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Review: WINDOW MAN installed Marvin Infinity Replacement Windows for me on November 12, 2012. These Marvin Infinity windows are draftier in winter than the 39 yo windows with storm windows that were replaced. WINDOW MAN sales staff did not inform me that Replacement windows do not give the same warmth in winter that old windows with storm windows give you. It cost me $20,000, much time, and personal anguish to learn this. I phoned Window Man about the draftiness several days after installation as the weather got cold and windy quickly. After multiple contacts with Window Man and Marvin since installation, I was informed by letter from Window Man on July 23, 2013 that nothing can be done.

WINDOW MAN denied any errors in installation and MARVIN had the windows independently tested in June for air infiltration and the windows met the industry standard. Both companies assured me of a customer satisfaction outcome during this entire process but that has not happened.

It is so discouraging to have paid $20,000 to shiver when sitting in front of a drafty window in my home in the winter. WINDOW MAN’S only solution to this problem is that I have them install Storm Windows over the Marvin Infinity replacement windows at a cost of $385 per window.

I feel the sales pitch and advertising were deceptive in that no one informed me that replacement windows do not give the same warmth in winter that old windows with storm windows give you.Desired Settlement: I want non-drafty windows in the winter cold. It is so discouraging to me to think of having to achieve this by adding storm windows which would defeat the purpose of the new tilt and wash replacements. I want the sales people to clearly explain to consumers the significant advantages that storms windows have provided for both warmth and as a sound shield.



This letter is written in response to complaint #[redacted]

filed by **. [redacted] on August 21, 2013. There are several claims we

would like to refute. In her complaint **. [redacted] claims her new fiberglass

windows are “draftier” in the winter than her old wood windows with storms.


[redacted]’s windows have been checked by our head Service Tech, me, and the

Marvin Infinity factory rep. on several occasions. We made a site visit on a

cold, less than 30 degree day, to check the temperature differentials of the

windows vs. her walls. **. [redacted] even purchased her own temperature gun

([redacted] price around $45) to check the differentials herself. Our numbers and

hers show very little difference in the temperature of the interior surface of

her exterior wall and the interior surface of her Infinity-Marvin Windows. Her

comment in response to these numbers: “just because there is little temperature

difference that doesn’t mean “air” is not coming in.” With that we (The Window

Man and Infinity-Marvin) hired Architectural Testing Company to do a field air

infiltration test on her Infinity-Marvin windows. Architectural Testing Co. is

one of the most highly respected 3rd party testing firms in the

Nation. The test cost us $2,700. All four windows that were field tested were

over 5 ½ times better than the industry standard for air infiltration.

They tested at .08 or .06 CFM vs. the .45 CFM industry standard. A copy of the

written report is available to all parties.

**. [redacted]

claims that our salesperson did not inform her about the benefits of installing

storm windows on old wood windows. The first time I met with **. [redacted] I

asked her if [redacted], her sales rep., had discussed upgrading her storm windows vs.

replacing the primary windows. She replied that she had researched windows for

two years and knew what she wanted and would not listen to other options. She

knew she didn’t want vinyl windows, wood windows, triple pane glass or new

storm windows. We have offered **. [redacted] $1,000 worth of new high performance

storm windows “FREE” and a discounted cost for any additional storm windows

over this amount she would like. **. [redacted] has declined this offer a number

of times.

**. [redacted]

claims that our advertising was misleading. Almost all of our advertisements

include a “pitch” for NOT replacing your old wood windows. We promote adding

Mon-Ray high performance storm windows to old wood windows. [redacted], her

salesperson, has sold thousand of storm windows in the 10 years he has been

with us. Mon-Ray storm windows are our number 2 selling window product. Also,

as stated earlier during the consultation **. [redacted] was not interested in

hearing about any products other than Infinity-Marvin. We have attached a copy

of one of our advertisements with clearly promotes Mon-Ray Storm windows.

