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Parkland Carpet One

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Hardwood flooring installed by Parkland has finish coming off the seams of the floor.We built a new house and took possession on March 23/2012. In October of 2012 we noticed our hardwood flooring was showing signs that the floor seams had finish coming off. We put in a claim with Parkland on October 10/2012 to come and look at the floor. They did not send anyone until December 27/2012 to look at. [redacted] came out that day to look at the floor and take pictures. He also looked at the humidity level in our home which ended up being fine. We did not hear anything back from [redacted] until April/2013 saying the manufacture was going to take responsiblity and will get back to us on what they are willing to do. We did not recieve a call back, I called and talked to [redacted] at Parkland in September/2013 and she said she was not impressed that no one had gotten back to us and this should not have taken this long. About 10 minutes after this call was made [redacted] called and said that the flooring company had sent in 25 boards to cut out and replace by glueing down. We had agreed at the time to have this done. When it came close to the date to have the work done we counted the boards that we wanted replaced and it ended up being around 35 boards that needed to be done. I called [redacted] and told him not to bother coming and that we would like the information of the flooring manufacture direct as we felt the floor was over the 5% allowable flooring for repair before the floor would not be repairable. When I explained this to [redacted] he said he would get back to me with the information. 3 weeks later I had to call [redacted] again as no one ever got back to me on who the manufacture was. Once gettting that information I sent the manufacture an e-mail expressing my displeasure with the floor. I got a response to the e-mail saying I had to go through the flooring company with any warranty issues. Again, I called [redacted] and he came out once again to look at the floor on December 16/'2013. He left me a voice mail on December 23/2013 saying the flooring company had an e-mail response for us and we should have it soon. I call [redacted] on Jan.7/2014 and had no return phone call back. I called again on Jan.13 and finally got a call back from [redacted]. [redacted] The e-mail said that the manufacture wanted to use a paint pen to paint the edges of the hardwood and if that doesn't work to just replace the the boards that need it up to 25 boards which is what we disagreed with in the first place as we counted 35 boards not 25. Once saying this [redacted] said that is all the manufacture is willing to replace. Desired SettlementWe are wanting our hardwood replaced as we have paid for a new floor and [redacted] and not finished all the way around every board. [redacted] Business Response The first contact that [redacted] is aware of from **. [redacted] was on December 12, 2012. This was sent to the attention of [redacted] the original sales person. This email was forwarded to [redacted] and then on to [redacted] the same day. It was arranged that [redacted] would go to **. [redacted]'s residence to inspect the flooring and take pictures. **. [redacted] attended to the [redacted] residence on December 28, 2012. Upon returning to Parkland Carpet One **. [redacted] emailed [redacted] and [redacted] the pictures so a claim under the manufacture could be started. The claim was emailed to [redacted] on February 4, 2013 and [redacted] spoke to **. [redacted] on February 13, 2013. On April 24, 2013 Parkland Carpet One received an email from [redacted] with action on fixing the issue with the flooring. This email was forwarded to [redacted] on May 1, 2013; this email contained what was required for material and labor to do the repair at the [redacted] residence. On August 27, 2013 there was no new news or movement on this claim so [redacted] and [redacted] asked [redacted] to investigate further into what the customer wanted done. **. [redacted] called Parkland Carpet One on December 16, 2013 asking for the suppliers information and was given the suppliers email address. **. [redacted] emailed the manufacture and forwarded the same email to **. [redacted]. Parkland Carpet One had scheduled our service department to go to **. [redacted]'s residence on December 16, 2013 and do the required service work to fix the flooring issue. The customer cancelled this date saying that more boards where involved on this matter. **. [redacted] went to inspect the flooring issue on December 16, 2013 as well and noticed no change in the matter compared to the first visit the previous year. On December 23, 2013 we received an email from [redacted] with directions on this matter. This email was forwarded to **. [redacted] by [redacted]. In early January 2014 we where made aware that the customer had not received the email. **. [redacted] spoke to **. [redacted] and retrieved his email address and **. [redacted] forwarded the email a second time to the new email address. As a retailer we follow the manufacture guide lines and recommendations for all flooring issues. The manufacture is standing behind their warranty on this product, as well as the recommended service work. