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I bought a parcel lot from buyonlinelandusa refinancing with the land owner and put down payment $250 and I understand the processing fee is $250 non refundable and I went see the land in oregon I didnt like it because so many big fat west nile mosquitos like 20 of them attacking you as soon as you get off from the car so I called the guy from name keith thompson the owner of the land told him I didnt like it because so mamt insect and big fat west nile mosquitos , this guy keith said non refundable makes me think if this company so legit how come when I called this guy keith thimpson he freaked out n told me I dont want to talk to you on the phone just text me and send me the money To the Po.BOX address he wants me to pay him money for the land cost $14.400 end up $39k cant even talk to him on the phone ????So legit right???????????? if this guy the owner of the lands on buyonlinelandusa if he so rich successful businessman own alots of land he would not ripped off my hard working money $250 down payment and if this company so legit they will not using PO.BOX address they using PO.BOX because they hiding their identity make sense ?! Right ! So becareful with this website they r scam just buy land from is legit agents you can talk to the zillow agents anytime with a real address and professional too !

Signed up and never recieved padsword. Left a message for a return call never recieved one. Callef sales and rep, seemed to not know any info.Tried various contact on 7/11/2016Desired SettlementRemove ads.Business Response Thank you for handling this complaint. We checked our records and we do not appear to have any users at matching the email and name information provided by the consumer, [redacted]. We also do not have any transactions with this consumer. We did receive a sales inquiry in May of this year, from a matching email. The inquiry was responded to on the same day with links to the site, and a follow up email was sent 2 days later.We are sorry the consumer was not able to sign up on the site, so we took the liberty of adding her as a user today, based on the contact information provided. We hope this satisfies the consumer. The consumer's complaint stated their desired resolution is that we remove ads. No specific ads were mentioned, so we have no basis for action on this matter. Thank you We sincerely hope this consumer is now satisfied. Thank You. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I BOUGHT land from a company named classic country land sales llc. they told us to move from their land so I then bought land from online land sales llc they took my payment sent me a comformation of payment then called me and told me they can not let me and my family live on their land until I settle the issue with classic country I am try to do that but my family and I are now homeless and in a parking lot because both land companys told us to leave we owed no money and so we called the police to see what we should do they would not help us because they can not get to the land safely the bridge and the roads are to bad for them to get to the people that live out on the land this is on record so for safety reasons my family and I had to leave the land and every thing we built and bought to work the land I had to uninrole my children from school and try and cross the bridge I contacted the attorney general of mo and a lawyer but I need to know why the land I made a payment on I cant live on thank youProduct_Or_Service: land,animals,matrailsOrder_Number: order [redacted]Desired Settlementi want the bridge and roads fixed the right way so that the police emt,s and firedepartment can get to the people that live on the land I also want to know why this company is worried about the other company they both say no criet or back ground checks not that I did any thing wrong pluse I need all my animals and matrails replaced that I had to leave out on the land thank youBusiness Response Thank you for routing this complaint to us at Online Land Sales, but we have not done business with [redacted], the person making this complaint. We work closely with a separate land sales company, [redacted]. [redacted] was a customer of [redacted]'s, in [redacted], [redacted] County, [redacted], and according to [redacted] received numerous complaints about her and her companions living on the lot they bought from [redacted]. The complaints consisted of things like loud vulgar language, and disorderly property with too much trash. [redacted] ended up foreclosing on the lot, and asked [redacted] to move. [redacted] also contacted us at Online Land Sales and asked us to not do business with [redacted], as we also own and sell lots in the same subdivision, [redacted]. Within a day of that contact [redacted] tried to buy a lot from us in [redacted], online at We promptly voided the down payment and contacted [redacted] via phone and email, and explained we can not do business with her. That is the extent of our dealings with [redacted]. Please understand that we are thankful for [redacted] wanting to buy from us, but based on our close relationship with [redacted], we had to pass on her offer. We did not accept payment and we did not write or form any contracts, with [redacted]. Thank you for your time. [redacted], President and Founder of Online Land Sales.

Just wanted to let you know that this site claims to be part of the Revdex.comOnline Reliability Program and puts the logo on their main page but it's just a picture, not a link and the site says they are not accredited.I thought the might want to know that.Also, since they will not respond to emails before or after purchase and you cannot reach anyone other than a phone service or get a callback, that this company seems a little shady to say the least.The site also says that it is secure, but google will not auto-fill payment form because it says it is not secure so the Volusion claim seems fake as well.Product_Or_Service: 20 acres of land in MOOrder_Number: [redacted]Desired claims removed from website and Volusion claim either removed or Volusion actually used.Business Response Thanks for taking this complaint, This customer was trying to buy a lot that we were sold out of. We voided the customer's down payment on the same day paid, as the lot was not available. We have since communicated with the customer, and granted the customer a discount on a new lot. Yesterday the customer bought a new lot, and is now satisfied with our service. Thanks for your assistance. Thank you, Online Land Sales. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)The company did fix what was wrong with my order personally, although that is not what my complain was about.Final Business Response Thanks again for taking this complaint. As a follow up on the customer acknowledgement that he accepts our response, we wanted to add that,thankfully, we are doing recurring business with the customer and the customer no longer has a complaint. Incidentally, our site is a Volusion site. Thank you for your time. Final Consumer Response I am happy with Online Land Sales. My issue was not with them specifically, but with a claim on their site about their affiliation with you.They have done fine by me as far as the land sale has gone so I would like this complaint removed because it was never meant to be a complaint against them as a business dealing with me as a customer.

