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Ollie's Bargain Outlet

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• Jun 08, 2021

Great service
I purchased flooring materials, at a fantastic price might I add, so any way I had several boxes left over and no Receipt when I went back to the store I was treated with the utmost courtesy got my money back and left without even a hassle thank you very much you guys are great I’ll always be coming back, Don J at the Pocono store!

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The cashier never offered me a store credit. She simply refused the return while being very rude. The company lied in the statement. The cashier offered to do nothing for me. She also treated me in a way that was unacceptable. Ollies did send me a gift card almost one month later. I dont have the care to continue to correspond with a company who lies so I also consider this matter closed. Buyer beware. They have no respect for the customers and stand behind rude and disrespectful employees. I will continue to spread the word of my experience on social media and make sure people know about how this company is run. I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

November 6, 2015Dear [redacted],This letter is in response to complaint ID: [redacted].At Ollies Bargain Outlet, we are a true close out and discount retailer. We sell bargains on items offered to us by our vendors through closeouts, overstocks, package changes, manufacturer...

refurbished goods, and irregulars. Occasionally we obtain deals sight unseen. When this happens, our Buying Department has to base our product pricing on research they do on the item. Sometimes this results in having items priced incorrectly. Once we are made aware of issues like this, we immediately correct the mistake. On this particular item, we were made aware of the mistake and we immediately did a price change from $39.99 to $24.99.In an effort to try to rectify the situation for the customer, we made several attempts to contact him. After a few weeks, the customer contacted us back with more information on his complaint. He was able to purchase the bib overalls at another retailer. In an effort to rectify his experience in our store, we were able to offer him a 20% discount for his next shopping trip to our store. The customer was satisfied with the offer.Since the pricing error was corrected, and [redacted] has been contact and the situation was rectified for him, we will assume that our actions are satisfactory to resolve the matter. We will consider it closed, unless we hear otherwise. If you require any additional information please reach out to me personally.Sincerely,Christopher G.Manager of Operations Administration

September 9, 2015Dear [redacted],This letter is in response to complaint ID: [redacted].At Ollie's Bargain Outlet, we offer our customers a “store loyalty card” which we refer to as our Ollie’s Army Card. As a discount retailer, we try to keep costs down so we can pass those...

Savings along to the consumer, Having replacement cards made if a customer loses one does not make fiscal sense. Instead we offer the customer a new card (at any store location) and then transfer all of their “points” over to the new card number at our corporate office.[redacted] originally reached out to our customer service person on 8/21 looking for a new card to replace one that was lost. The customer service rep, Sarah, told him that he could get a new card the next time he was in an Ollie’s store since we do not have cards here at the corporate office. [redacted] reached out again on 8/24, letting Sarah know he had gone to a store and picked up a new card, but was having difficulty registering it online. Sarah then wrote back step by step instructions on how to register his account online, including some common issues and their solutions. According to our system, [redacted] is registered in our System and was sent out his enlistment bonus coupon on 8/24.After speaking with the Ollie's Army customer service person, it appears that there is just a miscommunication. Since [redacted] now, in fact, has a card and it is registered, we will assume that our actions are Satisfactory to resolve the matter. We will consider it closed, unless we hear otherwise. If you require any additional information please reach out to me personally.Sincerely,Christopher G.Manager of Operations Administration

Review: I bought a portable air conditioner from this store and it broke after 2 weeks of use, I didn't plug the unit in until approximately 2 months after I bought it because they were having a spring sale and it wasn't hot out enough to use an air conditioner. At the time they had a return policy stating that they would take anything back if it didn't work properly or the customer was not satisfied. I just tried to return it today and they now have a 30 return policy sign added to the wall, however the receipt says nothing about a time frame that returns need to be made in. They refused to refund me money and they wouldn't even exchange the product for a new one, and on top of that they threatened to call the police if I didn't leave the property. Yes I got slightly loud but it was more of an argument then being loud and they didn't want to even listen to what I had to say. As an added note there were 2 units exactly the same model number that I had purchased that had been returned sitting on the floor so the product was obviously defective.Desired Settlement: After all the hassle with this I just want a complete refund because like I stated there were 2 other units exactly the same as the one that I purchased on the floor that appeared to be returned so therefore the product must be defective so I want a complete refund. I fear that by getting an exchange that it will prove to be defective as well.

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Address: 170 Concord Commons Pl SW, Concord, North Carolina, United States, 28027-5026


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