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Parkway Pools & Patio d/b/a Dr. Feelgoode's

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Parkway Pools & Patio d/b/a Dr. Feelgoode's Reviews (23)

Review: After trying multiple times to have many problems corrected by this company we are unable to get any satisfactory results. We have been dealing with a man named [redacted] during this time, he did not return phone calls, he has not shown up when he said he would be here and we have been treated very rudely. We have left at least three messages for the owner ([redacted]) to help us and never received a return call. We have called each other office to get help and no response from them either. We had order a slide and fountain to go with pool and they were going to give us a volleyball/basketball set for free (we never got it). We were trying to get them to come and hook up the salt water pump and we were told they would not come because the slide and fountain were not in yet. Which should have been ordered on the date of contract or soon there after which is 2/5/13. At this point, we had tried to get them here to hook up the pump and some times were told they would be here but then would just not show up. We were so frustrated we said just cancel the slide and fountain and come hook up pump. We were told "You don't think we are going to come all the way down there just to hook up your salt water pump". They brought our salt water pool system to install and when they left it was just left laying in the box on the ground not mounted or completely hooked up, [redacted] had to finish hooking it up. (we have photos) Since then the regular pool motor has started to not run properly. So at this point neither pump in functioning correctly. We have called and tried to get them to fix the pumps and we were told by [redacted] he would be there on Fri. June 28 or 29. Many , many, many times during the last almost three months of this pool installation process we have been told someone would be here and no one shows up or even can seem to pick up the phone to let us know they will in fact not be coming. We have also asked many times to correct the gaps in the pool rim and no one has ever returned, we have pictures of this also. At one point in talking to [redacted] on the phone I was treated so unprofessionally I could not believe it, as a customer of theirs I was being actually yelled at by him. Mostly he blamed all the problems in the last three month on rain and our unreasonable expectations. I do wonder how many other pools they have installed properly in the last three months time. While excavation was being done the operator actually got off his machine and contacted his boss to come complete the work being done here because [redacted] was yelling and telling him how he should be doing everything. Now we have been told we will be contacted by the salt water pump people to come and correct the pump. I received a phone call from them and they said "the pump part will be mailed to you and is easier than a light bulb to hook up you can do it yourself". I asked for his name and number in case we had questions when doing it our self and he would not provide one. [redacted] has once again told us someone will be here on Friday the 5th of July but at this point I really don't believe him at all. There are many other little things that have also happened during our pool installation, I could go on and on, like the pool liner had a hole in it, we were told we would get letter saying they will replace in five years and never got letter. When putting in liner they did not have proper amount of sand for under it, they had a pickup truck here but my husband had to go to a quarry and get more. if he was not here I honestly believe they would have just left. I do admit at times I was so upset and frustrated by what was happening I was rude to [redacted] only because we felt for the large amount of money we were giving this company there should be great customer service with it and we felt there was none at all. They have given us a $500.00 discount on the price of the pool but we would rather they had done their job right and in a timely manner and not have been treated so rudely time and time again.Desired Settlement: To have new pumps installed and running correctly immediately, to have rim covers in place and have deliver hand rail



---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: [redacted]

Date: Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Subject: Re: [redacted]

To: [redacted]

Good Morning [redacted],I am responding to Complaint ID [redacted]... In response to [redacted]. [redacted]'s letter to you pertaining to her heat pump system.The heat pump in question was purchased and installed 12-3-04.Yes, there was a factory wiring issue that was not allowing the back up heat to function during defrost operation.This was corrected and as she stated ran until January of 2013.Our company has no record of any preventive maintenance, coil cleanings, filter changes, system evaluations at all since the install.At time of install and review of equipment it is always recommended to the customer that the system be cleaned and serviced once a year to keep system operating at peak efficiency.Clogged filters and dirty coils are the number one reason for compressor failure.[redacted]. [redacted]'s unit did have a compressor failure. In accordance with their warranty from Heil the manufacture.They were entitled to a new compressor only, The [redacted]'s would be responsible for labor, refrigerant and any additional items to complete compressor install. All prices for such were given prior to start of work for their approval.The [redacted]'s were also given an option to replace their system to a new model and start fresh with a new 10 year parts and compressor warranty.It was explained also that changing the compressor does not extend any warranty on the unit and they would have the remainder of the original warranty.The [redacted]'s choose to replace the compressor and the work was performed.It wasn't till four months later that they called and were having cooling issues.Our technician found a leaky shrader valve ( original to the system). The valve was repaired and lost freon added back to system. Less then a month later we received a call that the system was not keeping up with outdoor temperatures.Our company called to set an appointment with no return call. Our technicians stopped by on one occasion and no one was home but a card was left in door to call office. When [redacted] from the office finally did speak with [redacted]. [redacted] she stated that they did not expect to pay for any more service calls. It was explained that if it was malfunctioning due to our repair then there would be no charge. She felt that since she paid 1000.00 to have the compressor replaced that should cover any repair cost the unit would have. [redacted] again explained her warranty and we would need to evaluate the system first to determine cause. [redacted]. [redacted] then stated if we were unable to make her system work to their liking she would contact her lawyer. Since then there has been no attempt made on her behave to return phone calls or allow our technicians to examine system. It is unfortunate that we cannot find common ground to rectify this situation. I believe our A+ rating with the is an example of Affordable Comfort Contracting, Inc. commitment to customer satisfaction. [redacted]

