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We have billed the insurance for this charge We have written this charge off and they should not recive any further statements This was not reported to any agencies

Our Collection Manager spoke to the patient on 1/29/and they agreed that the patient would pay $as payment in full I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is NOT satisfactory to me I paid in full because I do NOT want to face collection team Three things are VERY IMPORTANTWhy did business mention LATE FEE in the VERY first invoice?I received the bill on 06/10/2017, If I do NOT pay by 06/20/business is threatening, I will be handled by collection teamI never received invoice from Doctor's office (I received service from doctor's office) Thanks***

Please let us know once they have spoken to the [redacted] at the doctor's business license

I am rejecting this response because:We have also been in contact with the clinic The clinic has stated on more than one occasion, any money they collect for the braces in forwarded to Pacific Medical Inc

We billed the patients insurance for this item and his insurance allows $for this item and applied it to the patients deductible We are billing the patient the amount that his insurance applied to the deductible as per our agreement with the insurance

I am rejecting this response because:I am neither accepting or rejecting the businesses response I will be in touch with the doctor's office again and talk with [redacted] , as suggested in the businesses recent response We have spoken with at least three other individuals at the doctor's office who have repeatedly told us the money they collect is sent directly to Pacific Medical Inc

We have already sent out response to this complaint Please let me know if you did not receive

This account was adjusted to $and is pending the patient's payment of this amount

I am rejecting this response because: the wrist brace in question probably cost less than $to make and could be bought at [redacted] for $This is part of the reason the medical industry has gotten out of controlI don't mind them making a profit, but this is absolutely absurdto the point of almost criminal in my eyes

The patient was provided a splint on 12/10/and did sign our form (copy attached) that states products that come in contact with the body cannot be returned We billed the patients insurance and they applied $to her deductible The patient did contact our office on 2/17/and left a message We did contact the patient on 2/19/and she advised us that she did not expect such a large bill and we advised her it was applied to her deductible per her insurance We also advised that we would accept monthly payments from her She said she would think about it and call us back the next week We have no documentation that she wanted to return the brace The patient states that she was not properly notified that she could not return the item if she was not pleased with it She states that the equipment did not work and is useless Please note that she did sign the form stating she understood that the item could not be returned She also did not let us know if her phone call that the item did not work for her We are unable to accept the item back but we are willing to accept monthly payments as we indicated on our phone call with her last month

Our records show that the patient called on 4/18/and our Collection Manager, [redacted] called him back and left a message [redacted] from our team also left a message on 4/18/stating that we would look into the account and research it and one item was denied We received the medical records and sent them to his insurance on 5/2/ [redacted] called the patient on 5/12/and left a message [redacted] also called the patient and they advised that the insurance mailed us a payment for the $balance on 5/11/ He can call us back in a couple of weeks to confirm receipt of payment If it is denied, we would give them a discount on the late fee

The customer is correct We were billing them incorrect for a patient with a similar name The account balance for this customer is now zero

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Address: 1 1520 Cliveden Ave, Delta, British Columbia, Canada, V3M 6J8


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Pacific Medical, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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