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Review: I paid $347.28 to have a service call to determine what was wrong with my gas fireplace and have it repaired. We paid $69.00 for the diagnosis and $298.00 for the replacement part and installation of the part. We received a $50.00 discount and paid taxes of $30.28.

We paid the bill on invoice 2013 but have had to call them to come out for the same problem on five subsequent occasions, on the last visit they tried to tell us we needed an additional $650 dollars in repairs because the item they fixed (main pilot safety generator) was not the defective item, but instead the gas valve and wall switch were the defective items.

We offered to pay the difference between what we already paid and what the new diagnosis shows the problem is as we don't feel we should have to pay for the technicians faulty diagnosis. The owner refused and advised us to call someone else to resolve the issue, refusing our request to send a technician to fix the problem even though this work carries a five year warranty on parts and labor.Desired Settlement: I have no problem paying for the appropriate repair but do not feel I should have to pay for the technicians misdiagnosis. The owner was extremely rude telling me about his problems (I am the customer with the problem, not sure why I would be concerned with his labor issues) and telling me to call someone else to come out and take care of the problem.

At this point I would like my money refunded or fireplace fixed. If the real problem requires a $650.00 repair instead of the original $347.28 repair I would the the job completed correctly and be credited for what I have paid thus far or my money refunded so I can try again with another company.


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We came out over a year ago and replaced the main pilot generator and came back out last month and found this year the main gas valve is not working. We invited them to get a second company to check it out to confirm. We are now awaiting second opinion to confirm the diagnostic we gave.

Review: On Sunday June 2nd, I called O C Residential for my air conditioner it was working but failing to blow cold air. First of all it was supposed to be a 39$ service call, when they arrived I was charged 105$ just to diagnose the problem. Once this was complete I was told it would be 582$ for a dual capacitor and a new high voltage main line. I paid for the repairs and the technician told me we were also slightly low on freon and he put a pound in for free. After this the air conditioner began to blow cold air again. 12 hours later on Monday morning June 3rd, the air conditioner began to fail again doing the same thing. It was working, but failing to blow cold air. The Technician came back out to the house and told be we were at negative 25 in freon and that we must now have a major freon leak somewhere and it would be 250$ to find the leak and then however much to fix it once they found the leak. I have a two month old baby and a five year old in the house and can't afford to pay them an undecided amount of money on top of the 582$ I just gave them two days ago when they never even fixed the problem to begin with. Also If he did a full diagnostics check on Sunday and there was no freon issue there I don't see how that possibly happened over night right after he fixed it. I have contacted them again since asking to speak to a manager and no one is returning my calls.Desired Settlement: I want my money either refunded or my air conditioner fixed properly. This is unacceptable and unhealthy for my children.



I have tried to contact the customer and have not heard back.

Review: I called this company over a year ago my problem was AC not blowing cold air downstairs the company diagnosed the problem was the condenser ( I have invoice) issue was not fixed I called company again they stated the problem was the motherboard and ensured the problem would be fixed. issue was not fixed I called them back this time they states the outside units needed to be changed since they were 10 years old, they assured me they had "bumper to bumper" warranty and they changed the unit in August 2012 by the time I had to travel outside the county last year I had already paid this company over $5000 , as soon as I turned the ac this year I experienced the same problem I called them and stated the problem was the only piece not covered by warranty I needed an new coil. they requested 1500 over what another provided offered and I has the coil changed with the other company after 2 weeks of the AC finally working the same problem raised again. I called OC and they tried to discourage me from using their services from the get go, I asked them to troubleshoot and determine what was wrong the Technician made some phone calls and [redacted] the Supervisor instructed him not to work on my AC, I requested to speak to [redacted] and after that the Technician without checking the system requested over $1000 to be paid upfront to work on the issue cash or CC because my check "may bounce", when I replied I had never paid with check and always at time of service my credit is AA and I wanted to know why was I required something different from any other customer specially since I had paid his company over $5000 (I had all invoices) for same unresolved problem. The Tech just replied well you know how it goes I'm hispanic too. ?????? I assured him I had no problem paying since I have little kids in harm due to the temperatures but I wants to understand why the different treatment, The Technician Mr. [redacted] mentioned that if the fixed didn’t work the cost was for labor and they would not be able to reimburse me or warranty any work, I called the Supervisor [redacted] from his phone since he would not answer calls from my phone. The Supervisor [redacted] was very rude and stated that if I did not paid his Technician upfront he would ask him to drive off, I told him that was fine since I have a toddler at home but for him to email me the request and explanation why if I’m under warranty and I have paid so much money for something they have misdiagnosed from the beginning they treat me differently than any customer. [redacted] was very rude and hung up on me, I was with the driver he got instructions to drive away even when I said I would pay upfront because they refused to honor the warranty. their Customer Service Number Blocked my number I'm professional and never used disrespectful language when I called from another phone the person that answer was aware of me and mentioned he was only an hourly paid person he knew about my situation and requested me to speak to the Supervisor [redacted], I could only thank him and give him my blessing since he was only following orders. I have an AC problem that has not been fixed after all the money invested due to misdiagnosis and perhaps lack of knowledgeDesired Settlement: I want this company to leave my AC working and treatment consistent with what is appropriate business practice, no exceptions or discrimination because I'm hispanic or because I'm asking them to own what they have determined to be the issue in the past, I need this issue fixed after 1 year of charges and misdiagnosis and for this company to be monitored for discriminatory practices against minorities, I hope I was the only person they've done this to and hopefully the last one. I realize my issue may be difficult to troubleshoot since all of their technitians have failed to solve it but they need to provide service and truthfully honor warrany or determine what needs to be done to have it fixed for good. not an never ending list of issues that are not covered under previous work



