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Official Crown of Laurel

808 R St Ste 102, Sacramento, California, United States, 95811-6402

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Horrible horrible horrible company that will take your money and not ship your items. Additionally, when they do get back to you (via email ONLY) they do not provide you with the information requested.
I asked for a tracking number and was told that I needed to contact the postal service about a missing parcel.
How am I supposed to report my package is missing without tracking info?
I also requested a refund since the order was placed on 6/29 and it now 7/15 and there is no updates.

Has shared zero shipping info on an item ordered 15 days ago. All comments on social media are limited so consumers cannot share or be critical of the experience they have had with this company. Will not respond to emails. Impossible to reach.

They're false advertising items. Horrible customer service and committing a crime. Should be shut down

I ordered some face coverings from this company on April 24th and have yet to receive them. I've emailed them several times asking for an update on the status of my order and I have finally asked them to cancel my order. They have not responded to any request. There are numerous reports of false advertising from customers on Facebook.

Official Crown of Laurel Response time May 28, 2020

This order was delivered on 5/18 -

Customer Response time May 28, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Order placed on April 11th, 2020 - ORDER #***
On April 27th, 2020 - received an email that the item has shipped

Tracking shows no movement. Request for more information and emails to have gone unanswered.

I understand that the COVID-19 situation can create shipping delays but this is extreme, and your website continues to average ship times of 3-5 days. Your facebook page is filled with thousands of complaints by customers who have not received their items.

I ordered items on April 25. Items have not shipped out I have contacted the company multiple times and requested a refund and have not received a response back.

Official Crown of Laurel Response time May 28, 2020

This order was shipped in 2 shipments - one was shipped on 5/15 and since been delivered - *** via USPS. Your second shipment is in transit - *** postnl ram. By the time you asked for a refund this order was already being picked-and-packed at our fulfillment center.

Customer Response time May 28, 2020

I am rejecting this response because: I emailed multiple times within the 4 week window requesting a response. The company responded to me 1 time letting me know they would cancel my order before anything shipped out. They ignored my multiple requests to cancel my order and refund and shipped items.

Bought face masks as advertised on company’s website and social media and after days without shipping or letting me know there was going to be a bigger delay, decided to cancel the order.
Then couldn’t reach the company in any of their communication channels and found out through their page on Facebook others were going through the same awful experience as I was.
Discovered the company owner’s Instagram page and asked for a refund. He said such thing would take place on Monday, May 4th, 2020 and it did not happen. I received and email on 05/03/2021 saying that my order was refunded but it simply was not.
The company’s still advertising the face masks for a very expensive price even though the very few customers that receive their orders complain on social media about the different quality and even different prints on the masks.

Official Crown of Laurel Response time May 07, 2020

we did refund and cancel this immediately on said-date. You must understand that refunds take 5-10 business days to show in your bank account, depending on the bank but on our end we already have done what we can. I attached a screenshot from our shopify showing we did refund it to your same card. Also, we don't appreciate you sharing and spamming our private and personal profiles and photos publicly on other social media outlets.

This company had terrible customer service and only responded after several emails. Their response didn't even address my questions, just a generic response they sent to anyone with a complaint.
Additionally when the product arrived it was not as it was advertised.
Furthermore, any critical comments on social media are deleted or blocked.
Finally when a consumer would reach out to the owner he would be patronizing and insulting (see reviews on ***)

Ordered 2 masks on April 7th /8th. Tracking shows to this day that item was never sent. Went on Facebook account for company and emailed [email protected] No response. Read over 20 complaints on the Facebook account of people who paid and received order.

Official Crown of Laurel Response time May 03, 2020

& *** (USPS)

Both orders were already delivered to customer.

Customer Response time May 04, 2020

I am rejecting this response because: item received was not as described

I ordered face masks from Official's website on 4/4/20. I understood at the time that the masks were expected to ship 4/10/20. When the masks had not shipped by 4/12/20, I reached out to the company for an update. I received an email in return that I have since learned is a canned, copy/paste response. In that email, I was promised "If you don't see a tracking update today/this evening you will in the next day or two as we should be completely caught up with our back-log of orders this week.". The masks did NOT ship later that day or in the next couple days as promised. In fact, it is now 4/21/20 and I have still not received confirmation that the order has shipped. On 4/18/20, I reached out via email to follow up and discuss the option of canceling/refunding my order. This email has been ignored. On 4/20/20, I emailed again to reaffirm my request to cancel the order and receive a refund. That email has also been ignored. I reached out via Instagram DM 4/20/20 and 4/21/20 to request a refund. That correspondence has also been ignored.

Comments on their Instagram and Facebook pages show that my experience is far from isolated.

Delays are completely understandable but should be accompanied by transparency and proactive communication on the part of the seller. Instead, Official has kept customers in the dark with false promises. They have shut down commenting on Instagram in an obvious attempt to conceal the issue while they push additional sales. I believe their actions represent a conscious, calculated effort to mislead customers in a hasty attempt to leverage the pandemic for personal gain. To be clear, shipping delays are NOT the issue here. The issue is that this company has misled its customers and has failed to provide an ethical, fair solution to those victimized by their actions - even when asked. These are difficult times but they cannot blame their lack of integrity on a virus. Dishonesty is not a symptom of covid-19. It is 100% possible to be honest and transparent even in an unprecedented time of crisis.

Possibly most disturbing observation is that; in spite of the backlash, the supply chain issues, and their proven inability to fulfill orders, Official continues to push heavily for mask sales. This suggests that, unless action is taken, many more unsuspecting customers will fall victim to Official's fraud in a time where peoples financial situation is especially sensitive.

Official Crown of Laurel Response time May 03, 2020

This order has already been canceled and refunded in full amount.

Customer Response time May 04, 2020

“Already”? To be clear, the order wasn’t refunded until 4/22. That is AFTER they had received this complaint, AFTER they had ignored three emailed/dm requests for a refund in the week prior, and AFTER I disputed the charges with my bank. “Already refunded”? No. “Has since been refunded”? Yes.Also, I asked for an apology and didn’t get a word - public or private. Again, it is okay to experience delays and supply chain issues. It is not okay to cover it up by censoring public conversation, lying to your customers about the status of their orders, and withholding refunds all while pushing sales on unsuspecting customers as if there’s no issue. The coverup truly is much worse than the crime and, in this case, it’s not even a crime they’re covering up. They’ve destroyed their reputation to cover up something that would have been completely understandable had they simply been honest about it.Whatever, if they’ll please clarify in the response that the refund was processed after the complaint was filed and had not “already” been processed then I’ll close the complaint.

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Address: 808 R St Ste 102, Sacramento, California, United States, 95811-6402


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