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I agree that we have to follow some procedure to the manufactures warranty. However, the install date for the repair was actually October 16/2013 and yes I cancelled it because I wanted clarification on a couple of questions regarding the repair first [redacted] Below is an e-mail that my wife sent to the Manufacture and also cc'd [redacted] on January 14/2014. To date as usual no response to the questions we have from either the manufacture or Parkland. [redacted] The manufacture sent Parkland 25 boards to change out they have had them since July of 2013. Again, no call made to use saying what was going on with our claim until I called and talked with [redacted] When I did talk to [redacted] I understand that the industry is busy but our feeling at this point is we are getting pushed aside so they don't have to deal with the situation. Again, I would invite Parkland and the Manufacture to come and count the boards and see if we are under the 5% of the floor to consider it repairable.Good Afternoon [redacted] I have reviewed the letter that you had sent in regards to the repairs to the damaged flooring in my home. I do, however, have a few questions in regards to how this is to be dealt with before I would be willing to proceed in settling this: 1. If I was to contact the [redacted] and receive an independent evaluation of my flooring, and was told that they also believed it needs to be replaced, how would you proceed with that information? [redacted]2. If the[redacted] agreed that the flooring needs replacing -[redacted] - if I was to get the evaluation and they agreed that repairs were possible, I understand that I received that evaluation on my own. [redacted]3. What type of warranty are you providing on the re-painted sides of the flooring? [redacted]4. [redacted] I have the finish coming off in areas under the tow kick on the cupboards - obviously not a high traffic area and still damage.5. Replacement of the damaged floor boards - again, [redacted] THAT IS NOT WHAT I PAID FOR! I paid for a new floor, tongue and grove, and nailed into place. [redacted].6.[redacted] As with any claim, we should be put back into the same position we were in prior to the loss. In this situation, I had a brand new floor. What you are proposing is using a marker to hide the imperfections in your product in hopes that no one will notice, or just replace the ones that you see are damaged right now -[redacted] We got possession of our new home on March 23, 2012 and by October 10, 2012 I had already sent in pictures showing the finish being gone. Considering I have almost lived in my home for 2 years and this has been a problem right from the start, I feel that it should be dealt with in a timely matter with a decision that we all agree on. I understand that this is a warranty issue, and should be dealt with accordingly as we all have rules and regulations on how we can proceed in such situations. [redacted] Your faulty product has taken time away from us with arranging meetings for someone to come and review, countless emails that have went back and forth and the stress of dealing with something brand new in a home that we had chosen to use your product, and in the end - still needing to arrange dates and times for someone to come out and disrupt our lives further by trying to do repairs that we all know will not work and we will have to continue to deal with. I am now looking for an honest answer as to what are all the options available to use to rectify this situation in regards to your faulty product. [redacted] We are both more than willing to make these arrangements to ensure that this is dealt with accordingly. If you stand behind your product, it should be evident in the way that you treat your customers when they actually have an issue. Please advise if there is any further information that you require to move forward with this claim, and I expect to hear from you in a timely matter. Kind Regards,[redacted] Final Business Response In regard to **.[redacted] hiring an independent inspector to inspect the hardwood issue, the manufacturer's respond as follow: the inspector has to be certified with the NWFA. A detailed report has to be forward to them for review before they will consider any action. Also stain that did not go far enough to cover the edge of the wood do happen from a time to time base. but that does not mean the wood is a second quality product. There is touch up kit with the same color stain that can easily apply on to the edge of hardwood and solve the issue. As per [redacted] latest site visit, most of the issue would be able to resolve with a touch up kit. Board replacement is only when its necessary. Parkland Carpet One has been operate in Regina since 1981. Through the years we have came across situation like **. [redacted] and has been successfully resolve the issue.

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