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ODW Logistics, Inc.

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Background [redacted] was at ODW Logistics in their Columbus, Ohio warehouse from March 2010 to the end of March 2011. They provided fulfillment services receiving, pick/pack and storage.
We are a small company selling clown supplies that sent about 10 or so orders a day during this time. We sent the orders by EDI to ODW Logistics.
ODW Logistics's Shipping Problems
ODW Logistics of Ohio had an average of 4.5% delivery error rate over the 13 months we were there. In the month of February, the error rate was over 18%.
Generally ODW Logistics had the following problems with shipping out my 10 orders a day.... (I started formally tracking this in August 2010)
29% of the errors were attributed to putting the wrong shipping code on the order. So, for example, a customer would pick Next Day and they would send it out UPS Ground.
24% of the errors were attributed to shipping late. To be shipped out on time, they would have to have the orders by 2pm to send them out that day. In these cases, they failed to do so.
13% of the errors were attributed to pick/pack errors where the end customer reported ODW Logisitics put the wrong product in the box. For example a customer ordered 12 whistles and ODW Logistics only sent 2.
11% of the errors were attributed to putting the wrong labels on the box. So orders intended for Florida would go to Maine. After being assured that it would never happen again (after it occurred in August), it happened again January.
ODW Receiving Problems
As this weren't directly effecting the customer, we didn't formally track the receiving problem as closely. Often, any shipment for our supplier either sent Fedex, USPS, or DHL would arrive after a lengthy delay. Based on a sample, we had the following receiving times (the time from when it arrived at their warehouse until they posted it in inventory.)
Fedex: 7.3 days
DHL: Only had one, but that took 30 days to receive.
USPS: 5.7 days
UPS: 1.6 days
ODW Management Problems
We had 5 managers in the 13 months that contributed significantly to our problems. The one manager who managed to keep our error rate under 1% for the month of December was fired. ODW Logistics neither consulted with me on this decision nor bothered informing me. I learned about it from the employee.
Of all the problems, listed above, I can't recall one example of when ODW informed me of the problem. Either we informed them or MY CUSTOMERS TOLD ME.
ODW Logistics lack of attention to detail cost me. It cost me thousands of dollars, significant amount of customer service time, and the goodwill of my customers. If you were looking for fulfillment services, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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Address: 400 W Nationwide Blvd Ste 200, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43215-2394


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