoke to said I used up my fuel assistance. I let him know that I had some money left roughly about [redacted] He said okay the minimum to deliver is 100 gallons so you will owe us[redacted]. I said that was fine and would have the cash on hand when his driver came by. The driver arrived later than morning and said I need to collect [redacted] for 150 gallons of oil. I told him that I just needed the minimum of 100 gallons and he took my [redacted] cash. He left a a receipt on my door. The receipt said that he was to deliver 150 gls/collect [redacted] He wrote down that he delivered 100 gallons at 4.099 a gallon. I thought that was expensive and called the Springfield office and the lady said that the today's rate was 3.99 per gallon and a min of 100 gals. I immediately called the Palmer office and spoke with a lady and she said that because I had fuel assistance my rate would be more at 4.099 a gallon. I told her that didn't make any sense because I paid cash for the difference and she said that I didn't pay cash for the total amount so she had to bill me at a higher amount. I think that is ludicrous especially if people who cannot afford to heat their homes and require public assistance shouldn't be charged more!!! I also told her the ticket says that they were to deliver 150 gallons for [redacted] and she said was a mistake and that I actually owe her ** and change! I feel that they should have just delivered the 150 gals for [redacted] as their receipt reads! Or at least let me pay what every other consumer would be paying for today's oil price of $3.99!!!!Desired SettlementTo deliver 150 gals for [redacted] as their receipt indicated, or let me pay the cash price of 3.99 per gallon like any other consumer would pay!Business Response Please find the following response to the complaint of Jeannette [redacted]:Ms. [redacted] did receive an oil delivery of 100 gallons on Feb 4, 2014. On the morning she called, the gentlemen that answered the phone did not have access to the amount of fuel assistance remaining on her account as the normal office staff had not arrived for the day and he was unable to access the fuel assistance data. Upon Ms. [redacted] informing him that she believed she had about [redacted] remaining on fuel assistance he told her that given the circumstances she would need to come up with about another [redacted] which she agreed to do. During the conversation there was also talk of the possibility of Ms [redacted] ordering 150 gallons as opposed to 100 so when the ticket was entered the 150 gallons was mistakenly put in the order section. When the driver arrived at the house Ms [redacted] informed him that it was supposed to be 100 gallons and thus the driver made the correction. Two days after the delivery was made fuel assistance notified us of increases to all customers to which Ms [redacted] was entitled to an additional [redacted] Therefore, the entire 2/4/14 delivery will be paid for by the fuel assistance agency and Ms [redacted] will have some fuel assistance remaining for her next delivery as well as the [redacted] payment she made towards this last delivery. In addition to that there seemed to be an issue regarding the price charged per gallon. Our oil price is two tiered in the sense that if a customer pays there bill in full within 10 days of a delivery they are entitled to receive a $.10 per gallon prompt payment discount off the cost of the oil. Given that a portion of Ms [redacted]'s delivery was to be paid for by fuel assistance there is no way we would receive payment within 10 days of the delivery from fuel assistance, therefore Ms [redacted] would not be entitled to the discounted price. The fuel assistance agencies pay us in 30-60 days and in some cases at the end of the season we have waited up to 4-5 months to be paid in full. If Ms [redacted] takes issue with the way that the fuel assistance agency handles the monies, we welcome her to call them and/or write her State officials to demand a change, we have been trying unsuccessfully for many years. Also in the future Ms [redacted] could pay the bill in full to receive the discount and then when we are reimbursed by fuel assistance we could refund her the money accordingly.

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