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Park's Edge at Shelby Farms

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Parks Edge apartments promised to return my security deposit (150$) few weeks after the payment of final bill in August 2013, but do not agree now.I've made a payment for final bill to Parks Edge by August 29, 2013 and was told that the refundable security deposit (150$) will be returned to me within several weeks. In October I reminded that I didn't get it back yet. However, after more than a month of e-mail communication, they told me recently that nothing will be refunded to me. Please, read the quotation below:

Parks Edge apartments is attempting to charge me $2354.07 for "damages" to my apartment for which I do not agree with. I have lived in Parks Edge apartments for 2 years while completing my anesthesia degree and upon terminating my lease and moving out of the apartment on April 23 I am surprised with a "courtesy" phone call from the apartment property manager on April 28 who stated that I "may be incurring some charges for damages due to dirty carpets." She stated they could not elaborate on the damages at that time because the process had not been finalized but that it looked as if I may have to pay to have the carpets replaced, but I would have to wait to receive an email of the finalized report. I strongly expressed my disagreement with this decision at this point and requested to speak to subsequent staff who could better resolve the issue and was denied speaking to a supervisor. Even considering the carpet had been used by prior tenants I was told by the property manager that the carpet had stains and smelled bad. I notified the property manager that the apartment did not have a noticeable smell or any major stains when we vacated the premises on April 23 and that if it did truly smell it may have to do with the apartment being closed up with the A/C off for nearly a week with temps in the mid to upper 80s, which would leave any home with a musky smell. Our apartment had an unpleasant odor when we moved in for which my wife treated by thorough steam cleaning followed by a couple of weeks of sprinkling baking soda on the carpet and vacuuming it up until we did not notice the smell anymore. If I would have had any indication that they would try to pin me with the cost of replacing the carpets I would have had them replace it at that time and avoided this issue. I told the property manager that I felt the carpets could use a simple vacuuming and if desired a steam cleaning and I notified her that I did not do an in depth cleaning prior to vacating the premises because I was under the impression they did this between every tenant and my efforts would be without reason. I also expressed my view that there is a marked difference between carpet needing to be cleaned and having to replace the carpet and that I was not in agreement that the carpet needed to be replaced and that I was definitely not responsible for replacing their carpet for normal wear and tear and issues that existed before me. I also notified the manager that we had used a professional steam cleaner to clean the entire apartment carpeting 3 times during the 2 year period that we lived there and that my wife was an obsessive compulsive with cleaning her house who also used aerosolized carpet spot cleaner to clean the entire reachable carpeted surface in each room every sunday afternoon. This was not done in an attempt to avoid a fee upon leaving the apartment, but because this is how we live because organization and cleanliness are defining characteristics of both of us. Needless to say I was disgusted when I was emailed an invoice totaling $2354.07 at 5:55 pm on April 29 (note that the apartment office conveniently closes at 6pm). This invoice includes $739.07 for carpet REPLACEMENT (preexisting), $250 for cleaning and sealing the sub floor due to PET URINE (preexisting), $900 to REPLACE two doors due to a few screw holes because I installed a small door chain lock at the top of each (in order to prevent my 4 yr old son from going outside without my knowledge), $50 to clean the oven and refrigerator and $35 to clean the master tub (each had been regularly cleaned during our stay), $255 to replace boards in the cabinets under all of the sinks (this is a maintenance issue), and $125 to paint the exterior patio (please explain?). I did a walk through assessment with a maintenance staff member the week before we left who assured me that my apartment lacked any significant issues and that the wear and tear aspects were no concern for me. This business is pressuring me to pay for their maintenance and renovations after being an excellent tenant and should be exposed to the public.Desired SettlementI want a typed, dated invoice including my name and account showing that my current balance is $0.00 for my account at Parks Edge apartments and that I am not liable beyond this point for ANY issues regarding repairs/maintenance/fees of any kind.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Property ManagerContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@ntsdevco.comThe account has been satisfied and a zero balance invoice is being mailed out on 5/13/2014.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I have paid in full the bill ($2079.07) for "damages" that parks edge is claiming we owe. I paid the bill only to keep my credit in good standing and strongly disapprove of the charges for "damages" upon leaving. I am not happy with the outcome after being a loyal tenant for two years at parks edge and I disagree with any and all of the damages that were being claimed. Renters should beware and Parks Edge needs to be evaluated for their outstanding surprise "damage" fees that they are charging tenants upon termination of their lease. I am inquiring into the official evaluation process at this time and intend to have these processes exposed. I have an idea that a vast majority of the time carpet replacement fees are being charged by Parks Edge and then the carpets are never replaced. I believe this to be the case with myself as the carpets smelt of urine when we moved in from the previous tenants. Instead of calling the apartment office I took care of the issue myself by steam cleaning and baking soda until we no longer had the smell. When we moved out, after letting my apartment sit vacant for a week of temperatures in the mid 80s with no AC or airflow, the apartment manager claimed that the apartment smelled and that it was because of my five pound puppy who we only had for six months prior to moving out. She claimed the smell was from my puppy urinating on the carpet and now I have paid to have the entire apartment replaced. I was also charged $900 to have two doors replaced because I drilled a few small holes in the top corner to put a sliding chain lock to keep my 2 year old son from wandering outside while I wasn't looking. I was also charged an outstanding fee of nearly $300 to replace the boards in the cabinets under the sinks because they had gotten moist and somewhat warped. When we noticed a leak we promptly called the office to have them fix it. We had nothing to do with this and I feel this is a maintenance issue, but even after telling the apartment manager of all of these issues I have still paid a total of $2079.07 for "damages". I disagree with all of the "damage" charges and expect a full refund of $2079.07 for which I paid in illegitimate damage charges.Final Business Response Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to respond to this complaint. Mr. [redacted] was allowed to be present during the move out inspection that took place on April 28, 2014, however, he chose not to be present. The damages that were found were in excess of normal wear and tear and he was charged accordingly. We never want a resident to leave thinking that we charged them "illegitimate damage charges" but when an apartment home is left in a condition that is in excess of normal wear and tear we have no choice but to charge that resident for the damage. Park's Edge did allow Mr. [redacted] the opportunity to rectify the situation and he asked if he could have a friend come by to verify and take photos for him but that person never showed up. We have photos and invoices that will verify the charges that he was charged. We will not be able to refund any money as the charges are valid for the damage that was done to the apartment home.

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Address: 536 Shelby Grove Dr, Cordova, Tennessee, United States, 38018-6298


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