The website says '100% satisfaction guarantee'. I put in an in initial payment to secure 2 parcels of land. I read the returns process and have attempted to contact the company many times via phone calls ( I called over 15 times in the first 48 hours and left a number of messages with the remote answering service ), via text messaging, via email, and via their webpage (I have completed more than one 'contact us' form and have asked on numerous occasions for a return with a full refund as outlined in the returns section of their webpage). I have spoken with multiple people (some individuals on more than one occasion) from their remote answering service. They were often apologetic for the fact that I haven't yet received any resolution to my complaint, some operators even told me that they had taken a number of phone calls in this same regard, I have even started questioning whether or not this is a legitimate company and some operators say they don't know, only one has said she thinks it is, a number of operators said they would mark my message down as urgent hoping that that would get me a response, but I still have not heard anything. This company I believe at best has exceptionally poor customer service, so there is not '100% satisfaction guarantee' and I do wonder if it isn't some sort of sham or shell company. Too, I still have not signed the contracts they send me everyday for these 2 parcels of land, and yet though they feel they can contact me and send me reminders daily to sign these contracts, they have not yet responded to my request for refunds and returns. I think the answering service is probably a nice bunch of hard working individuals but, unfortunately, the company they are answering phones for in this situation are not at all trustworthy, and seemingly uncredible. I would like a return of my money, the contracts to be cancelled, and I would like my name taken off of their email lists after I have received my refund. Too, I would warn any future customers of their unseemly ways.Product_Or_Service: 2 parcels of land (1 in CO and 1 in WY)Order_Number: [redacted], [redacted]Account_Number: [redacted], [redacted]Desired SettlementI would like a full refund of my money, the contracts to be cancelled, and for them to stop sending me copies of these contracts. I would also like confirmation of the refund and confirmation of the cancellation of the contracts.Business Response Thank you for taking this complaint. The customer purchased two lots, on terms, making down payments of $121 each, on 8/10/16 and 8/11/16. The customer asked to return the lots on 8/12 and 8/13, for no stated reason. This first return was handled immediately on the 13th, and the 2nd was handled today, the 15th. These sales and returns happened very fast. The request for returns happened within a day of the customer receiving the contracts. It usually takes a few days to process a return, but we handled these returns immediately. Actual refunds usually occur next. We do have a $120 documentation fee, that is included in the the $121 down payment on our transactions. This $120 fee is not refundable, per our written policy on our website. The policy can be found here: [redacted]To resolve this customer's complaint, we have refunded both of her $121 down payments completely, despite this being against our policy. We have also turned off the automated email reminders on the contracts the customer does not want to sign. Thanks again for helping us resolve this customer's complaint. We want only happy customers, and will go above and beyond our written policies to achieve this goal. Thanks, Online Land Sales.

Company advertised as a or accredited company with the logo on their website, which apparently is false.Consumer entered into an agreement with the company to buy a piece of land under the impression that the company was This apparently is false advertising. The consumer did not live near the land that she signed up to buy, and in fact is an 18-year old student who entered into the agreement on a whim, without proper consultation with the seller or the company. Please advise us of any options that she has for a refund of her purchase price.Desired SettlementConsumer paid a total of $340 and is seeking a refund as she believes that the agreement she entered into with the company for the purchase of land is invalid and false advertising.Business Response Thank you for taking this statement from our customer. This is the first contact of any sort that we have had from the customer since we received their regular monthly land payment on 8/11/2016. Now, the next payment is due tomorrow, 9/15/2016. We would have never known the customer is dissatisfied. [redacted], from Online Land Sales, discussed the issue of dissatisfaction with the customer on the phone today, and resolved to refund the customer in accordance with our written refund policy. Contrary to the customer's comment, the only payment made was for $175, and not the $340 as mentioned in the customer's comment. And also contrary to the customer's comment, we do not show the logo on our website, despite having averaged an "A-" rating since our first participation in the program. Thankfully, the customer is now satisfied and the refund has been made. Thank you for your time.

