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P. Perez Repairs

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Awful, horrible, rude and unprofessional. Claims he is a christian but he acts like the devil. He gave my husband and I his word that he would take care of our home. We have 4 kids and 1 on the way. I told him I just wanted a safe home for our children. He told me not to worry about it and that he would fix what we needed, but he never fixed anything. He pretends to be a good guy. He said he was my friend and he would correct his mistakes, but he never did. It is a new construction and half of the items do not meet code. He didn't know the difference between a high voltage box and a junction box. I had to hire a different electrician so that we could get the temporary meter set up for our home. Pete also used rebar on the temporary meter tripod/teepee and it should have been copper. He lost his temper when I told him CPS rejected the installation of the temporary meter because of it. When I lost patience with him is when he switched on me. He called my builder racist names, even though Pete was born in Mexico. He opened his shirt in front of my sister and my builder to show them his "Hecho en Mexico" tattoo on his stomach and said that is why he is better than my builder. He made an advance at my sister by telling her that he was going to win her heart over. I have him recorded admitting that he wanted to kiss her, but her boyfriend was there. When she did not reciprocate the same feelings, he really got mean. I think he was trying to put on a front for her, but when he finally got the hint that she wasn't interested he then claimed she was annoying to him. He then bragged to me that he has been to jail twice. Once for 18 months and the other for 3 years. I have him recorded guaranteeing me that he would fix the house and that I shouldn't worry. I also have him recorded admitting to calling my builder a racist name and telling me he would fix his work. In the same recording he said if had to pay me my money back he would. I believed him. I really truly thought he was a christian. I thought he was my friend because he kept saying he would take care of my house like he was my friend. I am guilty for being honest and because I don't steal from people, I don't expect people to steal. He took our money and refuses to correct any of the issues we have. He used low grade products. Set up outlets where they didn't need to be. Didn't ground our foundation. He also set up our canned lights in our hallway in a zig zag, rather than lining them up in a straight row. He told me that the more my husband called him the longer he is going to take to fix anything. We needed him to redo some of the electrical to 120v circuits and bring them up to code. He put an electrical panel in our master bedroom when it could have been put in our garage with the other one. Pete also cheaped out or got lazy with stapling the wiring. He set up an outlet above our stove. He put our master bathroom ventilation in the front of the house instead of the side. He didn't set up any GFI's that were needed on our kitchen island or in the restrooms. He tried lying to me and told me CPS required my house to have a 320 amp and he would need to charge an extra $1875 for it. I have that on an invoice that he gave me. His contract states a 1 year warranty and he has not guaranteed any of his work and will not go back and fix any of it. I have texts from him that are rude and unprofessional. His texts say verbatim that,"it's not his problem". I wish I would have never met him. He has been a nightmare. He called my crazy. Don't hire this unprofessional. Bottom line, he didn’t deliver the services or warranty he guaranteed us.

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Description: Electricians

Address: 1934 Duluth Dr, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78224-2213


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