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Optum Rx

11000 Optum Cir, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States, 55344-2503

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Very rude customer service! They literally yell at you and get RX mixed up! Been trying to get an insulin order corrected for 2 days and mo one is helping

Optum Rx. Requires me to get my prescription from them or pay 3x more at my pharmacy because I refuse to use the local pharmacy that they want me to use CVS. That pharmacy in the past tried to give me medication that I was not suppose to take. So they require me to get it through the mail and then they ship it with signature required and when it doesn't arrive on the date it is suppose to they tell me I have to give it more time. I have to call multiple times and give the story to multiple people and then get a different story from there people every time. Keep in mind that this prescription is a controlled narcotic and even though no signature has ever been given for the medication in the past they continually give me hassel and talk to me like I am stupid when the medication does not arrive as indicated. They refuse to give a number for the CEO's office they either say they don't have the number or they give me another number for the same office to get me off the phone. The Customer Service Reps. And escalation team members are worthless and incompetent and the Managers/Supervisors are useless and cowards. They want even take a call every time I have ask for one they have been in meetings or on calls, how convenient. If you do not have to use Optum Rx. Please do not put your self through the headache they cause.

Optum forces their insured members to fill specialty medications, such as oral chemotherapies, at their own mail order pharmacy, no exceptions. No overrides for a patient's desire to fill their prescription locally at their pharmacy of choice. They delay patient care by allowing prescriptions to just lay dormant rather than assist their patients. It can take weeks, even months, to receive an oral chemotherapy from Optum RX that a local pharmacy could have dispensed within days. Their telephone customer service is useless between incredibly long wait times, multiple transfers, and offering no solutions to the issue. All due to greed and seeing people as numbers instead of patients in a web of healthcare where Optum is supposed to be INSURING their health, not making their healthcare more difficult than it already is. I will forever tell all of my loved ones to never purchase insurance through an Optum based company.

My mother was supposed to receive medications for Optum RX on April 2nd. These medications are life-saving. It is the next Thursday, and the company still hasn't fulfilled the delivery (April 16th). On Easter weekend, we had jump through ridiculous hoops to get an emergency supply from a local pharmacy. The medications still are not here, and the emergency supply is up. She has no other options because they already ran her insurance.

Excuses for why the medications were not received: incorrect credit card number and sent it to the wrong address TWICE. Absolutely ridiculous. Do not use. Do not recommend. These medications were cheaper at Walgreens, anyway.

Not only was it inconvenient to work with them, they are ENDANGERING LIVES!

Have made multiple calls(min 45-1.5 hours) to this company trying to get a new prescription set up. The price on my login was different that the representative told me so I was trying to verify this. Two times I called and they told me the same price for my medication. After HOURS on the phone with them since the drug is a specialty tier 5 script I felt like I had my price and got the DR. to fax the script to them. I called Optum after this to verify what needed to be done for payment and was told everything was fine and they would bill me with the prescription and I could send a check. Within 1 hour they were calling back saying they could not give me the price. When I called back was transferred to another agent (Specialty Script) and on hold for 35 mins before I even started talking to another rep. She indicated that the cost would be over $200 more than what I had in my records and that they NEVER give a quote since they don't know a price until they run the script....... only, their rep, called saying they couldn't give me the did they know the price if they never give a quote/price??? The first rep even gave me a confirmation #!! It is in the notes and they know what the other reps priced it at. Then I asked to speak with a manager....was "disconnected" from Paula from escalations after 52 minutes. Horrible customer service and no resolution. Maybe they figure once you finally get things set up you'll be too exhausted to fight and just pay the price they want you to.

Optum Rx is the specialty pharmacy that I am required to use by my insurance company United Health Care to acquire Arthritis medication. I have spend 10 hrs in the last month on the phone with them and still can not receive my medicine. I am in a lot of pain ands the healthcare system is failing me. At the beginning of the month they processed my order and I expected the order to come as normal; however, they called back one day before scheduled delivery and said there was an issue, but would not tell me what the issue was. They reprocessed the order and said they would overnight it. It never came and I had to call them, where I was repeatable put on hold for 4.5 hours. I get to talk to a new person every time that has no idea what is going on and then when it gets difficult the call gets transferred to another group (resolutions team, pharmacy, supervisor, etc.) that has no idea what is going on. Next they transferred my prescribing to a local Pharmacy and told me to drive there. Once their it was determined the pharmacy was not in network and Optum and the insurance were not willing to do an override. They said they would transfer the prescription back but every-time I called they had no-one actually working not it. In fact I caught them in a lie when the person on the phone told me they were putting me on hold to call the local pharmacy and transfer the prescription back and I drove to the local pharmacy and confirmed that they had not. I next had to intermediate for another hour between the local pharmacy and Optum pharmacy to get the prescription back because they had to put me on hold again and were not providing the ID numbers the local pharmacy needed to transfer it back. Once back to Optum it was reordered and put on hold again. I still am unable to get my medicine and I am in pain. Shame on Optum

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Address: 11000 Optum Cir, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States, 55344-2503


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