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Northern Virginia Lawn Services Inc

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I wouldn't recommend this place I bought a truck from them and had the engine light come on times as well as having my window get stuck down the 1st time using itAfter arguing they paid for a new window motor but all the engine I had to pay half without even being asked if I was OK with itI even just getting the manager to call me back was a hassleI then wrote a bad review on their fb page so they would maybe see it and call me backI the next time I talked to them he say why would I do anything for you when you complain on fb about usI after my engine light came on I finally got them to agree to take the truck back but they wouldn't give me back what I paid for itBut I was done with fighting with them so I just took the loss of over 1500$Oh ya did I mention all these problems started happening less then FIFTEEN days after I bought the truck from them

Very good businessHonest employees and good pricesQuality vehicles as wellI am very satisfied with my recent purchase from them

This company had days after I left a huge deposite for a car to get it readyOn the 5th day I recieved a text saying the car was all ready to go
I was having delays with banking as it was a cash deal and needed a bit more time we had agreed on days when the deposite was given
Once I had the money they said they were going to deliver the car to meAnd soon after offeres to pay my cab out to them
When I got there the car wasntIt was apparetly out getting gas
The manager got me to sign papers and hand over the cheque
Another mins later the car still wasnt thereFinally the saleman drives up with itI begin to look over the car and notice sctatches and dents that werent there beforeTheKM were much higher and the brake was stuck and burning up the rim I told them I was not comfortable driving it away with a stuck caliper.(i drive for a living and experienced this before) he actually tried to tell me it was *** Ive fixed cars many times and told him hes crazy if he thinks he can pull that *** on me and requested them to fix it
He looked at the safety and said the brakes were done so thats probably why they are burning
I laughed and told him he clearly doesnt know anything about cars if thats what he thinks
Into the mechanic shop the mechanic pulled the caliper off and it was stuckHe pushed it back and said it was "fine" that whomever changed the brakes "didnt push them back" I just laugh because they think im stupid to fall for thatThe car was driven around while they had itThe safety aplarently was done and completed a month prior to me buying it Despite the burningI got into the car and began to drive away and the brake was grindingI went back to them and told them they needed to fix thisThey got someone (an owner I think) to come take it for a driveWhile hes driving he tells me hed be happy to buy the car back from me as he has other dealers willing to pay thesticker priceAnd that the car is fineIts used its not going to be free of noise, that if the problem continues I can come backI told them that was next to impossible with my schedule and moving and distanceThat I was already inconvinienced by this and have a tight schedule, every time I asked questions about why these issues werent dealt with the salesman "had to go to the bank" he would answer no questions at this point I actually asked if it was because I paid and they got thier money so they dont care if its on my time now
After a week the brakes were still grinding, I had to change the pads as they were down to the squeelersI texted explaining I needed them to pay for the repairsThey gave me a number to call
I called the shop who did the safety and they said they didnt remember the car and that he does the work the same day it comes in ect
So I take it to my mechanic friens who tells me my tires are bald and would not have passed a safety that the alignment is toed out, .im told there is an exhaust leak in the head There is not enough transmission fluidThe rotor is warpedIm beyond dissapointed
months after I bought it someone from another shop called me saying they had a bumper for my car through an MPI claim and he wants to close the fileI Had to let him go and now im enraged and even more upset at the constant state of poor buiness ethic of these guysThis made me pull out all my paper work and here I notice that this carproof for the car, the one the salesman went over with me explaining everything was great, was not even current to them owning it and no one told me there was claim on the car at any timeNothing on the BOS saying a repair was pendingI emailed the manager to explain all my concerns and diagust
The manager told me the claim came after the saleWhich isabsolute*** because the other shop said he had come to them to do a color matchSo more lies
He also blamed me for not coming with the car to get them to lool at it! As far as im concerned they should have had transparancy, should have fixed the car before it left thier shopShould have told me the car wasnt ready instead of telling me it was good to goShould have told me it was going to be a bit longer before I could take it
All I can say about them is look at the dates for all their paperwork.take it for a safety where the shop isnt paid off by themAnd dont pay them or take a car off the lot until youre satisfiedThey took advantage of my need, time constraints, and MPIs lack of stricter integrity lawssTHEY will continue to pretend to have done all they could do.they also use *** sales tactics almost scripted about thier sales history which I had to tell him to stop as I wasnt interested in their wolf of wall street lets build a relationshipFact is they are gambling when they buy cars at auctionsThey want quick turnover to keep their lots and wallets fullAnd they dont care about you

We have know Brian and David at Pacific for years! My father and I always go there first when we are looking for vehicles. Everyone at Pacific have always been great, and they will help you find what you are looking for.
They recently helped my wife and mother in law both get into newer vehicles. (June 2016)
We have always had more than a fair deal with Pacific Motors, and highly recommend to others!

I have bought 2 vehicles from Pacific Motors over the years and I find them to be friendly, professional and helpful. They stand behind their products and have gone out of their way to make my car buying experiences positive.

This is the second vehicle I purchased from Pacific Motors. While the sale process was positive, the after sale process was also excellent. There were a few mechanical issues with the vehicle we became aware of within a month of the sale. Their mechanics repaired the items in the same day while also providing us with a courtesy car. These repairs were totally covered by the one month warranty.

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