Misrepresentation of land in [redacted].The subdivision is called [redacted] we purchase lots 3 and 4 they are side by side . The pictures on the ad showed that the bridge was maintained and in good condition - the roads were shown to be well maintained showing easy access to our property's, however. When we visited the property the bridge was damaged and in need of repairs ,the road to our property was nearly non-existent the looks of the road shown no maintenance for sometime and was nearly unrecognizable and over grown . In the contracts it doesn't state that we would be required to maintain the road or bridge. After we saw the condition of the subdivision we emailed [redacted], the owner of Online Land Sales LLC, and he responded by saying we would be responsible for maintaining the bridge and the road, which was not in the contract. Furthermore, we found a structure on lot 3 someone is or was living on the property, which was not disclosed to us as well.Enclosing we have pictures to back up our claim of the condition we have put forth in this statement.Picture can be provided if needed.Account_Number: Loan ID [redacted]Desired SettlementWe want release of both contracts and a full refund of money paid including all feesBusiness Response Thank you for participating in resolving this issue. We are happy to work with you. We had not received a request for refund from this customer, until the notice we received today. We promptly refunded the customer, in accordance with our policies, this morning. Below is the email we sent to the customer earlier today. EMAIL TO CUSTOMER 08/15/2014: Hi [redacted], Thanks for asking for a refund on your accounts. We are glad to assist you, in accordance with our policies; We had no record of a request for a refund on your transactions, prior to today's notice. Please feel free to contact us directly, at anytime.We refunded both accounts, in accordance with our refund policy. The principal payments for each account, were refunded today.The refunded amounts total:2872178: Total Principal Payments: 244.25. Less Interest due through today: 55.93. Refund: 188.31. 2871484: Total Principal Payments: 501.95. Less Interest due through today: 171.26. Refund: 330.69. We refunded the refund amounts, directly to your credit card that you paid with. We are happy that you chose to do business with us, and have issued an additional store credit of $121 to your account at, for your next purchase. Thank you for your business. END OF EMAIL.Thanks again for your assistance in this matter, We are available to expalin our plisices or the actions we took in this case, at anytime. Thank you. [redacted] (530)725-8671Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Online Land Sales LLC has only refunded us a partial amount of what the payments we made to them since April 14, 2014. We would like the full amount refunded to us, not a partial amount. Please be aware that the owner, [redacted] not only is the Owner but the Financier of these properties as well so no one else is responsible for the money. Finally, he is aware of the fraud he has committed. We have documentation of the proof and pictures of the online fraud. So it would be in his best interest to refund us fully so the matter can be settled.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Hello,Once again, [redacted] from Online Land Sales LLC has evaded and is mis-directing the issue at hand. We were very please with the property's that we were purchasing from [redacted]. When we e-mail our concerns to [redacted] about the bridge and roads, he informed us after the fact that we would be responsible with cost of maintenance. In the purchase agreement there was no mention that the property owners would be responsible for the maintenance of the bridge or the roads. [redacted] claims he has happy and satisfied owners. What would happen if the satisfied owners of properties in [redacted] discovers that their only access bridge in and out of the subdivision is severely damaged enough that it cannot be used and is deemed unsafe? Again, we stand firm that we want a full refund, due to the fact that his online listing was deceptive and misleading. If his listing would have stated that the property owners would have been responsible for maintenance of the bridge and the roads from the start as part of the purchase agreement, then there would be no disputes. As for his refund policy, it doesn't apply here due to the fact he he did not disclose full details about the subdivision. Final Business Response Thank you for handling this complaint. As a follow-up, we wanted to add to the written history that the customer,[redacted], "charged back" all amounts paid, and we allowed the chargeback undisputed. We were trying to apply our refund policy as best as we could in not originally refunding the entire amount paid. Letting the chargeback go through was the best solution for this dispute with this customer. We feel the issue is resolved, thankfully. We were in constant communication with and customer, until closed the case as "Disputed" one day after the last consumer response. We were ready to continue on trying to resolve, and did, but were not given a response opportunity. We respectfully wish this case to be considered "Resolved" with the Thanks for your time.

I had bought a lot of Land within [redacted] , ** from Online Land Sales LLC through [redacted] . After I had Paid up all the money and received the Deed in April 2013 , I mailed the signed deed c/w check to the County's Deed register on 16th April 2013 from [redacted] for registration. However , The [redacted] Register emailed (9th Aug 2013) me that the Signed and notarized Warranty Deed was rejected by the Treasurer's Office as taxes are / were owed. I have emailed several times to Online Land Sales LLC with copy to [redacted] customer services department to demand to fix the above condition with sending me a County Registered Deed. However , after a several months effort and communication , there is still no solid result and the Auction website : [redacted] and Online Land Sales LLC take no action but just keep sending me emails with same tone ?I am really flare up and just want to get back my bloody money Now !Product_Or_Service: LandOrder_Number: Online Land Sales LLAccount_Number: [redacted] AuctiDesired SettlementRefund the Money Immediately.Business Response Thank you Reno for your assistance in the resolution of this customer's complaint. The customer purchased a lot in [redacted] from us ([redacted]), and has been having a hard time recording the deed with the county. We offered to record the deed for the customer, as we were able to do this successfully for other customers in this same county. Given the length of time involved, (original transaction 03/2013), and the complaint filed today, we elected to issue a full refund to this customer on 12/13/2013 - with check [redacted] for $510. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve this customer, and are pleased to report that we have issued a full refund. We notified the customer on 12/13/13 of the refund that we mailed. Thanks again for the assistance. We have the best guarantee in our industry, and we have never refused a refund request made within our policy. Happy Holidays.

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