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Oticon, Inc.

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Oticon Inc. confirms devices (Serial [redacted] and [redacted]) were purchased October 2013 and both had a limited 2 year repair warranty and 1 year replacement coverage.  The warranty extension is an "optional warranty" that [redacted] purchased from his Provider and not Oticon. Oticon Inc....

is the factory and the US service center for Oticon brand products and we work directly with Licensed Hearing Care Professionals.  Oticon does not prescribe, sell or dispense products directly to Consumers.  Our standard turn around time in-house for repairs/remakes is 5 working days and we do offer a "paid" rush service as an option.  We reviewed [redacted] service history and found that all services were performed within our standard or less days.  Consumers need to remember to allow 1 day for their Provider to ship their devices back to us and then a 2nd day for us to ship back to the Provider.  We take great pride in the quality of our products and services.  All serviced products are tested and must meet factory specifications prior to our shipping them back to a Provider.  We reviewed [redacted] service history and found that 1 device was sent back to us 3 times for repair; March 2015 (switch was damaged; we replaced the switch and receiver), May 2016 (the device was distorted/noisy; we replaced the microphone and receiver) and again June 2016 regrettably for rework (switch was intermittent: all parts replaced).  In June 2016, Oticon opted to replace all components.  The other device was sent in with the 1st device in March 2015 and again May 2016 and we have no other repairs on file.  Note: Both devices were sent back after the March 2015 service, however they arrived working and meeting specifications.  We could not confirm the problem reported and [redacted] Doctor asked us to return the instruments which we did.  No service was required.  Both instruments were sent back to us to have the shell remake.  One after the initial fitting to remake and modify the shell for a better fit; which is not uncommon with a custom device and the other because the shell was damaged.  Both times the shell was remade and replaced and the components met specifications and no repair required.Hearing instruments do require routine maintenance and may need servicing to keep them in good working order. Our review of [redacted] service history does not confirm an excessive repair history or defects in materials or workmanship.  The instruments were serviced as requested under warranty and [redacted] should now have both instruments back from his Provider in good working order.  The device that required rework has had all the parts replaced prior to [redacted] making this request.  As we do not sell products directly to Consumers, we cannot authorize a refund. If [redacted] is experiencing any difficulty with either device, please ask him to contact his Provider.  They are the experts who are most familiar with his current hearing and lifestyle needs and can best assist him.  Thank you,Irene H[redacted]Manager: Customer Transactional ExcellenceOticon Inc.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I am responding  to Oticon last email   MS. IRENE H[redacted]   From Otticon is so wrong on the times these aids were returned. Three times I was without these aids for a month....the most recent was 6/14/16...also on 3/12/15  and on a date in 2014...I Do feel she does not know what she is doing or talking about....Perhaps she should show my e-mails to the CEO OF OTICON Because she does not know anything about customer satisfaction....bottom line I feel these aids are defective.....Spending a total of 4.000.00 in a matter of two and a half years for a product that keeps breaking is inexcusable...being without them for three months is also inexcusable.....I Am sure the majority of your business is from senior citizens and it is a shame you  are ripping  these people off with your defective products...You are trying to blame the people that sold me the product which I totally disagree....the blame is all on Oticon.....Pehaps the  CEO Would get involved he can help to resolve this matter.....All I want at this point for these aids to be replaced with something that will give me no problems...As a member of A.A.R.P. I will be contacting them about your defective products and how you do not help satisfy your consumers.....ALSO I have contacted [redacted] of channel * news ON YOUR SIDE....and waiting for a response from there......So I suggest Ms.H[redacted]j You should bump this up the corporate ladder before your bosses see there company on the evening news......Thank You....[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:They sold the product and not  standing behind there product..My complaint is the amount of times,I had to send this product back to the company for repairs...Twice this product came back to me not repaired and I waited a month each time....Three other times I waited two plus far as I am concerned they sold me a defective product...repairing them every few months is not solving the problem...I would like these hearing aids replaced with a better product at no charge  I have spent over 4,000 dollars on these aids and they keep breaking....they can refund me money...ENT In parsippany did not make this product..Oticon did....I do not know why they do not stand behind there product....I sent a copy of this to NJ state attorney general....Oticon stand behind what you sell...

Thank you for your reply, but we must kindly disagree that your devices are defective.  We regret that you were without your instruments for any period of time, however as stated previously, our service reports show that your instruments were at our facility 5 working days or less which is our standard repair/remake turn-around time. If you believe there is a time difference discrepancy or you are still experiencing a problem with either device, please discuss this with your Hearing Care Professional.  We will be happy to work with your Provider to insure your devices meet specifications.Best Regards,Irene H[redacted]Manager, Customer Transactional ExcellenceOticon Inc.

Review: My right hearing has had nine repairs to it in the last five years. Since I have purchased this aide, I have had to send it into the company for repair yearly. The aide in my left ear has only been repaired once. I sent in the right aide for repair through Worth Hearing Center 1 1/2 weeks ago. I received it back on the 5th. When I went to use the aide it had the same problem that I sent it in for. I have tried to contact Oticon, but when I left an email response on their website twice, they have never returned my phone call. This hearing aide cost me $3,600.Desired Settlement: I want to have a full refund on both aides and my streamer. My aides cost $7,000 for the two of them and my streamer cost $250.00. I realize they are going to say that they need to be prorated, but they have never worked like they should. So, I want all my money back.



Hello, I am writing on behalf of Oticon Inc. The person you are trying to reach has retired and is no longer employed by Oticon INc. The address you have on file [redacted]. Oticon Inc. is now located at[redacted] was our Director of Personnel. Who are you trying to contact at Oticon Inc.

Best Regards,

Manager, Customer Transactional Excellence

Oticon Inc.

Direct: ###-###-####

Email: [redacted]

My mother purchased a pair of hearing aids from this company and has had nothing trouble with them. Both ear molds had to be replaced due to the fact that the filters would not fit into the holes and they would fall out into her ears. She would then have to go and get them removed from her ears. Next problem was the batteries would not last any time at all. The company that sold them said that the battery connector was too low and tried to adjust them but they had to be sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired. She has made many trips to the doctors office trying to get these fixed and to no avail! I hear these squeal all the time! The product is not up to par as she has made numerous trips at the doctors office on a weekly basis. These are not cheap and she is very unhappy with these hearing aids, they are suppose to make her life better but have done just the opposite.

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Description: Hearing Aids & Assistive Devices

Address: 580 Howard Ave, Somerset, New Jersey, United States, 08873


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