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Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors

43671 Trade Center Pl Ste 142A, Sterling, Virginia, United States, 20166-2118

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5 of 14 windows installed FAILED, joke lifetime warranty on Simonton Windows or "Ply Gem of *** " (Definitely NOT acredited). 5 of them have air pouring through, absolute tornado on windy days. Had to send video but was still ignored.
Was eventually ridiculed, installer suggesting that "all windows leak - pay us more and we'll find the 'other' leaks"

My wife and I bought our home in Sept, 2017. In April, 2017 Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors installed a new roof on the home we purchased. In June, 2018, we found a leak in our garage. It took a couple months to get the name of this company from the seller.

On 8/1, I called and spoke to JoAnn. I told her we purchased the home and wanted to see if there was a transferable warranty. She said that she needed to check with their insurance division--said something about a gold package warranty transfer--that I needed to talk to Heather in billing, and gave me a different phone number to call. She said she would leave a message for Heather and I would get a return call. No call.

On 9/10, I left a message for "Heather."

On 9/11, I spoke to Jamie (on the "Heather" #) who told me the number I had been given was her cell phone and I should not have been given it. She said I needed to call the insurance division and she gave me two new phone numbers. I called and left messages on both. No return calls.

On 9/24, I used the company website to livechat with Michael. He said he does not service my area and gave me a number to call for the "***" team (now the 6th different #). I called the number and spoke to Lauren. She told me that she could see notes in their computer from the times that I have called. She said they have been trying to reach a manager named Ryan who could tell them if I have a warranty or not. She gave me a different number (phone # *).

On 10/10, I left 2 voicemails on two different phone numbers. No return calls.

I have been trying to speak with this company to discuss the leak in my roof and if it is covered under their warranty. They have clearly chosen to ignore me (I assume because they know it will cost them money). I need the to help facilitate this.

Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors Response • Nov 07, 2018

Tell us wh We offer two year workmanship warranties for all of our builds that are good for two years from the date of completion of their build. The original home owners build was completed on 4/13/2017 so the warranty is good through 4/13/2019. Warranty transfer costs new home owners $150 to transfer and they must be completed within the first 30 days of buying the home. The home owner stated that they purchased the home in September of 2017, and they did not reach out to us until June of 2018 when they first noticed a leak in their garage. At that time the new home owner did not have a warranty with us because it was not purchased in the 30 day period of purchase. The home owner did attempt to call reaching the personal cell phone of one of our employees on 9/11/2018, and again on 9/24/2018 reaching Lauren at our office. I first received word of this situation today 11/6/2018 when I spoke to the new home owner and informed him what we would do to move forward. I did inform him that he does not have a warranty with us as it was never transferred over after the purchase of his new home. I informed him that because of the issues he experienced trying to get ahold of us we would send a service technician out to look at the leak and if it is a workmanship error we would allow him at that time to pay the $150 transfer fee for the warranty to activate his warranty for the remaining life of the original 2 year warranty. We would complete the workmanship repairs at that time if it was deemed to be our fault. However I did notify him that if our technician went out and found out that the issue was not a cause of our work there is a $100 service fee for us to come out. We will be scheduling with the home owner an arrival window for Monday 11/12 to have our service technician come out and take a look at the leak.
y here...

Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors Response • Jan 02, 2019

Date: Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 3:07 PMSubject: *** ComplaintTo: *** <***>We had our service technician go out and take a look at this leak. He noted that this was not a roofing issue, however it was an issue with the siding which we did not install. There is rotted OSB sheeting from the gutter height down to the roof and the home has no house wrap at any point on the home. Pictures attached so the documentation where we found the leak coming from. See attached pictures.Nate was unable to speak to . *** but did leave him a detailed voice mail and sent him over an email explaining the situation. Per conversations with both our technician and Darren this is a siding issue causing the leaking. Nate informed the . *** again that we did not install siding on this job so the issues would be an additional expense if he was looking to have them resolved. If he reaches back out to me again via phone call or email Nate will follow up with our conversationDeryl M

Customer Response • Jan 16, 2019

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 9:45 PMSubject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #***.To: *** <***>***,Here is my response. Thank you!While I am not surprised that this is the company’s position, I am disappointed by it.The company’s response is not consistent with the conversation I had with their technician. The technician explained to me the process for a roof to be installed. Since the siding was in place prior to the roof, the technician explained that the J-channel needs to be adjusted in order to put the step-flashing behind it. He said that the J-channel doesn’t have to be entirely removed, but it needs to be loosened from the house in order to be able to tuck the step-flashing under and behind the J-channel.The leak is occurring exactly where the step-flash and J-channel interact and transition from the roof to the wall of the house. The technician also showed me where the step flashing was notched out and adjusted to accommodate the J-channel. This is evidenced by the photo the company provided labeled ***_pic2. The place where the J-channel and step-flashing meet is precisely where that water is entering my home. It was the company that moved the j-channel, notched the step-flashing, and left it in this configuration.This clearly demonstrates that the company’s installers did, in fact, impact the positioning of the j-channel on my home. Because the installers had to adjust and interact with the j-channel while placing, and cutting, the step flashing, this is, in fact, a workmanship issue.I want the company to stand behind their work and cover the cost of repairs.

After hail damage, I was looking for a reputable roofing company. After asking neighbors and looking at testimonials on-line, I had no hesitation going with Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors. After the initial No Pressure sales call, my sales rep staid in contact with me and my insurance adjuster making sure he was on site when the adjuster came out. He was with the adjuster and pointed out issues that even the adjuster had overlooked, saving me money. From there they were very helpful helping me to navigate the insurance process resulting in me getting a full roof replacement covering the entire amount my insurance company was willing to pay. Installation was very smooth and trouble free and we are extremely pleased with the quality and look. Everything done just as stated verbally and in writing. I have since recommended NVRE to other neighbors and family. If you need any work done on your home, this is one company you can trust to work with you and do a great job.

