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Olympia Moving and Storage

17 Bridge St, Watertown, Massachusetts, United States, 02472-4818

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I just wanted to take the time to say thank you on behalf of myself and my aunt *** to *** Agent Olympia Moving and Storage and Sales Rep Brett E Move Coordinator Candace L and Driver Jeremy W and his crew for making this move for my Aunt *** as worry free as possible.
Jeremy and his team were just excellent with the great care they took of my aunt's things while packing items and upon delivery to the house and storage unit. I can't thank Brett and Candace enough for their assistance with putting this move together so quickly for us.
This is now my third move with *** and second with Olympia as agent for ***, and I must say you will be my go to movers for all of my future moves and I have been happily singing your praises to everyone.
If you are looking for professional, caring, quality movers, this is the company for you.
Many thanks

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time May 15, 2020

Thanks for this amazing praise! It really made our day! We shared your comments with Brett, Jeremy, Candy, and the rest of your team. You are wonderful to work with and we really appreciate that you took the time to share your review.
Best, The Olympia Team

What a great experience! I've moved many times over the years, and this was by far my best move -- thanks to Olympia. They moved the contents of my 4 BR home from Virginia to Florida, and the operation was seamless. Fair price, great communication, stellar support and quick turnaround. Sales Manager Brett E responded immediately to every need. Driver Jeremy not only oversaw the loading, he was there for the unloading, remembering every tiny detail, directing his team beautifully. From start to finish, Olympia made this easy. I'm impressed. You can't go wrong with this well-oiled machine. These folks are professionals who put the customer first. Don't settle for less.

I contracted with Olympia Moving and Storage for their packing and moving services. A representative from the company came and did an in-person assessment and provided me with an estimate for the cost of their services. The estimate was within my moving budget, so I accepted the quote. However, after the move was completed, the final charges for their service were significantly more than the initial quote estimate I was provided. As such, charges ended up exceeding my allocated moving budget and their original estimate by nearly $2000. I expected the possibility of some fluctuation, however, a nearly $2000 difference between the original quote and what I was ultimately charged was far more than expected and unacceptable.

I contacted Olympia for an explanation and was provided a response that both the packing and the move itself took longer than estimated, resulting in the additional charge. Additionally, through an initial error, the total cost of packing materials had not populated correctly on the original quote and was shy by about $800. They also claimed that the packers were slowed down by having to pack in tight spaces. It is true that as they packed and the boxes began to fill the rooms, space was reduced. However, this was to be expected as they were not loading the items immediately and were coming back two days later to execute the move itself.

While they owned the mistake of not accurately quoting the materials charge and offered to honor a portion of the original quote RE materials underestimate (refunding the ~$800 that had not populated in their estimate) they would not honor the original quote in its entirety. As such it would still be ~$1200 over the original estimate. While I appreciate the gesture and that some refund was offered, I think a better and more fair resolution would have been to honor their original quote and refund the difference between the original quote and the final charge.

As the company had come to do an in-person assessment and saw first-hand the amount of items to be packed and moved, I thought it incumbent upon them to have provided an accurate estimate of time and of charges. If the move was over time and over materials, it would seem that was due to their underestimating of either the time it would take to pack and/or underestimating the number of workers necessary to pack within their original estimated time. That however, is through no fault of my own and I should not bear the burden of that cost. Also, while the packers worked diligently, it was evident immediately to them that the project was going to take longer than estimated and their frustration was evident.

Ultimately, I am seeking a more fair resolution to this dispute and to be charged fairly. In the most equitable resolution, I believe Olympia should honor their original estimated quote and refund the difference between the amount charged and the original quote. At the very least, I believe that they should offer a greater refund amount. Thank you for any help you might offer in resolving this matter.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Sep 03, 2019

Mr.:We are open to discussing this matter further and I believe your representative reached out last week by phone and email. We would appreciate a direct response. In reviewing this matter internally, owing to the volume of goods in the home, it is our understanding that it was not possible to see everything to get a full assessment of the required scope. We do our best to provide an accurate estimate, but in this case that was not possible. As you mentioned, there was a software glitch that compounded the issue and for which we already credited $737. As a goodwill gesture, we are willing to refund an additional $200 off of your bill. We wish you the best in your new home.




