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Allen P[redacted] installed hardwood floors in our house. The floors are coming up. He [redacted] not return calls or texts to discuss the issue.Allen P[redacted] installed floating hardwood floors in our home this summer. Initially, he was very helpful and we were very pleased with his work. About a month after installation we noticed a couple of the "planks" (an individual piece of hardwood flooring) were coming up. One of his crew came out and repaired it, using a mallet and driving it back in. Within a week, another couple of pieces came up. We waited about a week to make sure these were the only problems. When we called he sent one of his crew out. This time, they went to the edges of the flooring and removed a few pieces of flooring, thus removing "pressure" that might make the planks pop up. Within a couple of weeks, a couple of planks popped up again in the original place we had experienced problems. We waited to make sure there weren't more planks popping up before we called him. We did this to try to avoid calling him every time there was a problem and also to make it possible to deal with any problem areas while they were there. All together we called him probably 3 times in a 4 month period. The last time his crew (and this time Allen also) came out, was probably in early to mid December. By this time, some of the planks that were popping up had been "fixed" more than once. Allen and his men glued the planks together that were giving us problems and said that should hold. Within a week, these planks they had glued had come up. I waited until after Christmas and the New Year passed before I got in touch with him again. I thought he is probably taking a little break around the holiday season and if I wait a few more days any other planks that might come up would be ones he can address when he comes out again. I began texting, the normal way we contacted one another, after the New Year. He did not return my texts. After sending 4 to 5 texts over a period of a week, I called. He did not answer, so I left a voicemail. Over the next week, I left 3 voicemails. He has not returned my texts or my phone calls. By this time, we have several other planks that have popped up, ones we had never had an issue with before. I am amazed and very frustrated that someone would install thousands of dollars worth of flooring (at a cost of thousands of dollars) and then walk away, refusing to even return phone calls to discuss fixing the issue!! Allen never gave any indication that he was not going to communicate with me again. As a matter of fact, the last time out (in mid-December), I asked him to give me a price on some decking we needed replaced. He measured and said he would be in touch. Needless to say, he never has. While I am questioning his workmanship now (BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS), I AM AGAIN COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED THAT HE REFUSES TO EVEN DISCUSS A SOLUTION!I felt like we were very considerate and patient with Allen. At this point, knowing what we know now, that Allen does not stand behind his work (and I have no other conclusion to come to since he refuses to call me), I would not do business with him. I feel like when things got tough, he bailed on us. Not only did he walk away, he didn't even tell us he was walking away. I am a VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER WHO FEELS LIKE I HAVE BEEN DONE. WRONG.Desired SettlementAs I said earlier, in picking out the floors, in installing them , and initially responding to our problems, Allen seemed knowledgeable, professional and wanted us satisfied. THE SHOCKING AND FRUSTRATING PART is that he has walked away and left us with a big problem, probably a dozen planks popping up. At this point, what do we do, live with these planks popping up, wondering if the ones popping up will get worsewondering how many others will continue to pop up? I would think that Allen would want to address the flooring he put down. Was the floor faulty? I don't know, I'm not a floor person! He is! If there is a flaw with the flooring, help us communicate that to the store and the manufacturer. If he sees that he made a mistake installing the wood, fix it, If for some reason it was an installation issue, I would think he would give us our money back for a faulty workmanship. Basically, he assisted us in selecting the floor and he installed the floor as he thought it should be installed. Anyone who looks at the floor will know, "This is not how a floating hardwood floor should look." I would think , the way the floor looks now, it would be embarrassing for him to have his name associated with the flooring in our house. I would think he would do whatever it takes to get it right.Business Response Contact Name and Title: Allen P[redacted], OwnerContact Phone: (XXX)XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@gmail.comI, [redacted] Allen P[redacted], would like to begin by apologizing to the customer regarding this issue. During the majority of the period that the customer was unable to contact me I was on an extended vacation. I apologize for not yet returning the customer's calls and voice-mails; I have been looking into a possible resolution regarding this dispute, which will be detailed later. I would now like to take a brief time to provide background and a timeline in regards to the services purchased by the client, and my attempts to address his issue.The customer initially contacted me March 13th, 2015, a Friday morning at 8:10 am. He had received my contact information from the retailer which he had purchased flooring material. The customer asked about installing hardwood floating flooring which he had already purchased with the intention of having my company deliver it to his residence for acclimation purposes prior to installation. Once this material was on site however, the customer changed his mind and decided to return and select a different brand of flooring. This second material, purchased by the customer, is the one that my company installed. The type of flooring he selected is a solid hardwood 3/4 inch floating floor manufactured by TimberClick out of the United Kingdom. The flooring installation was completed April 18th, 2015. A floating floor is a floor that consists of multiple planks that hook together using a tongue and groove joint. These planks rest on a cushioned moisture barrier and are in no way permanently attached to each other or the existing sub-floor or concrete foundation (hence the name 'floating'). The customer first contacted me regarding the issues he was experiencing with this flooring around the middle of August 2015. This initial issue was that the individual planks of the flooring were bucking in a single area. To address this issue, I sent a worker to the customer's residence shortly thereafter around the end of August. The buckling issue was addressed by trimming some of the planks on the perimeter of the flooring around the area in question. This solution was successful in resolving the buckling issue. The next time the customer contacted me was approximately one month later. The issue this time was not that the planks were buckling, but that in several areas the seams were coming apart due to the planks contracting, which caused a noticeable gap at the tongue and groove joint. The process of the planks expanding or contracting is an issue much more typical of and associated with floating floors as opposed to a floor that is glued or nailed down. This process is usually not a major issue because it is accounted for by the floor manufacturer. To address this seam issue, I sent workers to the customer's residence on a couple of occasions with the intent addressing the issue in any way possible. The last time, I accompanied my worker to the customer's residence to better evaluate the issue. It was at this that I explained to the customer that I had no control over the seams because it is a locking floating floor. I am confident that the flooring was installed correctly, and that the seam issues the customer is experiencing is due to a defect in either or both the design and manufacturing of the product. At this time I would like to detail my proposed solution to this dispute as mentioned previously. I first contacted the manager of the retailer that the flooring was purchased from. It was at this time the manager said that for a product dispute to move forward, a certified floor inspection would have to be conducted by a certified flooring inspector. That inspection would then be sent to the flooring retailer, who would then decide a course of action.

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