First of all, I want to say that we did not search for Northern Virginia Roofing, they solicited us by knocking on our door. The contractor (Ryan) requested to fix our roof as there was some hail damage. We agreed to have him look and he showed us pictures, which implied that we needed a new roof. We were able to get the work done, however we have had issues with customer service and quality of work.

3 months after our initial event, we noticed a shingle missing from the roof, it took us 4 -5 calls and 2 weeks to get a response after calling our contractor and the business site manager. After receiving a call from the site manager, we were able to get someone out to our home. We requested the company to record the roof, and after we verbally agreed, we never received the document.

6 months later we noticed a leak in our living room ceiling. We tried to call the contractor and the site manager for 2 weeks, we never received a response. With no communication, we became very frustrated and only after I requested to come to the building did I get a phone call return from the site manager. We agreed that he would pay to repair the roof and paint the ceiling. He sent a contractor out (a different person), he checked the roof and took pictures and we thought we were in great shape. Until....

3 months later we are selling our home, we have a contract, and get the home inspected. The home inspector finds 4-6 damaged shingles with manufacturing defects and shingles with inadequate extension at gutter boards. I still have yet to get a phone call or response back after several attempts at a call.

This company not only has extremely poor communication, the quality of work is poor as well. The neglect Northern Virginia Roofing has shown is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors Response

From: *** <***>Date: Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 2:22 PMSubject: Re: My E-mail Address***I’m writing to you regarding complaint number: ***. This matter was resolved in entirety on 09/19 to the homeowners satisfaction. Thank you

I recently had a bad experience with this company I chose this company for having mostly great reviews but I was wrong. I couldn't even get a hold of anyone for 2 weeks. Thankfully no work was performed on my house. If that's how they do business without anything being done I hate to see how it would be if I needed something done after the fact. I was even willing to pay more then other estimates I had done. I would not recommend this company to anyone with this kind of customer service

Your company installed a new roof on our house but not without damages and issues to our property that I attempted to get rectified through ***, the onsite foremen but was unsuccessful. *** knew how importantance of having everything cleaned up because our house was on the market for sale. I have requested on 3 different occasions to have the company supervisor/CEO contact me regarding these issues without ever receiving a telephone call so I have no other choice but to file a formal complaint. During the roof installation 5 Hostas plants were destroyed and left in that condition. I had to go to my house the next morning and clean the mess up, which included asphalt nails and residue on the driveway, walkway, patio, and steps leading up on our basement walk up. Your employee left our back door unlocked, unsecured and wide open when they departed on May 17th. I discovered this when I came to look at the house on May 18th and noticed *** immediately because I was concerned about the potential damage to our A/C units for running continuously for 18 or more hours.

Failed to clean off the driveway patio and walkways of asphalt residue and roofing nails

Failed to clean off stairs and railing to basement walk up leaving the possibility of asphalt residue going into the sump pump

May 17th at 1pm informed by *** roof would be completed that day.
May 18th went to look at the roof and found door unsecured and wide open and sent *** a text at 12:45pm
May 19th at 920am sent *** a text explaining our dissatisfaction with a variety issues that I spoke with him on the phone about but we decided to request to speak with his supervisor and asked *** to have him call us and ***'s response was "sure thing "
May 23rd sent *** another text still waiting for supervisor to call us. No response from ***.
May 29 12:23pm *** text that he was checking in to see the status of the check and I informed him I was still waiting to speak to the company supervisor. ***'s response "he will call you."

Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors Response

Spoke with *** and his wife earlier this morning and listened to all of their concerns. I came to an agreement with them that I am confirming through email. Once I get confirmation that the resolution we spoke about is acceptable through email I will update you all. The *** were happy after our conversation and were eager to get everything wrapped up and let the know everything was resolved.

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I received a notice in the mail about getting a free quote after a severe hailstorm in February 2017. I contacted them and they sent out a project manager who inspected the roof and told me what damage he had found (which was not much). I then contacted my insurance company who sent out an inspector. The insurance company found damage similar to what the PM had found. They sent me an estimate and a cash settlement. I then contacted the PM via e-mail about getting the repairs done. I had to e-mail him a second time and he then requested I send a copy of the insurance estimate, which I did. Despite a couple more e-mails from me I never heard back. I then sent a message to the company via their web site and never heard back from them, either. I can only assume my job was too small for them to bother with. Bottom line: They did not live up to the promise in their brochure, and now I am left wondering where to go from here. Very disappointing

Customer Response

This is reference to complaint# ***. Per the agreement in the below e-mail, the roofing company is going to take care of my roof and so I am withdrawing my complaint.Thanks. ***
*** per our discussion over the phone we are going to give you a 200$ credit/gift card for your inconvenience. Also we are going to be doing a reinspection with your insurance company and to the best of our ability try to get the rest of the roof replaced. If you can please give me a call when the insurance company schedules the reinspection. In doing this you stated that you would retract your complaint. If you could please send me an email stating that you agree to this and you will be retracting your complaint that would be greatly appreciated! Again thank you for your patience and we will get things taken care to the best of our ability!


Northern Virginia Roofing and Exteriors Response

Customer is only charged what insurance pays unless they agree before hand in writing that they want to pay for. There is an investigation going on to see exactly what insurance paid and what homeowner is being charged. Another reply will be given soon after investigation.

Customer Response

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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