General Manager

Affordable Comfort Contracting, Inc

Review: We purchased a pool from this company. We were told when we left our deposit in March 2013 that after we paid in full we would get our pool within 2 weeks especially since we were doing the transaction so early. We paid for the pool since May 2, 2013 and have not received our pool. We call and get the run around. No one knows when we will get our pool. We do not wish to deal with this company anymore. We would like our money back. This is a horrible way to treat customers.Desired Settlement: Refund of our deposit $250.00 and balance $3,515.94.



Please see attachment.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Although the pool was delivered 2 weeks ago it is in my back yard still in boxes. Once the pool is install and is and is operational then and only then will this matter be resolved. The owner [redacted] was and still is very unprofessional. Instead of him calling us the day before to give us an advanced notice on the delivery, he called me the morning of June 4th to tell me the pool would be delivered in 45 minutes. Normally I would have been at work at that time of day. He was nice, patient and informative until he got our money. After that would could never reach him.

On May 28, 2013 I went to Dr. Feelgoodes in [redacted], PA to purchase a pool. The pool ordered was a 54" pool which was suppose to be delivered in 2 1/2 weeks and installed in 2 days. The pool that was delivered was 52" pool. To make the situation better the owner [redacted] agreed to give us free supplies. The supplies requested was the start up chemicals, a light, and 2 solar heaters. These items were delivered (minus the covers for solar heaters). Once they came to install the pool they did not complete in the 2-3 days that we were told they would need. They first came to dig out the area for the pool. They damaged the patio deck when they brought the bobcat in, but we were willing to overlook this issue. The sand was delivered and placed in 2 piles in the area where the pool was going. This was 7 days before the start of installation of the pool. The installer arrived and covered the area with a tarp to try and reduce the amount of water the ground would see due to rain over the weekend, which would have delayed the project even longer. On Friday July 5th they installed the side panels and left it at that. My mother and I placed a tarp over the area because they don't work weekends and I didn't want it to get wet.

Lets move on to the pool now.

1. The filter is leaking which has been the same way for 2 weeks now. The owner has sent the installer out to fix, but this is still not correct.

2. The pool was to be above the deck. The installers had to cut the deck away because they could not install the top rail as it did not go above the deck due to the mistake of pool size.

3. The ladders that were to lead into the pool have 2x4's attached to them to hold them to the deck. Very poor workmanship.

4. The ladder has a bucket of sand on the bottom of it to hold the steps down. The directions clearly stated to put water in the steps to weigh them down but that wasn't done.

5. We continually heard about another project that he had to complete and that is why he could not spend time on our project.

6. We initially purchased a 54" pool, accepted the pool that was ordered incorrectly which was a 52" pool, but can only fill the pool with 47" of water before it flows out the skimmer.

7. We continually contacted the owner about the pump not providing enough circulation and this was never addressed.

8. There are nuts and bolts that are missing from around the pool and I have been instructed to take pictures and send them to him so he can fix it. (customer should not have to take pictures of mistakes made by the installer to have the issue fixed. owner should frequently check on the progress and update the customer with issues.

9. Today the owner has stated that he is not going to complete any more of the job and that he feels the work has been completed.

10. The pool cover was suppose to come with the pool for winterization as stated by the salesman, but the owner says thats not part of the deal

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