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Osterman / Roy Bros. Oil & Propane

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Osterman / Roy Bros. Oil & Propane Reviews (3)

Customer service at roy bros is terrible.that lady Kim is so nasty.I think I'll be looking else where


Roy Bros Propane was gobbled up a number of years ago by Osterman Propane. Many, many years ago I switched from Osterman to Roy Bros. Osterman is in the business of price gauging plus they installed a propane tank way too close to my home and caused major water damage. After a number of years with Osterman I switched to Roy Bros. When doing so, the manager at Roy Bros. asked why I switched. I replied "Osterman" and he replied, enough said............. Roy Bros always did an outstanding job, prompt service, offering a discount if paid within 10 business day, etc. Then, one dark day, Osterman took over and I was right back at square one. No more discounts for prompt payment, nothing but price increases. Sadly, I have no natural gas available where I live and will switch over to an electric water heater once my propane tank is empty. Electric rates compared to Osterman's propane are a bargain! People in the market for propane - stay away from Osterman / Roy Bros.

Complaint[redacted] Brothers installed a propane tank for us, filled it for 6 years, sold our account, new company won't fill the tank; say it is improperly installedIn Jan 2007 Roy Brothers of Ashburnham installed a propane tank behind out house for our use for stove and dryer. They filled it for us for 6 years. Apparently, Roy Brothers was bought by a parent company [redacted] who also bought [redacted] of [redacted] The two companies decided to trade off clients to make their delivery coverage easier. When [redacted] came to our house they decided that they would not fill the tank because it was installed improperly (too close to a vent from the dryer.) I recall when it was installed that Roy Brothers installers did measurements and told me the location was fine. I asked about putting it around the side of the house and they said that for aesthetics it was better behind the house. I was told they pulled a permit.[redacted] said they will move it but want to charge me [redacted] to do the work. I explained that I should not have to play for the work since their sister company Roy Brothers installed it improperly. When I called Roy Brothers they told me to call the fire department to see what the permit said. The fire department said it was never completed and signed off on. They informed that if the tank was within 5 feet of a cellar window or vent then it would have to be moved and this was the responsibility of the propane company who installed it. When I called back to Roy Brothers I spoke with [redacted] the [redacted] who said it was no longer his responsibility since it was the account now of [redacted] When I said but his company installed the tank improperly so he should fix it - he said - we don't install tanks improperly so it must have been done correctly.Furthermore, it is the fire department's fault for not inspecting it and if they had said he did it wrong he would have explained to them why the fire department inspector was wrong. However, [redacted] has looked at it twice and said it definitely is not to code.I have been without propane for 5 days. I can't cook or dry clothes in my house.I asked [redacted] if he had pride in his company and his workmanship and if he did he should at least come and have a look. He said I was insulting him and that he did not have time for that and ended the call.I feel that this is poor service. I think Roy Brothers should pay for the repair of the service since they installed the tank improperly according to [redacted] and also failed to see that the tank installation was inspected.Desired SettlementI want the tank moved and our family not charged for the movementBusiness Response The [redacted] of the [redacted] location, [redacted] has worked out a resolution with the customer directly. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The [redacted] of Roy Brothers never called me to communicate any deal. I had to contact the parent [redacted] of the parent company to ask for help. The [redacted] of [redacted] in [redacted] did work out an arrangement with me whereby I paid for ANOTHER permit and they did the work for free. I commend [redacted] but I still think Roy Brothers of Ashburnham and [redacted] did not do their duty. They left me hanging - we were without propane for over a week, we could not cook at a time when my daughter had diary issues that required boiled food, and then [redacted] was insulting to me on the phone about the issue. He never met me half way; I invited him to come to my house and see what his workers had done; I invited him to speak to the fire department; he insisted that his company must have installed the propane tank properly and that the fire department made the mistake of not having it inspected. In other words he past the blame. If he wants to make this right, he should admit that his company placed the propane tank in the wrong place (why else would his sister company at the request of their parent company come and move it), he failed to get it inspected and never let me know, and he should pay for the repeat permit since I paid for the first one that his company did not have inspected.This caused us a crisis in our house for a week. And all I got from [redacted] was excuses and then how he did not have to listen to my complaints or come to my house to look at the work for himself. I think he lacks pride in his work and his company and I feel sorry for him. Again I applaud [redacted] and [redacted].I dod not believe this is settled with Roy Brothers. I am forced to not use them again and I will be forced to spread the word via internet reviews that others should not as well unless they take proper steps to rectify the situation on their end and not just rely on another company to mop up their mess.

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Description: Oils-Fuel

Address: 4 S. Main Street, Ashburnham, Massachusetts, United States, 01430


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