Olympia picked up our things at several different locations in *** and when we had already left for ***, they informed us that they could not deliver all of our things at the same time. The original delivery date was July 3rd. We received approximately 2/3 of our goods on that date. We asked every day for the rest of the week about when the rest of our furniture would be delivered and could not get any information. Today, they told us that it would be another full week before they could deliver. To make matters worse, since we thought everything would be delivered at the same time, we put my diabetic supplies on the truck, thinking they would arrive in a timely manner. Now, my diabetic sensor (CGM) stopped working and I have no options for another week. I left messages for the President of the company, *** and *** and did not receive a return call. I apoke with *** at the company and left the messages with her as well as ***'s cell phone voice mail. I am shocked that they would treat a customer this way, particularly after we paid them $22,000 for the move.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Jul 10, 2019

Thank you for speaking with us on Friday evening and again on Monday for a follow up call. We offered to search through the remaining items to locate a box of medical supplies and overnight it, but was told there was already a temporary solution in place. As we discussed, over the weekend we were able to secure a dedicated truck and loaded the shipment on Tuesday with an ETA of Thursday. We certainly appreciate that all the items not fitting on the initial truck is very frustrating. However, we had a dedicated trailer for this move, and after items were added to the shipment, we notified you of the possibility that everything might not fit. It is the busiest time of year to move, so unfortunately it is more difficult to quickly assign an additional driver who is not already allocated to a client. This said, the communication around this matter could and should have been better and we would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience associated with the delay.

Customer Response time Jul 12, 2019

I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***. Please add your rejection comments below.
[If you are rejecting the business's response please enter your rejection comments here. If you do not enter a reason for your rejection, your complaint will be closed as Answered.]Please see the attached comments.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Jul 18, 2019

The two screens referenced below have been located and are ready to ship to ***. We have been providing a daily status update to the client and will continue to work through this matter and the claims until resolved. We accept that there were issues with this relocation and are working to resolve them. Again, we would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the client that this experience did not meet the clients expectations and failed to live up to Olympia’s standards.

Keven D was absolutely phenomenal in every way and trust in him and his explanation of process and costs for both long term storage and moving was the reason we decided to choose Olympia. He’s the initial face of the company to the customer and Olympia chose well in having him out front. He listens well, is cordial, thorough and a complete professional. We could not be happier with his work and responsiveness. Also, we were concerned about several pieces of fine art we have. Keven assured us that while they treat all their customers’ goods with great care, he would make sure we had a team who could handle that issue. And he did! Paul Sand, the packing team lead, was amazing and quickly allayed any fears that things wouldn’t be handled expertly. Between Keven and Paul, we’d give 100 stars if we could.
The office and the coordination with Candy Longo has been so easy to work with and has made the process, so far, a dream. The entire team listens and responds and today that’s a rare commodity. Candy has been wonderful to work with because she’s responsive, cordial and professional. This is a great group of people.
And Paul Sand and his crew in packing and loading were AMAZING!!! The things we noticed the most were that Paul and his crew were so FOCUSED, professional and worked HARD and consistently. Paul was So Easy and Wonderful to work with (as was the whole team) - knew our concerns ahead of time and addressed them and explained how they would approach certain packing issues - and seemed to always be thinking two steps ahead. Rain was forecast for the second day so Paul and his team packed and loaded one full truck the first day so more than half the house was done. And they were able to beat the rain the following day except for a few items at the end that didn’t matter. We have made so many moves over the years from our Navy days to corporate executive moves but so far, this has been the best experience by far.
Our experience has been that the entire team, from Keven to Candy and the home office to Paul and his crew work together as the proverbial “well oiled machine.” That’s how it should be but isn’t so much anymore. So Olympia stands out because the group has a work ethic and professionalism that, in our experience, puts Olympia at the top of what a good company should be. We are very pleased customers.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Jul 15, 2019

this praise makes our day. We are lucky to have a great team and we're so happy to hear that they went above an beyond for you. Thank you for reviewing us!

I cannot thank the Olympia team enough. This was a very small move, but we did not want to try to do it on our own. I read so many bad reviews online (about other companies) that I was very nervous. BUT because of the professionalism, communication, follow up, etc. with Olympia, I was put at ease right away. Mac did a great job estimating. The final bill matched the quote and there were no surprises. And I cannot say enough about Candace who was my contact once the move was set. I don't think I have had anyone of late be as responsive as she was. She responded to emails right away. She answered calls and if she was away from her desk when I called, her call back was very prompt. Can't say enought about the EXCELLENT communication. And the crew was very efficient on the day of the move. Kudos to the entire team!! I also appreciated thier customer portal. I would hire Olympia again in a minute. Highly recommend!

