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Ochsner Foundation Hospital

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Service excellence
I was admitted to Ochsner hospital after my leg injury in June 2020. It was my first visit to Ochsner system. I was impressed by the cleanliness and service by their staff during my stay at the hospital. One person brought to my attention for her help and dedication. She was my nurse during my stay, and I believe her name was Ms. Jane Muntzner. Ms. Jane not only providing her services above and beyond her duties, she was walking an extra mile. She provided all necessary medical nursing services and added psychological help to make me feel better and reduce the pain and suffering. I Thank you for her services and recommend her name to the Ochsner system for recognition.

Review: Ochsner keeps sending me a bill for $26.75 for the month of July. This is incorrect. All of my bills for the month of July should be billed FIRST to Medicare. After they pay, the bills should go to Blue Cross as a SECONDARY insurance with a copy of what Medicare paid. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED notice from Blue Cross that I owe anything to Ochsner. They have not billed Blue Cross correctly. I have tried to contact their billing department and no luck. I have tried to correct this problem with Renee Wallace the social worker and Angela Landry in Covington but so far no luck. I will pay what is due but this billing is incorrect.Desired Settlement: See above. Bill Medicare and then send the info that Medicare sends you to Blue Cross. Because of my chemotherapy for cancer, I have already met my family out of pocket maximum for the year from Blue Cross and they should indicate that I owe nothing to Ochsner.



At this time, I have been contacted directly by Ochsner Foundation Hospital regarding complaint ID 10879539, however my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

They are going to resubmit the claim. Hopefully, they will also incude a copy of what Medicare paid. If they don't, then the insurance company again will not pay the claim.

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.


Review: I have come to believe that Ochsner has unfair billing practices. They are constantly taking money from one area of payment and applying it to other areas not billed. The bills lack consistency and only show what they want you to see. I received a bill on 5/31/2015 for a visit made on 5/12/2015. I have a receipt showing that I paid $20 towards my co-pay, but the bill only shows $16.42. I paid the bill in person on 6/9/2015 and the workers there credited the wrong account. I received another bill on 6/28/2015 for the same items. I had to work with someone online to get the amount transferred to the correct account. During that time, I noticed the $16.42 credit instead of $20 and questioned where the other $3.58 went. I was told it was applied to an outstanding item from 9/12/2012. I received a bill on 2/14/2013 on what should I believe was the same account number, but there was no request for $3.58 on that bill for charges on 9/12/2012. Since my insurance paid off on 9/17/2012, if I owed money at that time it surely would have showed on this bill. This is the second time I've had this issue with Ochsner and it makes me wonder how many millions of dollars, each customer collectively, they may be taking in total from customers who don't follow their bills the way that I do. I have also been given HORRIBLE advice from people in "Supervisor" positions taking calls at the Patient Accounts Customer Service Department. I plan to make a complaint against them with my Insurer as I'm sure they'll be interested in what I see on my bills and how it might affect them also. How can they get away with going back that far with no required explanation to the customer?Desired Settlement: I want someone to sit down with me by appointment and let me show them what I am talking about so that the problem can be fixed for good, not just for me, but for everyone doing business with them. If credit card companies and other business billed this way, no one would know anything about where their money goes.

Review: I was asked about a smoking sensation shot and I declined,but it is a charge on my bill,then they removed the charge from that bill, but subsequentialy have been billed for it on the last 4 bills.It appears to be some king of reoccuring billing cycle.Now I am facing going in the collection bureau for a bill I dont oweDesired Settlement: Removed from my bill

The won't admit they having problems with their billing/collection process. The bills are so complicated the average person would not be able to follow the bill and figure out if the bill is correct or not. A minor mistake in their favor for every account they have would net them millions and someone needs to take care of this problem. The refuse to address the problem and as you can see from the reports, they either don't respond (no response to my 10/2015 complaint) or they don't respond favorably to the customer. I am currently disputing the amount that has been "stolen" from me on my current billing since it is the first bill I've received since the incident happened.

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Address: PO Box 681787, Franklin, Tennessee, United States, 37068-1787


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