The reason

**. [redacted]’s windows feel “drafty” in the winter is because she has diverters

on the heat ducts under her windows. General construction practices call for

heat ducts or radiators under windows to wash the cooler air off them. It is well

known that 7/8” thick insulated glass windows, even with Low-E/Argon gas, are

NOT going to feel as warm as 5 ½” think insulated exterior walls. Even 2” thick

triple pane “Passive House” windows are only rated up to an “R” 8. Most

exterior walls are an “R” 13 or better.

In spite of

her misleading/inaccurate statements in her complaint we will extend our offer

of “FREE” storm windows to cover ALL her new first floor front windows, these

are the primary complaint windows.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

I disagree with much of the information he has stated.

Window Man is correct in reporting that in my complaint I stated “my

new fiberglass windows are draftier in the winter than my old windows with


I will now respond to his comments I disagreed with paragraph by paragraph. He has written 5 paragraphs.

PARAGRAPH 1 – Window Man did

check the differentials of the windows vs the walls. It was a cold day but not a windy day. I was told by a technician at the Marvin

National Services Level that “draft” is different than “window

temperature”. So measuring the window

and wall temperatures does not provide information regarding “draft.” However, before I knew that this widow and

wall temperature differential was not relevant, I did purchase a temperature

gun. However, I purchased it at Home Depot

for $29.97 not at [redacted] for $45 as

Window Man reported.

Window Man did insert additional weather stripping on all windows on

2/24/13 but this did not stop the draftiness. Window Man reports, as I stated in my

complaint ,that Architectural Testing Co did an air infiltration test on

6/24/13 of 4 windows I selected. The outcome showed the 4 windows tested were

over 5 ½ times better than the industry standard for ‘window only’ air

filtration. This test did not prove

that the replacement windows were as


PARAGRAPH 2 – I was not seeking to replace my old windows because of draftiness. I was never

seeking to replace my storm windows.

I was quite satisfied with my existing storm windows and the warmth and

lack of draftiness that they provided for 39 years. I was seeking to replace my 39 yo wood windows

because after years of painting the exterior trim did not look good.

I was not told by the sales person that replacement windows would not

be as warm and draft free as my 39 yo storms and wood windows combined. This is my complaint. It was only after the replacement windows

were installed, and after I experienced the draftiness, that I was told that

storm windows provide an additional several inches of protection from air

penetration and, hence, this was the

reason for the warmth and lack of draftiness I had experienced for 39 years.

PARAGRAPH 3 – I was not

experiencing draftiness or air penetration from my 39 yo storm windows. I had no need to replace my storms. I was seeking to replace my windows for the purpose of lower maintenance cost ie no painting.

PARAGRAPH 4 – This is the

first time Window Man has attributed the draftiness I feel in the

4 Living Room windows to the

cheap, plastic, magnetic, easily removable ”diverters” on the heat ducts under

the windows. If this was, in fact, the

cause of the draftiness on the 4 LR windows, he could have easily removed the

diverters to remedy the problem on those 4 windows. However, there are no other floor heat duct

diverters under the other 16 drafty windows in the house, therefore the

diverters do not appear to be the cause of the draftiness.

PARAGRAPH 5 – My primary

complaint includes more than the 6 first floor windows. It includes the 4 second floor front windows

and at least 7 other windows. On 3/5/13

Window Man offered me 2 options----Window Man will refund me $1,000 for my

inconvenience or swap for $1,000 worth of Mon Ray storm windows. He is now offering to provide storms for the

6 first floor windows.

It is so discouraging to me to think of having to add storm windows to

my $20,000 replacement windows which would defeat the purpose of the new tilt

and wash replacements. No one explained to me that replacement

windows will not be as warm and draft free or as sound proof as my combined old

storm windows and old windows. I want

sales people to be upfront with consumers about this important fact so that

others will not be shocked, blindsided and disappointed as I am. I was seeking maintenance free and I got

unexpected and unwanted winter draftiness for $20,000.

I would be willing to accept a cash refund to allow me to continue to

consider the option of adding storm windows to the 10 windows on the front of

the house and the 7 windows on the rear of the house. I also want the hope that other consumers

will be accurately informed upfront before purchase -----that replacement windows will not be as warm and draft free as the combination of old storms and old windows-----not after purchase.

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