In regards to [redacted] complaint regarding her HVAC service:

[redacted] called us out for service over a year and a half ago. It was discovered on that visit that (2) of her outside AC condensing units were bad/inoperable and needed replacement. This was a free estimate that was performed. She was told at that time also that her equipment in the attic was in bad shape and should be replaced. [redacted] stated that money was tight for her and she couldn't afford to do the entire systems. As it was she did not have the money to change out the two non operating outside AC condensing units. We don't offer financing at OC except on a case by case basis and in her case we decided to extend a good faith agreement to her in which she could put 50% down and make monthly payments on the rest. This was done without checking her credit or severe financial scrutiny and she was told this was an exception because of her situation and it was hot out. [redacted] said she liked us and wanted to use us over other companies because we gave her a very fair price on the equipment. The equipment was installed without incident and has ran perfectly for her since then. Fast forward to this summer and a piece of her equipment in the attic failed. She called us (because she liked us and we did a good job) and we once again gave her a quote for that piece in the attic that failed. It was a very reduced price to what we normally charge. Again, [redacted] chose us because she trusted us and the install was scheduled for the next day. On the next day as the install time was approaching and the equipment was purchased [redacted] called and cancelled the install. She said she found a guy who would do it for cheaper. We explained to her that cheaper is not always good because you need to consider warranty and service. She said money was tight and so she needed cheaper. A few days later she places a service call. The technician arrives to find [redacted] very inebriated. She states to the technician that her system is not cooling. The technician finds that her piece of equipment in the attic is leaking, that the company that installed it messed up the installation and it was leaking. He tells [redacted] of this and tells her the company that installed it should come out and fix it. [redacted] said she could not get ahold of them. The technician told her that since this was not equipment we installed that she would be charged for any repairs made. In her inebriated state she was not happy. She asked to speak to the service manager who explained again the situation. The service manager told her that OC could repair the problem but since it wasn't our equipment we would need to charge her for the repair. He suggested she get in touch with the company that installed it. She began getting angry and stating she had spent $7-8k on our equipment. The service manager told her it was $5000 and that she had declined our quote for the problem equipment. At this point she started saying negative and derogatory things about OC. The service manager told her to just call the company that installed it to fix it. She stated that she couldn't do that, it just wasn't an option. She said she did not trust them. She also began to say she did not trust OC also, though are equipment has never failed her and though we extended credit to her and though we showed up promptly whenever she called and needed service or help answering questions. The service manager told her that in order to fix the problem she would have to pay us, that we could not fix it for free since we did not install the equipment. Keep in mind that the technician at this point had been there over an hour listening to [redacted] argue and complain. She was not rational and would not just say yes or no. The service manager finally asked her one last time, we should like us to repair the equipment for her tonight or would she not. The technician had to get to other customers and needed to get started on her repair or go. It was approximately 10:30pm and getting later. [redacted] continued to argue and refused the work. The technician was told by the service manager to leave the property as [redacted] at this time was getting louder and blocking the technicians path. Later that night she leaves a threatening drunken message about 5 minutes long. At this point [redacted] is not wanted as a customer of OC until she can be civil.

I had a very similar experience to another customer. OC Residential wanted to chsrge me over $500 for a $35 capacitor $500..00 for 15 minutes of work. OC Residential Services = Over Charge Residential Services! The workman even removed pieces of our A/C unit and took them with them! The good news, they showed up within :30 minutes of the time they said they would arrive.

Review: Arrived, near appointment time, removed the screws at the top of the unit. 2nd workman brought over a "menu" of services. I explained that I thought the unit may be under warranty, as we had purchased it < 5 years prior. Technician #2 replied that "we don't do warranty" and commented to his co-worker "lets get out'a here" and began leaving.

They hastily reassembled the unit without reinstalling the screws. They took the parts they remvoed with them.

I then became very agitated at the technician and told them I wanted to screws installed. Even showed him the location of the missing screws. Technician #1 replied that "noting was missing".

I told them to leave. Extreemly agitated. I did use course language in my description of my perceived poor service.

Technician #1 offered that "we are just trying to get out of here to the next job so we dont have to bill you"Desired Settlement: Return the screws that were removed.


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1. It was Sunday and over 103 degrees.

2. We sent two tech on over time to help with mountains of families over heated.

3. We arrived on time

4. We offer to repair system

5. The man had called the wrong company and was very upset, his warranty was with Trane.

6. We explained Trane is closed and he needs to wait until they open on Monday to see what they may approve.

7. The extremely mad man, scared the techs so bad they did not charge for the service call. (Something we never do!) 8. We feel ripped off to this day ! They have not offered one penny for our time.