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Jul 08, 2019

Thanks very much for your review, ***! We're so glad that Mac, Candy, Karim, and the team were able to provide you with great service!

MICHELLE J / Olympia Movers is UNETHICAL and UNPROFESSIONAL!! Buyer beware! She quoted low and just two weeks before our move in peak summer season, she sent a text stating there would be an additional fee of $2038.25 in order to keep the dates on our contract! At this peak time of the year, it’s nearly impossible to secure another long distance mover on such short notice.
14 days from my move date, confirmed by contract, Michelle sends me a text (not even professional enough to call me) that says “due to their summer schedule, my move was kicked out of the system based on mileage and weight?! Furthermore, my load date was pushed out 4 days to June 9th (my contract says June 5th and I no longer own my home on new load date of June 9th) and my delivery window was also moved to 4 days earlier which is 4 days before we close on the new house. The “forced” new dates on both ends won’t work because of the timeframe in which we are selling our current home and buying a new home. All of which was explained in extensive detail to Michelle prior to contract.
If we don’t agree to the new dates, Olympia will charge an additional fee of $2,038.25 to change me to “day certain” move! I was irate and asked her why didn’t she explain their “summer schedule” limitations during our many conversations reviewing the contract? As the salesperson, how come she wasn’t aware of how her company works during peak summer season? I have a contract with the specific dates, so how can she do this? In a detached, monotone, and unapologetic manner, she repeated the same response...”that’s just the moving business”. She refused to answer my questions, patronizingly said she was trying to help me, and them hung up the phone.
I called the corporate office to report Michelle’s bait and switch unethical behavior and to speak to someone else about my move. Michelle’s tactic was to quote low, pretend she is helping you to contain costs, and then to charge you additional fees in the 12th hour when your window to find another option is closed. Michelle’s conduct is disgusting and disgraceful! Olympia / *** needs to know she is damaging their reputation in an industry known for unscrupulous tactics.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time May 30, 2019

thank you for taking the time to speak with our Director of Client Services and President after your review. We deeply apologize for the way our representative handled this issue. We strive to be transparent and consistent with our customers on all aspects of their move, particularly dates and pricing, and these communications were certainly not acceptable to our standard. Steps were taken internally to ensure this does not occur again. We wish you all the best with your relocation.
Respectfully, The Olympia Team

Brett E did an excellent job lining up and estimating the move. He handled changes with ease and was great to work with. Candace at the office was most helpful and very prompt with her responses. The team, lead by Victor did a great job and not an item was damaged. All very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend. LK

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time May 06, 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your feedback! We will be sure to pass on to Brett and the team. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

Olympia Moving and Storage initially took a bunch of our stuff so that we could stage our home, they gave us an estimate for the first load and the second load. I was amazed at how wonderful they seemed to be, they came in and moved out the bulk of our belongings in no time flat (come to find out when they were unpacking the truck with our final move the reason they did it so quickly is they hire non professional cheap young help over the summer that just focuses on moving quickly) We were also told that the estimate we were given by their "professional" was WAY off and turns out both our first and second load were DOUBLE what they had estimated. We were a bit confused and upset but knee deep into selling and looking for a home so figuring we would find a home by the end of the summer we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.... 2 years later we found our dream home and were finally ready to stop paying our monthly payments (that we should have clearly disputed in the beginning because they really added up) Over this time there was horrendous lack of communication, once they had our stuff it seemed like any customer service went out the window! When we finally did get someone on the phone or an email, they all threw each other under the but, no one took any responsibility for ANY issue we had. I had been dreaming of the day we got our stuff back for almost 2 years.... long story short because of their own horrible job loading the vans up with our belongings initially 2 years prior, we had NO WAY of knowing if we had all of our belongings once the truck was unloaded. The movers we had that day were wonderful and professional and they were dumbfounded as to why the labels that the initial movers had put on our stuff didnt correspond to each other at all. Frustrated they tried calling their supervisors while we did as well... it took over an hour for anyone to answer or call us back. Our own movers told us NOT to sign their paperwork that they typically have people sign. This is not even mentioning the gross negligence they took with our furniture. We had three pieces of antique furniture that were broken beyond the scope of fixing... from utter, sheer negligence. And unfortunately, until we threatened with contacting a lawyer they wouldn't even return our phone calls or emails.....and whats worse I HAD TOLD SO MANY PEOPLE TO USE THEM AFTER MY INITIAL MEETING WITH THEIR STAFF THAT I THOUGHT GOOD PEOPLE.....NEVER AGAIN! BEWARE!!! IF I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD.... THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR BELONGINGS OR YOUR SERVICE....ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY!!!

