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• Mar 25, 2021

Worst Experience
I believe this company makes money without sending the transcripts or diplomas so that you request them again and send money. It sent me an email that your Diploma has been sent on January 17. It is March 18th, I have not received the Diploma. There is no phone number to call. Just fill a form, and you never hear further. What a s[censored] company.

• Feb 20, 2021


• Feb 12, 2021

My School isn’t even listed!
9000 schools and every possible keyword I can think of won’t pull up my school. The largest college in Washington State - the University of Washington. In SEATTLE.
Worst site I have EVER been in. I can’t get back IN to grad school without my official transcript.

• Dec 21, 2020

Reset password / delete account
It is being a week since I sent my first email requesting to delete my account. I left in your imbox a lot of emails and did not receive any response. I cannot access my account so I would like to delete this account. I have a lot of case numbers but the last one I created was ID: 01763088. I need this situation solved since I do not have any other way to send my transcripts.

• Dec 17, 2020

Poor costumer service
I am having difficulties accessing my account. I have been reaching out to parchment since last Friday but I did not receive any reply. I would like to delete my account. it is urgent.

• Dec 15, 2020

Horrible costumer service
S[censored] costumer service

Wish there were other options!
Lots of colleges and universities are using parchment as it gets them out of the transcript business. That is truly to bad, as the customer service at parchment is truly non-existent. Either they do not have enough people working the help desk, or no one supervises the workers, because it takes for ever to get a change to your account changed if you have an old email on file.

Terrible experience...

Absolutely HORRID! The university I attended closed and verifications were transferred to Parchment. Their response, "contact your school". Really, if I could do that I wouldn't need Parchment. And to try to reach anyone with this company is impossible.

Terrible! Twice, Parchment put my son's transcript on hold stating he did not complete any classes with FLVS.
Twice I called FLVS and it show in their computer system that my son completed his classes with them.
I asked why would they contract with a company that does not provide a telephone and address as part of their contact information. There are other transcript services that does a much better job.
Parchment appears to be a fly by night company just trying to collect data from students.

Terrible, never sent me a link to my transcript. School then contacted me and said has to be downloaded in the next 30 days. Logged into parchment, my order is not complete. It shouldn't be this hard to get my damn transcript from a University to whom I paid plenty of tuition. If any of you have the same complaint, please e-mail the U of M president at [email protected] He should know that this third party transcript company truly sucks.

The school I attended uses Parchment for transcripts. Good luck getting yours is all I can say. This is the absolute worst place as far as customer service because there is none. Don't even try to place an order because what you pay for you'll never receive. Terrible!

Terrible company. I ordered my transcript (and paid) on June 20 and it never arrived. At first when I emailed them about it they would at let respond even though it was clear that they did not actually read my email (I asked specific questions) and now they don't respond at all. I am very upset with them and I warn everyone not to use this company. A potential employer requested my official transcript and since they refuse to send it, I believe it is putting my job at risk and I think this is rididulous and unfair and fraudulent.

Parchment requires for you to register in order to request transcripts. So when I registered I accidentally place and extra "d" in the email address. When I checked my email and realized I didn't receive and email to confirm/verify my email I went back to the site and realized my mistake. At the bottom of the page it asked if I wanted to start over so I did thinking that it would erase the previous email( since it was and invalid email anyways) but it didn't. Once I registered with the correct address it still would let me order transcripts because it stated I had to two emails attached to my name and social. well because the first email was invalid there is no way to confirm that address. So I placed in a ticket #00182326 and my girlfriend also called them. The Voicemail said if you gave ticket number they would respond in one business day. Its been two days and no response. All I want to do is order my transcript I can see how they can be waiting on email of confirmation from and account that is invalid. I know the account is invalid because in desperation I even tried emailing the account myself to see if whomever got it could help me get it confirmed just so that I could move forward with ordering my transcripts. I need transcripts from ITT Tech, a school that is no longer even open so its not like I can request the transcript directly from school. I really need my transcripts in order to get my financially aid and I don't feel like they are handling the situation in a timely manner they have failed to even respond at all

