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Paradise Pet Spa

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Paradise Pet Spa completely botched the grooming of our Great Pyrenees, traumatizing our dog in the process. The dog looks like she was attacked by a 5 year old with a pair of scissors. There is an approximately 6" patch on her top rear left side and other, smaller areas on her body and legs that have been unevenly clipped down to the skin. Several nails were not clipped, she was not all that clean, and she was returned wearing two choke collars, one of which is not ours. As bad as she looked, what was worse was she was clearly under serious distress when we picked her up. I called the [redacted] to express my disappointment with the service provided and was told the dog's coat had been seriously matted. This simply was not true. The [redacted] did not offer to refund any/all of the $70 fee we'd been charged. At this time, I would like my money refunded and would encourage investigation into the policies and practices of this vendor. We haveused Paradise in the past without a problem; it is not clear what has changed in the 4 months since we were last there but something is very wrong.Product_Or_Service: dog groomingDesired SettlementI want my $70 refunded and I'd like an explanation of what really happened to my dog.Business' Initial Response I'd like to respond to this complaint by stating that all dogs cared for at Paradise are given the utmost care and compassion during and after a grooming. This dog is a Great Pyrenees, which has long fur and a thick undercoat. The dog came in to us in pretty bad shape. She was matted around her neck, back of legs, tail and down her back. When a dog is matted to the skin, there is no magic tool or technique to dematt without some loss of hair. 2 groomers worked on this dog for 4 hours trying to save as much of the fur as possible. I even called the customer and left a message that I needed more time with the dog. Unfortunately when an owner neglects their dog's coat, there is not much that can be done to save it when it eventually comes to us. A dog such as this needs grooming at least 4-5 times a year. Not twice a year.I did explain to the owner upon pickup that she was matted and we did the best we could. As far as the trimming and nails not being done, this is the first I'm hearing of this. If in fact this is the case, the customer was more than welcome to bring the dog back and I would have been more than happy to correct the problem. I was never given the chance because I was not told. Also, I can assure you, I do not employ 5 Yr olds. As far as returning the customers money, 2 groomers worked on this dog for 4 hours. That 8 payable hours. I only charged them $70. It was not the fault of this establishment that the dog's coat was neglected and matted. I do not feel the money should be returned because we did our job and groomed the dog to the best of our ability with the condition the dog was in. As for being stressed, here at paradise, we don't do any crating or cage drying. When this dog was done, she was resting in our front grooming room. This dog has killed a small animal so she had to be kept separated from other dogs, which does present a challenge since all our dogs roam freely. This dog was sleeping when the owner came to pick her up. She was not breathing heavy, panting or shaking. I feel this complaint is over exaggerated. I would like to request an arbitration hearing on this matter. I would also like to know how many times this person has made complaints to the Sincerely [redacted] Paradise Pet Spa, Inc.Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The dog was successfully groomed at Paradise in December 2012. 4 months later, most of which was indoors, she was not badly matted. We groom her at home to remove mats, most of which happen behind her ears. This time, she did not even have those.The dog is a livestock guardian and was defending another dog when she took out a fisher cat some 7-8 years ago. Otherwise, in her 9 years of life, she has shown absolutely no aggressive tendencies. At pick up, we were told the dog "was a sweetheart". When called to push out the pick up time, we were not told the reason for the delay was related to our dog. For all we knew, they had a scheduling issue or other reason for the delay. This is the first and only complaint we have filed with the' Final Response Business supplied email: [redacted]Use this address for any contact with the

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Description: Dog Daycare

Address: 2327 Paradise Ln, Greenville, Mississippi, United States, 38701-9405


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