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Orchard Trailers

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Orchard Trailers will not refund my [redacted] deposit saying we didn't respond in the required time.I went to orchard Trailers on [redacted] 2015 and put a deposit of [redacted] on 2 motor homes with [redacted] the sales rep. I was in the process of trying to get funding which I told [redacted] at the time we filled out the paperwork, we then told him that we would be having a meeting with a potential investor in a business we were about to start, that meeting was set for [redacted] 2015 and we would be In touch with him following that meeting. He assured me that this deposit was fully refundable as the deposit was drawn on my personal account and I intended to use investment money's for this venture and not my own. I was very disturbed that after we left the meeting that day they then went and deposited it the next day. Despite calling within the 10 day time frame they are not responding to emails, and phone calls.Desired SettlementI am seeking for them to refund my [redacted] that they originally said was refundable many times when we were speakingBusiness Response On [redacted] Ms [redacted] placed a [redacted] deposit on two motorized units with a total value of [redacted] We agreed to hold the units with a deposit with the understanding we would receive a definitive decision after a meeting with her investor that weekend [redacted] We deposited her check as we deposit all checks before the close of the next business day. After the weekend, we made several attempts to contact Ms. [redacted] by both telephone and email but to no avail. After an extended period of time, we were finally able to get in touch with her and it was only then that we were informed she wanted to cancel the deal because the investor changed his mind. Ms [redacted] had made no attempt to keep us informed, even after the investor backed out. It was only after extending considerable time and effort on our part to contact her did we finally learn she wanted to cancel the deal. There was no mention on her part of wanting the deposit refunded until her email of the [redacted] of [redacted] Had Ms. [redacted] informed us in a reasonable amount of time that she could not proceed with the sale, we would have refunded the money. However, during the time that we were unable to contact her to find out what was going on, we could not advertise or sell the units. As a concession, we are willing to apply the deposit to any future purchases made before the end of this year. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)When we originally sat down at the original signing which I provided. I repeatedly asked the sales man if the deposit was refundable and he kept on saying yes. I was hesitant on making a check out but he informed me that it was refundable. He did not say that they would be cashing it the very next day that was conveniently left out. ( I had previously worked with another reputable RV dealership and they held my check for 3 weeks without cashing it and remained in touch with them as well) We did try to get in touch with the sales man but he was never available. When I had found out that they had cashed the check I still had a hard time getting through to them. [redacted] had emailed [redacted] and [redacted] never responded to his email about what was going on. I then emailed [redacted] to see what was going on [redacted] then got back to me and that's when he upset me very much with his response. We tried several times to get help with financing But the gentlemen who we were asking for funding backed out, funds are very tight right now and the [redacted] that I used would be nice to have back. We were looking to start a business but have since put that on the back burner. I am requesting the [redacted] deposit that [redacted] said was refundable numerous times be refunded. He failed to mention that they were going to cash it the very next day. I might not have made out the check.... I was under the impression it was going to be held for a period of time. NOT CASHED IMMEDIATELY. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)I accept the response from Orchard Trailers and appreciate them returning my [redacted] deposit. I will look for it in the mailFinal Business Response In the interest of bringing closure to the matter, Orchard Trailers will be issuing a refund check to the complainant.

Broght trailer to be cleaned.When picked up looked the same outside.Inside looked like it was washed with water.Still had dirt.I complained about it.My first intension was to put it @ Ochard Trailers on consignment. [redacted] looked the trailer over & asked me if I wanted the good news or bad news 1st. I said good news. He told me the trailer was worth about 7,800. to 8,000. dollars. Then the bad news; tires need replacing because they might have dry rott; most likly the air breaks need replacing; the axle would be rusty & need replacing; wiring need looking @; brakets that hold the axle to trailer might need replacing; replacing because of cracks;Then I asked how muck comission fee was & [redacted] said 15%. I told him I had been told earlier it was 10%. Then [redacted] made me an offer of 3,500. dollars. I said no, I'll just leave it to be cleaned. Then [redacted] just walked with out saying thank you or even good bye. Droped off trailer 3/25/13;Picked it up 3/29/13. Trailer looked the same outside,inside dressing room was vacumed only, carpet hadn't been cleaned. Inside horse compartment looked like it eas washed with water only. It still had dirt on rubber matts, rubber side bump panles. I told [redacted] the [redacted] that I wasn't happy with the job they had done. He wouldn't give me a discount & said it wouldn't come any cleaner. I payed the $300,00 bill with my debit card so that I could take the trailer to my nephews house. On 4/8/13 I went to try cleaning trailer outside & inside with a dish cloth & pan scrubby spong. I washed by hand 4 diffrent small locations & they came out noticably cleaner. I went back to Ochard Trailers the same afternoon & & told [redacted] how I got it cleaner & asked [redacted] for a complete refund. He wouldn't give me 1 & said I had the trailer for 3 weeks & didn't know what I had done to it. I just left & went home very upset. Desired SettlementJust the refund of the $300.00 dollars.Business' Initial Response [redacted] brought trailer to orchard for consignment, she decided not to leave here on consignment. [redacted] contracted to have orchard trailers wash her 20 year old trailer inside and out.She was quoted $ 300.00, she accepted the price before she left the trailer with us. When she picked up her trailer, she paid her bill and left with it.Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)As I mentioned in my complant, the 20 year old trailer was only used about 30 t0 35 times,& in excelent condition, except it needed cleaning inside & outside. (In my complant I had said, the trailer had air breaks but they are electric breaks) I spot cleaned the trailer myself & it came out concedearly cleaner. I've taken pictures of what I cleaned to compair what Ochard Trailer had cleaned to show the diffrence if they used a little elbow grease. If you drop your car off @ Ford of Greenfield,MA, they do complete detailing: wash & clean exteror, vacume & shampoo interior carpet, clean windows, check wheels & tires-checksuspension-check tires & breaks-check air conditioning system operation & multi-point inspection all for $129.95. I would have expected Orchard Trailers do even better for $300.00. I'm not satisfied with Orchard Trailer's response. This complant with Orchard Trailer is delaying the sele of my trailer during the best time of the year when the horse shows are just begining. I still need to clean the complet trailer over. I'm not sure if I can do it myself because of a long going illness, that's why I had Ochard Trailer do it for me. I paid my bill because I wanted to bring the Trailer to Belchertown, MA. I'm sure they would not have let me take my trailer without paying first before moving it from their lot. Thank you for your help with this complant.

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Description: Trailers-Camping & Travel

Address: 78 State Road, Whately, Massachusetts, United States, 01093


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