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NYC Car Wash Quick Lube

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NYC Car Wash Quick Lube Reviews (3) this time, I have not been contacted by NYC Car Wash Quick Lube regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: I went in for a car wash on a Sunday afternoon. As my car went on the belt for the car wash another car went in immediately after mine. I felt nervous but I assumed that the workers at the end will take out the car accordingly. Went my car got to the end of the belt, no worker was nearby and the car behind me hit mine immediately. I frantically called for help and the cashier just turn her head back and forth. Another worker from the inside went out to check on the car. He came in and assured me there was no damage and tells me at least my car was clean. I was so upset with the response I asked what can be done of this. He told me there is nothing he can do. I walked for at least a free car wash for my damages he said no. I am disgusted with the lack of management responsibility and most of all when I went back to my car, there was soap spray that hadn't been wiped down. Workers were disappointed they didn't receive tip.Desired Settlement: I just want the [redacted] to know what happened and some sort of compensation. The employee told me the [redacted] was not present and I am sure he didn't go telling him what had happened.



At this time, I have not been contacted by NYC Car Wash Quick Lube regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: This is also a case of misleading or bait and switch advertising, as well as inferior service. First of all, the car wash boldly advertises $5.99 car wash and no other signs are up for other prices at the entrance. It isn't until you actually get inside, where it is impossible to back up down the long windy way in, from which you can't see the street, that the signs say the $5.99 car wash only applies to cabs and limos! Then, you are stuck. Being based out of LA, where the only way to wash you car is in these types of car wash services, I still felt the price was normal, so I agreed. I asked if they were going to wipe down the dash just with a wet rag or something (which is standard in Los Angeles) and he said I would have to pay extra for that. Assuming that if I was being told it would cost extra, they would do a good job, I agreed to the higher price. When my car came out and they quickly wiped off the water and did nothing else that I started to clue in to the fact I was not getting what I paid for. They DID NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY WIPE DOWN THE DASH, I ASKED FOR THE RAG AND DID IT MYSELF, then I noticed they did not wipe down the glass sunroof, so I pointed that out, and the guy stood on the inside of my car with his muddy boots to quickly wipe off that and then did not bother to wipe off his muddy prints on the inside of my car. (FYI, The car wash itself appeared to only consist of one flimsy felt curtain from floor to ceiling and sprays of water, but I thought.. as in the other 100's of car washes, without fail, which I've paid for throughout my 42 years of life, they would do whatever work the machine did not, with in reason. ) .. I proceeded to drive off and then realized I could not see through the big splotches of things on the windshield which I did not see before, since I'd washed the windshield on my own many times ... I brought it back and they told me that stuff was stuck on and I'd have to get a detail to remove it.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!???? They did wipe off some, then I noticed the front of the car which had not been cleaned in the least. Yes.. there were some bug splatters.. but I've driven across country 9 times!!! 9 times, and always taken to my car to a car wash on arrival, and these came right off. They said they would not clean that and again, that I would have to get my bumper and front end BUFFED OUT to get the bugs removed. AGAIN: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!????? I then proceeded to remove them myself with a slight wipe of a sponge, to show them they should have come off, to which they insisted "You paid for a car wash and we ran it through." AGain.. 100's of car washes in ** years of life, 9 times driving across country , and many more times of other very long distance driving - with lots of bugs.. as happens with any such driving- and they always came off with the first car wash.. and again, I proved they were easily removed myself. I have never seen such rediculously inferior service in my life.... ever!!!! There is no excuse for this "car wash" or their false advertising or the horrible, effortless job they are doing. I paid for my car to be cleaned.. at least reasonably.. on the outside, and it was not even slightly cleaned! Furthermore, NO EFFORT was put in to it to do the advertised job of "cleaning" . I asked for a refund, since I paid for a car wash I did not in any way get and would have to take it somewhere else and pay again, and the owner refused. Only after treating me like I really incredibly dumb.Desired Settlement: Full refund of price paid (including tip), $17.23 and truthful advertising at the front of the car wash, rather than the bait and switch it seems they are using.



The client came into to our car wash late in the evening and requested a car wash for her car. she had mentioned to the car wash greeter at the counter that she just drove across country from California to New York and that her car is very dirty. The car wash greeter explained to her that we have an exterior wash for $5 and a full service wash for $8.99 with vacuum. The customer requested a SuperWash which includes [redacted] on the tires and tripple coat wax. The car had been across country and there were a lot of dead bugs and stains on the entire car from the long ride. The car went was washed thru the Automated tunnel and when it exited the tunnel, the car wash guys wiped down her car on the outside and inside windows. The customer left and came back yelling that her windows were still dirty. The manager was called since all complaints are seen thru a manager. The manager inspected the car and windows and noticed a lot of dead bug stains on the windows and on the entire body of the car. The manager also saw coffee stains on the dashboard, seats and carpet floors. The manager explained to the customer that the dead bugs look like they were there for a while and will not be washed away with any typical car wash tunnel and that the bugs have to be removed with ACID and other cleaning agents. She didnt believe us. We demonstrated a small area and used acid with other cleaning chemicals and a Buffing machine and she saw that it was cleaned with a lot of labor. I explained to her that this kind of job requires a full detail and that it will cost her and she was adamant about the fact that she already paid for a wash which was suppose to clean it the first time. She then proceeded to sit in our car wash and use our chemicals and machines and insisting on doing it her self. The manager, explained to her that we do not allow the customer to use our chemicals and that if she wanted to clean her car on her own, then she is more than welcome to purchase the chemicals in the Car Wash Store. She needed to clean her entire car and this is clearly a THEFT OF SERVICES. We washed her car but she wanted us to clean out her coffee stained dash and floors and polish her car free of charge. These services are labor intensive and we have to pay people to sit and clean a dirty and stained car for hours. That kind of job is called a Full Detail and SHE WAS CLEARLY OUT TO GET AWAY SCOTT FREE AND GET HER CAR FULLY CLEANED AND DETAILED FOR $5.

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Description: CAR WASH & POLISH

Address: 7065 Queens Boulevard, Woodside, New York, United States, 11377


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