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Feb 04, 2019

prior to this review you have had many conversations with my team and myself, the president of the company, in an attempt to come to a resolution over the past few months. As we discussed, during delivery one of the two inventories was inadvertently not given to the crew, causing some confusion during the check-off process at your new residence. Regardless, we were able to complete the delivery on schedule. In addition, there were three items that, during the moving process, unfortunately sustained damage. These mistakes are regrettable, and we will take this opportunity to apologize again. However, at this point we have not yet received any payment for your delivery services. We are fully accountable, and per our claim’s manager’s communications prior to this review, we offered to have one of Boston’s elite antique restoration specialists complete the work or, as an alternative, offered you the money that the repair would have cost. As you will not select one of the resolution options, per our claims manager’s communications, Olympia will proceed with the resolution option to credit your outstanding account with the claim payment. A check for the remaining settlement will be issued to you.

Olympia was honest, professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with, from their administration, to the scheduling people and with all of their movers too. We had a small ding in the wall and they promptly and professionally repaired. Our move was rather complicated and they handled it smoothly and competently. Their price was fair and their services were more than satisfactory for the cost. We would absolutely hire and work with Olympia again.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Dec 03, 2018

We're so happy to hear that we were able to provide smooth service and resolve everything to your satisfaction. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience!

Olympia moving company was paid to pack, store and ship our belongings from the origin to destination. They arranged for and contracted the local movers at the origin and destination. Full payment based on full weight was made upon delivery. However, according to the original inventory, approximate 26 boxes/items were lost. A claim was filed with the Olympia for the missing/lost goods. Olympia denied the claim with no compensation for the lost items. The claim was denied because Olympia states all goods were delivered on the 8-27-18. On the contrary, the inventory paperwork clearly showed many missing items, over 60 at first. After contacting Olympia, a few more items were found and delivered on 9-17-18. But, there are still around 26 items missing on the paperwork which we have confirmed after unpacking. The paperwork and chain of events further prove the company is not accurately accounting for or tracking our goods. Olympia is trying to blame the local movers for the loss. We hold Olympia accountable for our lost goods, since they were the moving company we contracted. We are asking for fair and equitable monetary compensation of these numerous lost goods.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Dec 07, 2018

We have investigated this matter further and as per the paperwork documentation, all items were recorded as delivered. This said, after we received your complaint we contacted the destination warehouse and requested an audit to eliminate the possibility that any items are remaining in that warehouse. This process is still ongoing. We apologize that this move didn't meet expectations. We expect to receive the findings of the audit from the destination warehouse by December 15th and will be back in touch with an additional response on or before then.


Customer Response time Dec 08, 2018

I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***.

We appreciate that the audit may be a necessary first step. And if the audit finds our missing goods, that will be nice (if extremely tardy). We are concerned, however, that, if our goods are not found, the audit may be used primarily to attempt to shift blame among the two moving companies, with no real resolution (and no compensation to us) for our many lost items.


Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Dec 14, 2018

Ms.:*** from our office has reached out to you for more information about the missing items in the interest of moving this process forward. We look forward to your response to her email, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

This moving company did not pack my furniture correctly and my furniture is now destroyed. They will not replace the items. For example, they put a dresser in a cardboard box that was meant for a couch. It provided no protection to the dresser and the entire pieces broke apart. Every single piece of furniture that I have is now damaged. The local company that did the end drop off told me that nothing had been properly packed.

I called the company and they said that they will not cover repairs or replacement because I did not have insurance on it. In the beginning of the process I was told that there is basic coverage on it and additional insurance can be purchased if the value of the items are a certain amount. My items did not meet the required value for the additional insurance so I was not able to purchase it (the value was to meet this minimum was $20k+). I would have done so if the option was available to me. So when my furniture arrives to me crumbling into pieces because it was never correctly boxed there is nothing that can be done. What exactly did I pay for? I paid $5000 for a service and the company did not perform that service. They deliberately shipped my items incorrectly. It was not one item - it was nearly all of my furniture. I can fully understand if something is broken by accident or has general wear on it from the move, but this was done intentionally by the company. I have to now have a junk removal company come to my house to remove the broken furniture. When I spoke with the service coordinator I was yelled at by her and then she told me that no one was available to speak with me when I asked to speak to someone else who could help me resolve this issue.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response time Aug 15, 2018

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the fact that there was some damage associated with this relocation. We operate in a dynamic environment and claims are an unfortunate reality within our industry.

