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Nylund Homes

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• Feb 27, 2023

Flippers Should Have Better, More Stringent Oversight
Nylunds Inc (formerly Nylund Homes, Inc) is a 2nd rate house flipper. They buy foreclosed homes, then cover up existing damage calling it "remodeling" to sell at a huge profit. When you finally figure out that you bought a "pig with lip stick on it", you've invested so much money trying to make it livable you can't afford to sell it back to them even if you wanted to. If you did, that means they would just make more profit from your hard work and the home may still not be livable. In my case, I had to completely demolish our manufactured home because there was just too much floor rot, roof rot and mold to fix. We discovered, after the purchase, that not only did they not get ANY permits for the work done, not one entity during our transaction checked on that. Not the bank, not the realtor, not the appraiser, not the inspector, no one and all were aware that remodeling had occurred. Interestingly, prior to purchase, we had this home inspected by WIN Home Inspections. We got a "thumbs up" on all things, even those covered up that, in our opinion, should have been discernible by a professional inspector.
H. Thomas

• Nov 20, 2023

After 5years I finally have a court date. I have a lot more to say. H.Thomas

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I am rejecting this response because:Obviously you did not read my reply1; I can not sell it back to you even if I wanted to, per county lien in my name2; To clear this lien, I need to upsize septic to fit the needs of a bedroom home3; remodel basement to code, per county4; The property records, from the county, switched from to bedroom while the property was in your possessionYou also listed this home as a bedroom, yet, when you purchased this home on the courthouse steps, records prove it was permitted bedroom with a septic to fit only a bedroom home5; Of course you offer to buy it, physically can not do it, and property values have gone up, that's a cop out for your mistakes6; You say, you sold a distressed home to me, yet -- in your disclosure, you say you knew nothing about the homeTherefore, how would you know it's distressed?!?! Because I sure was never made aware that it was a "distressed" homeWe never spoke! How would I know? 7; You agreed to a price drop for line items which were listed in the terms of sale, all these items have absolutely nothing to do with a failing septic/ health hazard/ a well that was not decommissioned, yet you painted over it, and concreted over it / and bedroom count 3-You are recorded with county assessor for reason of bedroom count changing, although all that work was unpermitted8; Even if you look at the bedroom/septic as one issue, the septic alone is completely failing and crackedNieghbors even made you aware of the raw sewage that would collect on the surface at times9; You stated in your disclosure, you wouldn't know if basement floods cause you never owned it/ lived in it, yet, it flooded while you performed the remodelFor your next response, please reply with facts! All my accusations are supported by county, and photosSincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I was blaintently taken advantage of and your poor business practices have jeapordize my families financial positionI can not legally sell this home in its current stateThe property has a lean due to the septicmonth after purchasing a home, I cannot sell it to anyone, because of your business practicesYou told me the home was in a state of disrepair, of which you made a decision to repairUnfortunately I'm not fixing anything on the home from the 1960's (with exception to the septic and the hidden well), I'm fixing everything you repaired and or remodeledYou still won't call and talk, or meet with me, that says a lot right thereI just wish you were honest on your disclosure, and I wish you would have fixed the home correctly when you did work to itI have more money into the home now in fixing the home to live in, then to just rescind the offerThis is my home, and I want to live where I am! However, that home, as advertised was a completely livable homemonth into owning it, the county says otherwiseRescission can not happen anyway, not until the septic is fixed, and I cannot fix the septic until the basement is remodeled to code since it was switched to a bedroomYou slapped a ton of makeup on a it, you completely covered up issues that needed addressed, and now, you tell me I got a good deal?????!!!! A good deal would be, my family being able to live in a bedroom home per your advertisement and sale, and that the county would not be after me just a few months into ownershipSincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I shouldn't have to wait to get a response from the jack manufacturer in order to get a refund on a week old jack camper clinic installedThe jack obviously was faulty and I was told this by [redacted] that the jack camper clinic installed, that no jack should have done what this one didI'm basically being told that if the jack manufacturer denies the warranty, then im out on a week old jack.? [redacted] told me they wouldn't be able to file a warranty claim since they don't sell that brand and I would have to take that up with camper clinic who installed the jack Regards, [redacted] ***

[redacted] knew he was purchasing a distressed sale property with issues, after home inspection he asked and received a substantial discount for the purchase do to its conditionHe knew what he was purchasing, property was discounted at time of purchase appropriatelyIn response to septic system, the seller did not add any additional bedrooms, his statement that the home was changed to a bedroom is inaccurateIf he would like to sell the home back for what he paid for it, I would be more than happy to purchase it back for that price, as he received a very sweet dealSincerely, Rod N***

The electric jack has a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and Camper Clinic will assist in getting you a refundThe warranty and the warranty process is also enclosed for your review The [redacted] should of processed the warranty for you and not charged, but since they did not we have offered to send the jack in to the Manufacturer for review.If the manufacture finds a failure in the jack they will replace it and Camper Clinic will refund the labor paid

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