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Paperhanging Painting

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Improper installation of wallpaper resulting in creases and bubbling. The wallpaper will no doubt come apart from the wall. Poor workmanship and flat out refusal by Mr. [redacted] to fix the wallpaper. He described his work as first class when I advised him of the problem. Pictures don't lie and they clearly document his substandard workmanship and incompetence despite being paid [redacted] to wallpaper and paint this bedroom. He claims he inspected his work before leaving the house....again the proof is in the pictures. Had I had the opportunity to inspect the room prior to his departure I would not have paid him the final payment of [redacted] until such time as the work was completed to my satisfaction and to industry standards. It is interesting to note that he was given a [redacted] check after 5:30p.m. on 7/15th and he presented the check to my bank first thing on 7/16th no doubt after receiving my voicemail message before 8am on the 16th in which I demanded that he call me to arrange a time for him to return the week of 7/15th and make the repairs. Shoddy work, not trustworthy, unprofessional,defensive and he does not warranty his work product. I suggest anyone who makes the mistake of doing business with Mr. [redacted] have everything in writing as he has convenient amnesia regarding verbal agreements he has made.Product_Or_Service: Paint and paperhangingDesired SettlementThe area where the wallpaper is bubbled due to improper installation by Mr. [redacted] needs to be stripped and the wallpaper reapplied or I should receive a full refund. As he has refused to fix this area, I need to hire a competent professional to fix his errors.Business' Initial Response In response to Ms. [redacted] complaint, I would like to disclose the fact that in July of 2012 I did extensive work to her home which included a Bedroom, Den, Pantry, Powder Room and Kitchen at a total of [redacted] and she was completely satisfied with my workmanship. I would assume that is why she called me back in July of 2013, this time for a second floor bedroom that needed painting & papering. Our agreement was to hang paper over existing wallcovering as this home is quite old and the wall structure is very unstable underneath the wallcovering. In addition to the bedroom, she also asked me later to paint a closet and repair kitchen wallcovering that was damaged due to a AC unit that was improperly installed. I did so with a extra charge of [redacted] for both repairs. She then became irate, berated me, paid me, then left the premises. I completed my work and left. Over the next 2 days, Ms. [redacted] left several threatening messages at odd hours of the day in regards to bubbling wallpaper. I then sent back her check for [redacted] for the extras that I did. If she would have been more civil with her complaint, I would of gladly gone back to fix the problem, but felt very uneasy after the drama that occurred, so I refused. I have been in business for 32 years. I work alone and pride myself in my work. Most of my clients are repeat customers as I do not need to advertise. In all the time I have been in business I have never encountered a customer such as Ms. [redacted]. Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Mr. [redacted] has given an inaccurate account of what has happened over the course of time. He was paid in full for the work which he completed in July of 2012 based on an estimate which included stripping wallpaper which he never stripped. I agreed with him not to strip the wallpaper based on the condition of the walls. We had a verbal agreement that I would pay him in full based on the original estimate which included stripping the wallpaper eventhough he did not do all of the work which he charged for with the understanding that when he returned to wallpaper and paint another bedroom he would fix the damaged wallpaper in the kitchen which resulted from a leak in the air conditioner at no additional cost as he had already been overpaid for the work in July of 2012. Mr. [redacted] felt this was a fair agreement at the time. Mr. [redacted] was well aware of the damage to the kitchen wall long before he returned to do the work in July 2013. I might add that when Mr. [redacted] had finished the work in July of 2012 he commented that he had underestimated the amount of work involved so apparently he is trying to recoup what he feels he short changed himself of on the original job. He was paid exactly what he asked for. When he returned to do the work in the bedroom, the first week he was there he presented me with a revised bill for an additional [redacted] for repair of a wall which I had no problem with. On his final day of the job, I returned home and he was finishing up his work. At no time did I enter the bedroom the final day he was there so I did not look at his work. I advised him I would be leaving and that I had left the check for the balance due downstairs with my mother. He advised that he had a revised bill to which I responded I know I received that last week. He then advised no there were additional charges of another [redacted] for painting the closet in the bedroom and for the work on the kitchen wall. I obviously took issue with this and was extremely upset - the closet is part of the bedroom and should be painted for the price he quoted to wallpaper and paint the bedroom and we had a prior agreement re: the kitchen repair work which he conveniently forgot. I wrote him out a separate check for $140 after advising him that this was not our agreement as it was not worth my time to argue with Mr. [redacted] as he clearly was not telling the truth. Does he allege that he stripped the wallpaper as he did not? I discovered the bubbling wallpaper the day after he completed the work and requested that he return to make the repairs which he refused to do. He has returned the additional [redacted] payment to me however the wallpaper is still improperly hung and needs to be redone. Does he actually think I can hire someone for [redacted] to redo his work? It is interesting to note that he does not deny the poor quality of his paperhanging which is a good thing as the proof is in the photographs which you have seen. He admits that there is a problem with his work but refuses to fix it. I would not allow Mr. [redacted] in my home at this point if he was the last person in the world. Mr. [redacted] was never threatened...just told how it was that based on my experience with him he is not a man of his word, he has no credibility and is not trustworthy. The words no doubt hurt as the truth usually does. The information I have given is factual and Mr. [redacted] knows it just doesn't choose to admit or acknowledge it. This obviously was not my initial impression of him or I would not have had him return to my home to do additional work. I have now learned that he has questionable billing practices as well as substandard work product. He has taught me a valuable lesson to have everything in writing so that people don't allege a lack of knowledge regarding verbal agreements and attempt to collect for work which they have already been paid for. In my prior business dealings, I have dealt with reputable establishments whom I could trust to live up to their obligations. Relying on my prior experience has cost me when I came across Mr. [redacted]. I have never filed a complaint with the before but felt it was necessary to do so in this case so that others don't fall victim to this individual. Word of mouth is a powerful tool as Mr. [redacted] is well aware of as he does not feel the need to advertise. Business' Final Response If I would have been treated with more respect when the situation arose, rather than be degraded we would of been able to come to some sort of agreement. I have stated my case in previous correspondence and have nothing more to add. Thank you for giving me the chance to respond to the situation at hand. Sincerely [redacted].

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Address: 49 Wrona St, Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, United States, 01151-2128


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