This is the response on the customer's support request #[redacted], submitted yesterday, 8/2/2015, which is not during our hours of operation:Hello [redacted],We greatly apologize for the response you received on your previous support request, #[redacted].The sending colleges make the...

decisions about refunds and replacement orders, so please reach out to [redacted] and [redacted] Community College. Normally they process refunds themselves. On rare occasions, if they are unable to, they instruct us to process them, handled by an escalation team.[redacted] has a Receive account and does successfully receive electronic transcripts through that account. When you selected your recipient, you selected or type in the email address: [redacted].[redacted].[redacted]. I do not see an email address formatted like that anywhere on [redacted] admissions pages, so it is possible they did not receive it at all. The two email addresses I see which go to their Receive account are [redacted].[redacted].[redacted] and [redacted].[redacted].[redacted]. That said, I would use whichever delivery method they recommend, so if you talked to someone at [redacted] who advised you to have your transcripts mailed, then I would follow their preferences.Again, we greatly apologize for the inaccuracy of the previous response to your request. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.Kind regards,[redacted]

I never received a response from a representative at Parchment. I never spoke to anyone regarding this issue. I never even received a email so I am not sure why it is noted that a representative informed me that it would be sent out on 5/2 this is NOT true at all.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.



Can not log on, call the phone number and no one answers just a recording stating you have to go to their website for support. I think they charge the minimal amount and most people will just forget about it and that's how they make their money. I have emailed them over and over and I keep getting an automatic reply that states I have never responded, just reply to this email so we know you still have a problem and no matter how many times I reply I get the same thing. I will turn this into my credit card company as a fraudulent charge due to the goods never being sent. I finally went to the school and got the transcript and mailed it myself and it was the cost of the stamp to mail it.

The following response was submitted via Support Ticket #[redacted]
Hello Maria, I sincerely apologize that you have experienced problems with the delivery of your transcript. I am having another copy shipped out today via [redacted] overnight delivery so that you will receive it...

Tuesday, 6/21/16.Tracking # [redacted] Kind Regards, Diane

Hello,In reviewing the order in question the following occurred:1) The student, [redacted] submitted a Student Support ticket 204119 on January 8th, 2016 at 10:59AM MST.2) A student support team member took possession of the ticket created by student Ms. [redacted]'s inquiry on...

Jan. 8th, 2016 at 11:06AM MST3) A student support solution to Mrs. [redacted] was offered via an email response 21 minutes later to Ms. [redacted]'s email address of [email protected] on Jan. 8th, 216 at 11:27AM MST.4) The following was included in this student support response on Jan. 8th, 2016 at 11:27AM MST:Your order number [redacted] shows that it has been placed on Hold by your school. Your other order, [redacted] shows that it is Pending action by your school. If you wish one of the orders to be cancelled and refunded to you, please reply and let us know which one. If you wish both of the orders to be cancelled and refunded, please reply and let us know.5) We sent an automated email follow up response to [email protected] on Jan 9th, 2016 at 11:30AM MST advising we did not receive a response back from her.6) We sent a second automated email follow up response to [email protected] on Jan. 10, 2016 at 11:30AM MST advising we were closing the ticket as we did not receive a response.7) As we did not hear back from the student, we did not address the duplicate order since we did not have a confirmation to cancel it, as we requested.8) Since this ticket was created, one of the student's orders was delivered to [redacted]9) The second order, [redacted] is on Hold as placed by [redacted] and we are happy to cancel this second order and issue a refund for it if we get a confirmation from the student. Mrs. [redacted] or from Mr. [redacted].I do appreciate your patience and understanding and I look forward to further assisting the [redacted] family.Rob

This company has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Scholarship money is riding on these transcripts being sent properly and they will not solve the problem. No phone number on the customer support link is bad business. Get around this service if at all possible.

Hi [redacted]
I show that a response to Support Ticket #[redacted] reflects the following solution.
A refund has been issued to your credit card on 1/4/16. Transaction ID: [redacted] Payment Method: [redacted] Amount: USD (10.00) Customer Name:...

[redacted] Please let us know if you have any further questions. Kind Regards,

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