9. We do refund people that are not happy but this is a first because they payed nothing! NOTHING !!!

10.The number one reason the techs, (besides the overtime) agree to work on Saturday and Sundays is

the overwhelming thanks for being open when most are not. This was not the case! Our time and money meant nothing to him at all!

We make mistakes all the time and it sinks but in this case the guys were told to get the ????? off his property and never come back!!

Now they are out to trash us as a company with out even calling our management to see if we could help.

Review: OC residential was to come and repair my air conditioning, they charge a flat rate of $398.00 to charge the ac. Freon is $40.00 a pound right now, he only had to use about 3 pounds of coolant, they are over charging people. I asked the techician to fix the leaks in the system, it was not done, he did not know what to do. I was charged $473.00 and nothing was fixed. I had to hire another company to come fix what OC did not, and I am still out $473.00 to OC for nothing.Desired Settlement: OC should refund at least part of the money I spent, because they did not fix the problem and I had to hire someone else to fix the ac unit, and they need to bill people for the freon used, not a flat rate.




We were called out to home because there was no cooling.

We informed home owner system had leaked out freon.

We gave two prices, one to fill and one two fill and fix.

We also gave him a day to think about it and he refused and said "just fill it!" We did and

three days later hes calls and says the freon leaked out again and just let our self in, but then realize he

was talking to us the first company (OC Services) and not the second company witch he hire one day after us because it leaked again, just like we told him.

He quickly realized that he accidentally called us the first company and quickly hung up.

The point here is he did not believe there was a leak and just paid to fill it witch is a total waste.

We would love to talk to other company he hired for the true story.

I called them to replace one circuit breaker in my house. I already identified the issue and opened the circuit breaker panel in the garage. This is a very straight forward 5-10 minutes work. There was no diagnosis work at all for them to identify the issue. I already identified the problem. It was a simple change of one circuit breaker. I have been charged $339.00. Later on I checked the internet and I found that standard circuit breaker replacement cost is around $100.00 to $120.00 at max. including labor and parts. Anyway this is my experience with "O C Residential Services". I am not going to call them for any future work.

If it wasn't so hot, I would have waited. They first tried to tell me it was the compressor..NOT. I already looked at the unit and knew it was the capacitor. This company charged me over $500 for a $35 capacitor I could have gotten from Grainger (I priced it) and probably a $90 Booster Cap if that! $500.12 for 15 minutes of work and less than $150.00 in parts is a rip off. I don't see how they can even justify the amount, but would love to hear it! $500.12. REALLY!! If it wasn't over 100 degrees this weekend. and I didn't have pets, they would not have gotten my money! OC Residential Services = Over Charge Residential Services!

I am posting my experience everywhere! Beware of what you are paying with this company! If you can take the heat wait and get other quotes!

OC was great at helping my wife and out. theye took the time to make sure we were happy and got what we wanted. Ron and Jerry did our install; it was quick and easy and we didn't have to do anything. They were very professional and clean. We highly recommend OC Services for any home needs.

My renter's A/C unit went out while I was out of town. I had them call a technician, they called O.C. air, their $39 service call only includes the trip they charged us another $100 for diagnostics. Which is fine, the issue is the diagnostic called for replacing the A/C unit at a cost of $5500 or $11000 for their premium package. When I returned back home I checked the unit and found the capacitor had failed (bulged capacitor is a dead give away) I did not even take my voltmeter out of the bag. Went to grainger got the $18 capacitor and they've been fine for over a month.

I called O.C. services to try and get the technician to come back and verify that my A/C unit was working and that he had given us a wrong diagnosis. Of course trying to get my $140.I was told that since I am not a licensed A/C company they could not take my word for it. Really?? I think even their technician would be able to tell the difference between a new A/C unit and a 7 year old unit.When I told them I could call another A/C company to verify that the capacitor had been replaced, I was told it did not matter because I fixed it, the repair had to be done by the A/C technician.My next step is to file with the I still don't understand why they have A+ rating?? with 1/2 of the reviews are negative.

I would highly recommend a second opinion, or not even calling them out for a first opinion.

I called these guys around 9pm on a Friday night, the only good thing was that they showed up about when they said they would...about 10:30. My upstairs unit was not producing air at all and the line outside was building up ice. I thought right away that it was low on freon but when the guy showed up he told me that our blower motor was seized up. I'm not terribly familiar with HVAC stuff but after he showed me a price of $710 to replace it I told him I would wait and have my kids sleep downstairs a night or two. I called a family friend the next day, Saturday no less, he came out and looked at the unit in th attic. He puts his hand on the motor and gives it a turn, he says "this motor is not seized up". He then heads out to his truck to get a new capacitor and cranks it right up. I asked him how much and he said $70 for me and $5 for the part. I was about to pay 10 times that just the night before with Over Charge Residential. Don't use these guys......or eat their burgers. GO BACK TO CALI!!!!

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