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O 2 B Kids

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Review: I have had nothing but problems with this dry cleaners. They are the only ones in our area that pick up and deliver the clothes so that is the ONLY reason I have stayed with them so long. I have left several messages asking for manager to call back the past 2 months because of various customer service issues. No one has called. I did reach a manager once about 1 1/2 years ago and they just gave me a very unsympathetic "Sorry" and did not even offer a discount or anything. Lets see--They have forgotten our red bag before. The last time they did not include a receipt, I called and asked and still never got one, so I don't even know for sure if they used my coupon. They kept one of our comforters for way too long once. One time the driver left a sticker with a phone # on our door and I called that very same number to schedule a pick up and the driver who answered said he serviced Mentor and that he wasn't my driver. Ok, then why is your name on that sticker on my door? They almost lost my maid of honor dress for a wedding I was in 2 years ago. And Today (4/10/14) they did not deliver my clothing that was picked up Monday and I am on a Monday/Thursday schedule. And now I do not have a garment I needed to wear to work tomorrow. So I am extremely shocked that this dry cleaners won for best dry cleaners. The only reason they did is because they have a monopoly on this area.Desired Settlement: With all the headaches this dry cleaners has caused I would say they should give us free dry cleaning for the rest of the year, but I would rather go elsewhere and make sure that word gets out about their horrible customer service.



Mrs [redacted] has been a customer at both our store and on our route (pick up and delivery) service. She brings clothes in under her name [redacted] and the name [redacted]. If a "route" customer brings clothes into one of our location and drops off at the counter and doesn't pick up the day before their delivery day, our route drivers get the order to the correct location that the customer's route is run out of. For example Mrs [redacted] dropped off at our location at 6447 Wilson Mills Rd in Mayfield Village, her route is run out of our location at 28200 Chagrin Blvd in Woodmere. The Wilson Mills location cleaned and pressed her clothes. The clothes were then brought by one of our drivers to the Woodmere location so they could go out on the delivery route on Monday to be delivered back to Mrs. [redacted]. This has been the way we had done it with the customers in the past and the way we processed their order this particular time also. As it turned out Mrs. [redacted] came in Saturday evening to pick up the clothes not realizing that the clothes had gone to Woodmere. She then was upset and called the police to the Wilson Mills location, and told them that we lost her clothes. The police arrived and explained to her that missing clothes needed to be taken up with the company and not with the police. Wilson Mills location then called over to Chagrin to try to locate the clothes. The clothes were in fact at Chagrin and ready for delivery. Due to the confusion we offered to deliver the clothes right away to the customer and we also offered her some free cleaning. (The clothes had been prepaid and we do not have access to credit card numbers so we were unable to reverse charges). She then informed us that she would no longer be using our company and so the credit was unnecessary, but she would like to have her clothes brought to her. The clothes were delivered to her.

Review: I dropped off a suit with D.O. Summers to get cleaned. The suit came back destroyed, with the lapel ruined. When I went to pick up the suit, the lady told me I had dropped off the suit like that, which I most certainly did not. I had worn the suit right before taking it in to be cleaned and there was no damage, and there was damage when I got it back from the cleaners. The lady's response sounded canned and rehearsed, making me think this is is something the employees are instructed to say immediately and automatically, regardless of the type of damage.They sent the suit in for garment analysis (done by an industry company, so I doubt the real objectivity of the report) which stated that the suit was damaged by an indeterminate heat source (which they claim not to use, but they still use irons in their plant and who knows what other forms of heat, if that is even what caused the damage).It was extremely difficult to get in touch with them to discuss it. I called numerous times, with them sending me to voicemail, so I left messages, and they would call back sometimes, but I missed the one or two times they called. Finally today I got in touch with them. They are falling back on the garment analysis (which they pay for - garment analysis companies make their money from the very people that want an answer that absolves their responsibility). They refuse to accept responsibility for the suit.In short, I dropped off one of my only suits to be cleaned, and now I have one less suit. And they haven't even offered to refund my money, let alone cover the cost of purchasing another suit now that I no longer have that suit (and it was my wedding suit).Desired Settlement: $400 replacement value of suit + refund of dry cleaning



Thank you for allowing me the

opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint filed with the

D.O. Summers Cleaners, doing

business since 1881, prides itself on providing excellent customer service and

high quality dry cleaning. We have won many awards over the years for doing

just that. We are continually

upgrading our equipment and cleaning processes, so that all garments are

handled with the utmost care.

The damage Mr. [redacted] describes

is one that would be nearly impossible for any of our pressing machines to

cause. While he mentioned in his

complaint a burned collar, we also found distinctive evidence of pressed in

creases on the sleeves of the coat; something our finishing equipment would


I am surely not suggesting, that

from time to time, human error may cause a garment to become damaged during the

cleaning process. That is one of

the many reasons we rely upon a fabric analysis organization such as Adco to

assist us in determining why or how a particular garment may have become

damaged during the cleaning process.

In this case, as you will see

from the attached analysis report, Mr. [redacted]’s suit coat was more than

likely damaged by a home iron.

Believe it or not, that sort of iron is easily capable of causing

significant burns and scorching such as those found on Mr. [redacted]’s


On the other hand, the

pressing/finishing equipment used in all of our dry cleaning plants would be

incapable of scorching fabrics in such a fashion.

We were very confident that the

damage caused to his jacket could not have occurred in our plant and when the

analysis report confirmed these findings, we explained to Mr. [redacted] that his

jacket more than likely had been “touched up” with a home-style iron at an

earlier time.

I can assure you that if we

believed we were in any way responsible for causing such damage to his jacket,

we would most certainly reimburse him – something most cleaners refuse to do.

I hope this helps to clarify the

complaint levied against my company.

If there is any more information

you require, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you again,

Dustin Goldberg

D.O. Summers Cleaners



B[redacted] or the manager is lying. I never picked up the suit. I still have the receipt. How was I supposed to pick up the suit within 6 months when they won't give it to me?



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