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Park Avenue Diagnostic Center

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I was charged the full contracted rate for a CT scan and denied itemized details as to what I was being billed for and how much my insurance paidAt the time of check-in I was told my share of the procedure was $207. I was handed a credit card receipt for the transaction that only shows that I paid Park Ave. Diag. $ 207 and the date. I asked exactly what I was being billed for and they said 'a ct scan', very condescendingly like I didn't know why I was there. I explained I wanted an itemized statement of exactly what charges were included in that $ 207 including how much I was paying and how much my insurance paid. In return I was offered a copy of my primary care physicians request for the test. The more I complained and requested, the more condescending and rude they got. I finally gave up and had the procedure. After leaving their facility I called my insurance company who confirmed I shouldn't have been billed at all today and that I should only pay 30% of the contract rate. I called back and spoke to [redacted] who said she didn't know what the contract rate was, she just charged me what her system told her to. I asked who could help and with venom she gave me their business office phone number. I spoke to [redacted] at XXX-XXX-XXXX. He said he had no way of telling me what the contract rate for a ct scan was and refered me to St.[redacted] Admissions. I told him that Admissions wouldn't know anything about billing at all. He insisted that was who had information regarding contractual agreements and would not help me any further. I called [redacted] at[redacted] and made my request. She actually laughed and said that [redacted] must be clueless. I called park ave back and spoke to [redacted] again. She said she would have her supervisor call me, but couldn't tell me when that might happen and would not give me his phone number. Eventually [redacted] called and gave the same canned response as park ave diag. he too said he could not tell me what the contract rate was but, he said my insurance company must not know what they are talking about because he showed I only owed 20% of the contract rate. I pressed for what is the contract rate. he said he would have to call back. I did not get the name of the administrator at St. [redacted] who finally called me back saying, "What is your problem"? She was the rudest and most obnoxious of all of the 'medical professionals' I spoke to today. She insisted that neither I nor my insurance had any idea what we were talking about. I offered to put her directly in touch with my insurance, she said she had their number and it wouldn't help. I said I wanted to come get a refund, she said you will not be getting a refund. I asked her what we could do to resolve this. She said we could not resolve it. I have since informed both my insurance and my primary care physician that it would be unwise to refer any other patients to that facility. I have also spread the word though my employer so that any other potential insured employees know to avoid that facility. At minimum they owe me $144.90 that they refused to refund. By their own statement that I should only pay 20% and they owe me $165.60. I had the same service in November of last year and had no problems with this facility or its staff. I understand they are under new management since then. Someone needs to have a long serious conversation with the new management about customer service, patient care, integrity, and just generally being the kind of caring human beings I expect to find in the healthcare industry. The money is a minor concern. The lack of respect and insistence that both myself and my insurance company are somehow incapable of understanding when we are being told falsehoods are beyond the pale. I am very intelligent and well educated and am highly offended at the condescension and their insistence on maintaining a untenable position just because they have the power to do so. Even after admitting I should have been charged only a fraction of what they took from me they still refused a refund? What do you call that?Desired SettlementAt minimum they owe me $144.90 and apologies from both the billing people at Park Avenue Diagnosis, Tony in the business office,[redacted] and especially from whoever the woman was that called with[redacted] that last call. The money is less important than that St.Francis/Park Ave Diagnostics learn that the reason they are there is to take care of their patients by providing excellent customer service. No one else should have to put up with the crap that organization gave me. The few dollars they owe me are insufficient to compensate me for what they put me through today. Those apologies need to be individual and in person. Further, they should have to come to me, not me go to them. Business Response In the case of[redacted]:Customer Service and quality patient care is what we strive for at [redacted] Hospital. I appreciate the information you shared with me regarding the complaint of[redacted]. I am sorry that Mr.[redacted] felt he was denied an itemized bill for services at Park Avenue Diagnostic Center. It is our practice, when requested, to send an itemized statement to the patient. I have been assured this request has been submitted to our Accounting Office and he should receive an itemized statement within the next few days. We are unable to produce an itemized statement at the time the procedure or diagnostic test is done. The amount quoted to Mr.[redacted] was the estimate of what he would owe for the service rendered. Due to differing contract rates and insurance, we do make an estimate and request that it be paid prior to the procedure. It is my understanding that Mr.[redacted] paid the amount quoted. [redacted] in our office did speak with someone at[redacted] later. He stated that they denied that they would tell a patient that he would not have to pay. We were never able to get the recording of his and[redacted]'s conversation.I will contact Mr.[redacted] directly to please accept my sincere apology for the disappointing experience that he encountered. [redacted] Hospital strives to meet or exceed our customer's expectations, and we appreciate knowing when those expectations have not been met.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)To date I have yet to hear from Park Ave Diagnostics. I have not received an itemized bill. No, my insurance company didn't say I wouldn't have to pay. They said I shouldn't have to pay upfront. Park Ave Diagnostics continues to misrepresent the facts, and fails to follow through with their promised actions. There is no mention in their response of their bad behavior or rudeness. At this point they still owe me a refund which has not been forthcoming. Other than responding to the with a misleading statement they have done nothing to mitigate the complaint.Final Business Response I spoke with Mr.[redacted] today to apologize and let him know that we are processing his refund today by crediting his credit card. The amount owed him is $142.50 and he is in agreement. [redacted] Team Leader Customer Relations and Patient Advocacy [redacted] Hospital [redacted]. Memphis, TN. 38119 901-765-1375 Beeper 901-200-1219"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."African Proverb

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