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Nova Heating & Air Conditioning

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Review: From[redacted] November 23, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I, [redacted] contacted Nova Air Conditioning and Heating to address problems that I was experience with a heater in my house. The company’s workers came to my house to assess my heater’s condition on November 4th, 2013. As a resulted that service call, I was told that my heater’s motor was replaced and I was presented with an invoice of $499.95. I was shocked to find out that the motor was replaced without my consent and that I had to pay $499.95 for it. Another thing that stunned me was that I wasn’t given the new motor’s box, paperwork or any manufacturer’s warranty information that a new motor should come with. Also, I never saw my old motor to be taken out of my house at the end of that appointment. At the end of that day, my heater started leaking water.

Next day, I called Nova’s office and explained what happened at my service appointment and demanded my old motor back and/or to be given new motor’s box , paperwork and fix the leak. I was told that the company would send me a $40 check and someone was going to drop off my old motor and take a look at the leak. Till this day, I haven’t received my old motor back. $40 check came in the mail – I haven’t cashed it yet. (RETURN TO NOVA) My water leak was fixed AFTER MY THIRD CALL TO COMPANY.(END OF NOVEMBER)

On November 14th, I called Nova’s office to complain again, but still got no help. As a matter of fact a person I was talking to told me to seek help someplace else and there is nothing they could help me with.

Till this day, my old motor wasn’t returned back to me; I haven’t gotten any paperwork of a new motor that was mysteriously installed.

Clearly, I am a victim of a scam and fraud. It is obvious that my heater’s motor was NOT replaced due to the fact that I was never presented with a new motor’s paperwork and never was my old motor to be taken out of my house.

At this time I request that my old motor to be reinstalled (if it was ever replaced) or a brand new motor to be installed on my heater at no cost to me at your earliest convenience. A new motor has to come to my house in a sealed box with original packaging. Needless to say, that the water leak has to be address as well. If a new motor cannot be reinstalled for some reason, I’m requesting my old motor back in its original condition andthe amount of $499.95 to be refunded back to me..

Please contact with me by mail : [redacted] or e-mail [redacted]



To whom it may concern:

On November 23, 2013, we went to [redacted] residence at [redacted], after she had placed a call to us that she had no heat. Upon our initial inspection to diagnose the issue of the furnace, we suspected the blower motor failed. We pulled out the blower motor to inspect it and found it was seized. At this point in time, the homeowner [redacted]) came into the utility room and asked what was wrong with her furnace and how much would it cost to fix. I told her approximately $500.00. She said okay and left us there to fix the furnace which took approximately an hour With 2 technicians. We wrote out the invoice which totaled $499.95. The charges for the work are as follows $84.95 (service call fee) $320.00 (blower motor) $95.00 (labor).She wrote out the check to Nova Air Conditioning and Heating for $499.95. At no time, did she request that we leave the old motor there. We would have left it if she had requested us to. Our policy is to take all garbage and old non-working parts with us to dispose of them when we return to the shop at the end of the day.

The next morning she called and said her heat was not working and that she wanted the old motor that had already been disposed of. She complained of water leaking from the side of the furnace which was not leaking the previous day and was not mentioned to the technicians while they were there. The technicians did notice dried up rust stains as you can see in the enclosed pictures. They indicate that it had been leaking for years. We went again to the house the same day she called to say her heat wasn't working. There was not a problem with the furnace. She had the thermostat turned off. She asked for the motor and we told her it was disposed of the night before. We told her the leaking was from the original installation which was not installed properly (our company did not install her furnace). It would be an additional charge to make the repair. She didn't want to pay for the repair. She wanted this pre-existing problem to be repaired free of charge. She complained that she had to pay $499.95 for the motor and that she wanted the old motor. She consented to paying $500.00 for the motor or she would not have written the check to us or sign the invoice, like she did (see enclosed invoice).

She then called again to complain about the price of the motor so our office manger called her and offered her $40.00 off which she agreed to. She seemed content with that, according to our office manager. We mailed her the $40.00 check from our office. Approximately 4-5 weeks later she called complaining about the water and how she wanted the repair done now. We sent out our service manager, [redacted] who made the repair as a courtesy, not charging her for the work we did to repair the trap that caused the leaking in her furnace.

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