I would also like to take this opportunity to address some of the client’s specific concerns. 1. We have now spoken with the client multiple times in the last 3 business days. 2. According to the client, the claim was primarily in relation to a single dresser. 3. I am not clear on the confusion in relation to procuring coverage. The property does not have to exceed a certain value in order to procure coverage. 4. Technically the representative is correct and the client did not have coverage beyond the baseline minimum of 60 cents per lb. per article. 5. If our representative was anything other than professional in her communications, I am sincerely sorry. 6. We are and have always been accountable for our actions, and at this point our Claims Manager has already proposed a solution to address the damage. 7. While I appreciate that the client was upset at the time that her complaint was registered, we would never intentionally do anything that would damage an article of furniture or undermine our credibility/reputation.



President, Olympia Moving & Storage

Customer Response time Aug 15, 2018

I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint #***. The company has provided payment for the loss of my dresser and I accept this as resolution to the matter. I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved.


We are happy with the Olympia and Wheaton to move us from Boston to Seattle. The services are great. We feel luck we found a great moving company of Olympia. Thanks for all great work.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response

It was a pleasure working with you on your move. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. We hope you enjoy your new home in Seattle!
Best, The Olympia Team

I am so pleased that I chose Olympia Moving and Storage to help me with a difficult move. On the day of the move I received a call from the Guys that they were a half hour away. This was a Two step move. Part of a bedroom and very large refrigerator was going to my daughters house in a different town and the rest of a three bedroom house was going to my third floor apt, no elevator. On an extremely hot day in September and climbing up and down the stairs with the rest of my possessions from a raised ranch house they never lost sight of being polite, courteous and professional. What a wonderful team they were. My daughters and I can't say enough about Olympia Moving and Storage from consult to moving day what a wonderful experience. Thank You!!

Olympia Moving and Storage Response

Hi ***, it was a pleasure working with you and your daughters. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, we will be sure to share with Ryan, C Florin and Romeo.

This was our third move with Olympia and we would choose them again. Always professional, clean, on-time and great communicators. Their rates are reasonable and their quotes are spot on. Would HIGHLY recommend Olympia Moving and Storage.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response

thanks for being a loyal customer and choosing Olympia again! We're pleased to hear that we continue to provide great service for you! We hope you enjoy your new home!

Olympia was contracted by our tenant to assist in moving. When moving items in basement, Olympia employees slammed into pipe knocking it off the wall causing hundreds of dollars in repairs and cleaning charges. We were told by the crew of 3 present that they didn't know who we could call to report this to and claimed they hadn't damaged the pipe.......... although they were alone in the home when this occurred. We then contacted a representative from the company that day named *** who claims they claim have no responsibility. When I asked if the pipe fell off the wall by itself I was rudely hung up on. We also have left a message for moving consultant who set up the move *** at *** and President *** and have yet to receive any courtesy call to discuss reimbursement for damages.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response


We take these matters seriously and have investigated this issue thoroughly. I personally spoke directly with the foreman on the job. In addition, we happened to have had an operations manager onsite the day the incident occurred; who went into the basement, inspected the condition of the pipe, and reported it as rusted through and in extremely poor condition.

We train our crews to be accountable for their actions and their only ramification for reporting a claim is additional training. Conversely, failure to disclose an incident like this is grounds for the crew member's termination. In effect, there is a strong incentive for our employees to be forthcoming. I would also note that by reporting this issue to the relevant parties, it sounds as though a potentially worse flooding incident was averted by our crew.

If we were the cause of this issue, we would gladly have accepted your claim, however that is simply not the case in this scenario.


***, President

Olympia Moving & Storage

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***. .

Thank you for your response however this is absolutely not the case and utterly unacceptable.


Olympia Moving and Storage Response

I am sorry that you feel this way. Unfortunately, it does not appear that we will be able to reconcile our difference of opinion related to this matter. Respectfully, ***, President Olympia Moving & Storage

I called this company a week in advance to move my daughter out of her college apartment, store her stuff for three weeks, and then move it into her new apartment. They took on the job and executed it perfectly. They were experts at moving. They were very careful about handling and packaging her stuff. They showed up on time and called me in advance to let me know when they would be there. I got a ton of communication from the head office to keep me informed. The pricing and billing was clear and fair. Overall, this was a great experience and I would definitely use them again.

Olympia Moving and Storage Response

We're so glad to hear that all parts of the process worked together to provide a great move for your daughter. We hope to work with you again in the future!

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