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• Nov 21, 2021

Worst parcel locker company
We moved in an apartment where they had Parcel Pending lockers. At first we got excited that our packages are safe and we will be able to pick them up with ease. So far over 2/3 of my packages run into various issues despite being forced to make a monthly payment to use these lockers. 4 times I received a code just to find nothing in the locker. We are disappointed. Period.

• Oct 07, 2021

Credit Card Info on File
I live in an apartment building that uses the Parcel Pending service for its residents. I pay a monthly subscription fee of $7.00. I received an email from Parcel Pending asking for my credit card to be on file with this company, for any late fees. I have always picked up my packages on time. To opt-out of this service means I would be in default. Credit cards companies do not want you to have credit cards on file, due to the types of protocols for securing card information that could be hacked. Is there a way around this or am I just stuck? smh to the madness.

• Aug 15, 2021

Trash customer service. I pickup packages 2+ time a week. Randomly in august 2021, I get a notification to pickup a package dated 8/2/21. Seconds later I receive a false notification to pickup a package by 4/13/21. They want to charge me 4 months of storage for a fictitious package?

I called customer service and waited 45 min to be connected TWICE. The second time someone called me back and assured the issue has been fixed.

It has been 2 weeks and now my account is disabled and I keep receiving auto generated texts to update my account.

Fix it.

• Aug 01, 2021

Lots of Issues
I have had three packages get lost in these lockers. They don't generate a code, they generate a code for an empty locker, and today I got a reminder for a package that I picked up yesterday. However, I didn't get a code for the one my sister said would be delivered today.

I reached out to customer service about two weeks ago when I was trying to track down a package. Never got a response after the automated "our response times are longer than normal". I eventually went to the post office to find it and one of the workers said they've been having a lot of problems with the lockers. I ended up having to go to my apartment office to see if they could locate the package. They did but they shouldn't have to.

What good is a product or service if it fails to perform the task it's intended to perform?

• Jan 11, 2021

Awesome customer service
I've learned that the issues with parcel pending is moreso the carriers not following directions (Amazon I'm talking about you). Even after the numerous times Amazon has neglected to input my package correctly a call to customer service will correct the issue. Lori helped me find a package that was very important for a birthday.

Horrible company. They allow carriers to leave your packages on the floor. Easy access for thieves. Defeats the whole purpose of having lockers. And they're always having technical issues and refuse to take any responsibility. Packages get delivered to another resident locker and whatnot. I lost 3 packages in less than 3 months with this company. Stay away!

Is anyone having a problem with Parcel Pending when they move to another address? They do not seem to have the ability to handle this otherwise obvious requirement. I simply moved to another apartment in my building and I had no way to change account address info or create a new account so can cancel shipments to old address and redirect packages to my new address. Also, my wife had an apartment in Los Angeles for a job. When she moved, she too had no way to redirect packages to her new address in another state. Worse, we've both been repeatedly trying to reach their customer support and no answer.

We have refunded the $as the customer requested and we’ve reached out to them to address any other concerns they might have
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I am completely astonished by the dishonest and irresponsibility of Parcel Pending! What stated in Parcel Pending’s reply is so untrue! Parcel Pending never offered to pay for the missing package until today, which was obviously after they have received my claimParcel Pending showed no intention, no action to resolve my problem until today I have contacted Parcel Pending by phone and email numerous times since Oct 14, the day my package got stuckOn Oct 14, I first contacted Parcel Pending over phone several times about not able to open the locker, but the locker never openedThen a Parcel Pending’s customer service representative asked me to go to the building managerHowever, the building manager refused to helpSo I had to call them again, and another customer representative talked to the building manager and promised to send someone to open the locker for meI also sent an email to Parcel Pending the same day summarizing what I have been through that day and asked about sending the person to open the lockerI expect to hear back from them soon, but I received no response Since Parcel Pending neither replied my email nor called me about opening the locker, I sent emails to Parcel Pending on Oct 15, still nobody replied me On Oct 16, a Parcel Pending customer service representative called me, telling me that she couldn’t find any information about the package and asking me whether I had received my packageWhen I told her I’ve never received the package or any response from Parcel Pending, she claimed that she got the case mixed up, and started blaming me about calling too many times and did not record the case numbersThe ironic part is, none of Parcel Pending’s customer service representatives ever gave me any case numberThen she promised to find out what happened and contact me the next day, but nobody from Parcel Pending contacted me on Oct On Oct 18, I emailed Parcel Pending again, still no replyTherefore, I had to file this claimI have never mentioned what’s inside the package and the value of the package to Parcel PendingI only wanted my package back until I filed the claim On Oct 19, a Parcel Pending customer service representative sent me a separate email, not replying my previous emails, asking me whether I had received my packageHe seemed to be one of the representatives I talked to on Oct 14, and had no idea on what’s going onAgain, he offered no help but suggested me to contact the leasing office Parcel Pending never communicated with me on sending any person to open the lockerI even didn’t know they sent someone onsite on Oct until the building manager told me on Oct Parcel Pending didn’t contact me Oct 20~ Oct On Oct 25, which is today, I sent another email to follow up with the caseThe same representative replied about the leasing office should be able to open the locker for me, and suggest me to contact UPS for the missing package!!! A few minutes later, obviously when Parcel Pending received my complaint on, eventually there was a customer service representative who knows a little bit about what’s going on contacted me about the refund they mentionedParcel Pending didn’t tell me the package was missing until todayParcel Pending never offered to pay for the missing package until today, which seems to solely due to the claimParcel Pending showed no intention, no action to resolve my problem until today In Parcel Pending’s reply to my claim, Parcel Pending stated that the reason I couldn’t open the locker was that the locker was jammedBut in the email Parcel Pending sent us today, they claimed that the locker door was brokenBut the ironic part is that, at least one of the locker doors was already broken on Oct The building manager also complained that the locker door had been broken for a while but Parcel Pending never sent anybody to fix it In Parcel Pending’s reply to my claim, Parcel Pending complained about spending $150+ to send a technician onsiteI can't believe that to Parcel Pending, the value of customer satisfaction is less than $150! This explains why Parcel Pending keeps on ignoring customer complaints, never thought about improving their own service! Plus, sending a $technician who did not follow up or solve the problem at all, Parcel Pending should think twice about how they can better spend their money on improving their customer service and management.
*** **

