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Harassing phone callsReceiving daily calls from 501/819-4855ext 3012. Called back today & ask about their address so I could come there to get paper, wouldn't give. Ask about Co & was told Core Recovery no address. I told them I don't know or owe & hung up when he wouldn't give any more info. [redacted] Desired SettlementStop calls

Collection calls - Never worked with this company. I am receiving calls from calls from a collection company on behalf of this company. They are stating I took a loan out in March of 2011. I have no idea how they received mu information. I do not even recognize the name of the business. I am being told that this was for a online loan. Desired SettlementI would like them to stop contacting me. In addition if this is being reported to a credit reporting agency I would like it removed.

I am getting several phone calls from a Pack Management that states I took out a payday loan back before 2013 and never paid it back.The young lady I talk to today was "[redacted]". The number she called me from I believe was 855-444-2676The number she told me I can call her back on is 855-443-0494.She had all y personal info. including SS#.Ms. [redacted] told me she was going to take me to court if I did not pay the 500.00 I owe the company.She would not give me any information I asked for, like when I took it out or what payday company I owe.So far I received at least three calls so far.I want to note, I have in the passed did a few loans, but I contacted those companies and have a 0 balance.I am not sure which city they called from.Thank you,[redacted]Desired SettlementSince they claim I owe 500.00 to a payday loan company, what company is it and when did I do this?

Basically I believe my ex took my information got a loan advance from this company and now they are coming after me for this debt.This company had a collection agency seek me out for debt/loan, that was never issued to me. My ex took my information and used to get a loan back in 2011. However she messed up by listing her self as reference and her bank account information. Desired SettlementToo take my name off this owed debt, seek the correct party to resolve this debt.

Claim of Unpaid [redacted] and Filing Complaint in CourtAnd unidentified person contacted me on behalf of Pack Management and/or Riverside saying that I took out a payday/cash advance loan on 12/26/11 and when they went to get the fund out on my payday it was insufficient. They claim they are filing a lawsuit with my county Monday morning and would be responsible for attorneys fees and court fees, but if I took care of it I would only owe the fees of $490. They also have been calling my relatives and spouted out their entire names, gave the last 4 of my bank account, where I work, where I live, etc. I don't recall taking out any payday loan and if I did it is always paid back, I've never received anything from my bank, I've never received any documentation to this debt being owed and when I asked the man for documentation showing where I took this loan out he couldn't provide me with anything saying because it was all done over the internet and also would not provide me with a phone number or a specific place where I would have taken out this loan. This is the first I have heard of anything regarding any amount of money that I have borrowed or not paid back. Desired SettlementI would like this company to cease contacting me or any of my family, friends or my place of employment.

I received a loan from this company in June 2011 & I paid the loan through a creditor, [redacted]., last year 2013 in November. I have a copy from [redacted], stating that it's been paid in full, as well as, my bank statements showing that they took a payment out every 2 wks. til it was paid off. This company has sent my file to an investigation company saying that it was never paid. They have also sent my file to several other companies and they have been very rude and disrespectful. The companies are calling and harassing me about a loan that I have paid; they're threatening me to take me to court because they state that this company is saying I did not pay the loan off. I told the companies that I have a letter showing proof that the loan was paid in full & I have my bank statements showing it. The companies is saying they still need to serve me whether I have proof or not because they don't have it in their system that I paid. I offered to send them a copy and they told me it still wouldn't matter. I have tried calling Pack Management Group but I have not been able to get in contact with anyone. Every number I have called it doesn't ring, I tried emailing them and I'm not getting any response. I think this company is a BIG fraud and they're just out to get people for their money. I have read several complaints that people have about this company and it's the same complaint as mine, something needs to be done about this company.Product_Or_Service: Payday LoanAccount_Number: [redacted]Desired SettlementI want this to be resolved and for this company to leave me alone and stop harassing me. They have caused me a great deal of stress and they need to be shut down completely.Business Response Unfortunately, the account was sold to an outside collector. We no longer own the account and therefore cannot take action on it. However, we only sold the account once. Unfortunately, we cannot control the calls. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not accept the response because if this company sold the acct to just one company than how did all the other companies get the information and calling and threatening me about being served and taking me to court about something that has been taking care of and this company has taken money out of my acct before I closed it and it should have been deducting from the amt they said I owed them. This company is a fraud and need to be put out of business Final Business Response Once a collector purchases a debt they own it, and therefore can do with it as they wish which includes selling the information to other agencies to recover loses, etc. It sounds as if this is what happened in this case, but nonetheless it was only sold once by Pack Management. We cannot speak for other companies, and this debt was sold years ago; We are sorry but, the complaint is not with us because we are not contacting [redacted].

Illegal debt collection practices for debt that was discharged in bankruptcy. From pack management and sister company [redacted] management.My wife and filed bankruptcy in October 2011 and was discharged in January 2012. Since than I have had your debt collectors threatening me, swearing at and screaming at me. I hope you realize that if you dont stop I will sue for damages and harassment. What is happening is against federal law. I have already contacted [redacted] management regarding this and now you. You were up on notice by the original debt collector for this debt. On top of that all of these unprofessional debt collectors have all of my information. This needs to be resolved NOW!Desired SettlementI will sue if this doesnt stopBusiness Response We are not contacting this customer. Our offices are actually closed. This account was sold to an outside collections agency in 2010. Unfortunately, once it is sold we no longer own the debt and cannot control any contact.

I have received an EMail from collection agency "[redacted]" stating that I took a loan from Pack Management in 8/2011 and that the loan balance is $350.00. I have never had any dealings withPack management for "any" type of loan. [redacted] says the loan was charged off on 11/23/2011. I do notknow how Pack Management got my SS# or Bank AC#. I am being continually harassed by this collection company who represents Pack Management group. If they wish to continue this typeof harassment, they should prove their claim by sending me a copy of any contract they claim Isubmitted for any loan. I am totally disputing this claim. I have tried to contact Pack Managemntwith no luck. It seems they have an "F" rating with SettlementAs I stated above, I would like Pack Management to prove their claim by sending me a copy of any original contract they say I submitted for a loan in 8/2001.Business Response [redacted] is correct that he never received a loan from Pack Management. Therefore, we have not sent his information to any company to collect. This is a fraudulent call. Unfortunately, because it is fraud we have no way to control the calls, but they are not coming from our office or even on behalf of our office.

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Description: Payday Loans

Address: 9120 Double Diamond Pkwy STE 4074, Reno, Nevada, United States, 89521-4842


+1 (866) 943-6712
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