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this resident’s complaint again At the time of the receipt of the initial notice, we were still in the midst of resolving this issue for the resident and had not as yet explored all options. We have since worked with the property to both strengthen our partnership with them and to resolve the resident’s claim for reimbursement of the missing merchandise through a credit on her lease. In addition, the resident has received a credit for all Parcel Pending subscription fees through the end of her lease. This resolution eliminated the need for the resident to provide her merchandise invoice and tracking information which she seemed uncomfortable to do and which was required for Parcel Pending to process a refund as a check. Furthermore, we have addressed the resident’s concerns about potential delivery issues in the future and added some context to her original complaint to increase understanding on her part. Given that the resident’s expectations listed on the complaint for a refund of $have been exceeded by an additional reimbursement of subscription fees, we hope this matter will be closed as resolved satisfactorilyPlease see attached correspondence that was sent to the resident and copied to the property managementWe expect that going forward, this resident will have the pleasure of our regular outstanding service and will enjoy the benefits, convenience, and security of Parcel Pending at her property for the remainder of her residence there. Sincerely,*** ***, Customer Relations Manager, Parcel Pending Response to complaint on 1-8-18 The customer registered for our services on 12/9/2017, paying a $registration fee. She called our Customer Relations Department on 1/5/and complained that packages from *** were showing up at her door instead of inside the lockers.
One of our representatives investigated and explained that couriers were delivering successfully, but that since the property was fairly new and since it was the holiday season with many temporary drivers delivering packages, there was a good chance that the driver may not have known how to use the system or even that the locker system was an option at that property. Further investigation showed that while many other couriers were delivering with success, *** was not as successful as ***, *** *** and many other couriersOur representative reported this to our Courier Relations department requesting a reach out to the *** supervisor in that area, but also explained that ***'s policy on handling individual delivery complaints required the recipient to reach out to them directly. This is not the process for other courier companies where Parcel Pending is able to start a claim or investigation on behalf of the customer. Our representative provided contact information for ***. Later that day, one of our supervisors reached out to explain the registration process and to encourage patience as both residents and couriers at her property became comfortable with utilizing this new and valuable amenity. The customer did not feel our Customer Relations Representative was helpful and asked for a refund of her registration fee. On of our supervisors reached out again on 1/8/and left a voicemail explaining the registration process again but offering to deactivate her account with a full refund. The customer called back and complained about her experience with the initial representative. That call has been reviewed with that representative as a training opportunity, but due to ***'s policies, our representative did provide factual information. The case was forwarded to our refund department and the customer's account was deactivated. Our credit card processor shows the credit was processed on 1/12/for $20. At this point, we understand the customer's frustration and we have shared the experience with our executive team and our sales department, and a plan is moving forward with the help of our technical developers to make the registration process and courier training process much easier and intuitive. We regret that we were not able to persuade the customer to stay with us a bit longer, but we do feel we were responsive, empathetic, and we processed her refund request in a timely manner. Parcel Pending is dedicated to making the lives of our customers, couriers, and property manager much easier with regard to the challenges of package management. We hope the customer may reconsider at some point where we would readily welcome her back to our service

I am writing to respond to the complaint we received on October 18, 2017. The resident contacted us regarding a package that was stuck in the locker on October 14. We showed the package as being picked up and emailed if the resident still needed assistance. We also spoke to the
resident the following day and determined the door was jammed and that the door had opened just enough to register a pickup, but the mechanism was blocked by the parcel from actually opening the door. In emergency situations like this, we partner with the leasing office who has keys to manually open the lockers with keys we have provided and advised the resident to go to the leasing office to open locker 99. The resident advised us on the 16th that the leasing office refused to assist, and the contents were cosmetics that were valued at $157.15. We contacted the leasing office and spoke to the manager who insisted that we send out a technician to open the locker. We were unaware that the management had changed in the office and attempts to communicate with the property manager that this is an instance where we partner with properties to assist residents was not fruitful. To take care of the resident while we worked out procedures with the property, we scheduled a technician at our expense of over $150. However, when he arrived on October 19th, he found the door to locker pried open and hanging on its hinges and the package was gone. During our phone conversation with the resident, she said she had gone out and purchased more cosmetics at a higher cost. We requested receipts from the resident in the phone conversation and again by email on October 24. I don’t know what else we can do at this point. I cannot refund without a valid receipt, showing the recipient, the shipper, the itemized merchandize and the total amount lost. We have also gone to great expense of a technician cost of $150+ and repair of the door of nearly $and have not heard back from the resident. Lastly, we have requested video footage of the room to determine who damaged our locker and took this package. Needless to say, we were very surprised to receive a complaint in the middle of trying to resolve this issue. Since the 18th, the resident has been non responsive. We do have a training scheduled on this Friday for the new personnel in the leasing office and to build a better partnership with them to ensure we return to an outstanding customer service experience at this property

We have refunded the $20.00 as the customer requested and we’ve reached out to them to address any other concerns they might have.

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